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A Letter to a Workaholic

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 05:48:00 GMT2010-07-28T05:48:00Z


To my beloved workaholic self,

Please be reminded that you have to change your lifestyle or at least take a breather once in a while. Work is not the most important thing in your life and you know it. You have got to remember how it feels like to go to a party and just let those ounces of responsibility off your shoulders. One of these days, I’m going to lead a rally with a campaign against overtime.

Just because you can easily clear a night shift unlike other call center agents in the office, doesn’t mean that you should blow this nocturnal crusade out of proportions. Remember, there are a lot of other agents working on night shifts in any Philippine call center. Clearing five consecutive nights doesn’t make you any tougher because insomniacs can do ten without them even trying. I do believe we still sleep.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of what you achieve; in fact it is a healthy sign as you are energetic. You should be proud of your salary considering that other people are already satisfied just getting through the day. However, your work is about talking to the voices of random people while facing the front of a monitor for eight hours, with you usually not taking a break. You may not break a sweat but you’re also not blinking enough, or so the optometrists says, and that is why you have to wear those wonder specs that would make even the blind see. The world is not created by three blue squares, a wooden desk and a headphone. It’s not made up of an agency or any Philippine call center for that matter. There are your parents, your sisters, your friends, your co-workers, your cats. You wouldn’t want to say on your deathbed that you wish you could have joined that family dinner at Gumbo or that weekend party with friends at Dolce’s. Besides, who would take care of the cats if you’re in the hospital?

You are not a soldier at war. Therefore, you deserve a lot of peace of mind and hours and hours of relax time. Don’t you think? Don’t we think? We don’t want our friends to forget us nor do we want to be left out of the group. We don’t want a divorce in the future and we don’t our cats to die unattended and alone on their deathbeds. You wouldn’t want to be forgotten. You wouldn’t want the only attendees in your funeral to be your co-workers, who couldn’t attend because there’s work to do. There’s still a lot in store for us. Let us live life to the full.


How to: Affordable Barbados Travel

Fri, 19 Feb 2010 05:54:00 GMT2010-02-19T05:54:00Z

Is it even possible to get an affordable Barbados travel vacation? My friends and I have always wanted to go to Barbados since one of our friends spent their honeymoon in that island paradise and has been constantly gabbing about how wonder the place was. We couldn’t stand her gabbing actually. We just want to shut her up by going to the island ourselves and experiencing everything she keeps bragging about.

The problem was of course, the money. But it seems to us that the word expensive and Barbados would always go hand in hand. But we were wrong. Through careful research and planning, we were able to formulate a great way to save a ton of money.

First of all, we booked out tickets super early. Lots of airlines give away cheap tickets for people who book early. We made sure to book it directly at the airlines and not through some travel agency that would add their cut to the ticket price. Also, we chose a low cost airlines which saved us half the price for the usual airlines that had stopovers and a lot of in flight frills that we didn’t really even want or need which made this an affordable Barbados travel.

Next, we decided to rent out twin condo units. This was one of the biggest factors that helped us save money. Booking a hotel though great for honeymooners is extremely expensive especially since there was no kitchen. We couldn’t believe how much money we saved. And since there were many of us, we were able to split the pay. Also, we just bought food from the market or from seaside fishermen and cooked our own food since we had our own kitchen. If we had bought food from restaurant or from a hotel, our bill would have been astronomical. This is the key to affordable Barbados travel.

The Edge of Philippine Call Centers

Tue, 05 Jan 2010 05:37:00 GMT2010-01-05T05:37:00Z


The BPO industry is one of the most profitable business ventures in the Philippines. While the rest of the world is experiencing the pinch of the recession, Philippine call centers continue to flourish. In fact, in a recent business survey, the call center industry in the country has shown a 22% to 30% increase in terms of growth and expansion rate.

Philippine call centers have learned to capitalize on flexibility to keep the industry alive. By implementing higher standards on service quality and marketing strategies to acquire new clients and keep existing clients, call centers have been getting by the economic downturn unscathed. The growth is coming from the flux of new client referrals and existing clients.

The industry also remains a good standing in the global business arena because of its strong professional workforce. Known in Asia as the one of the leading nations in terms of English proficiency, Filipinos are fit for the telemarketing profession. It is also a lot easier for Filipinos to adopt an American accent compared to other call center workforce in Asia. Aside from skills, Filipino agents also have commendable work ethics that clients appreciate.


Working with Philippine call centers gives investing companies the edge of global quality and this is irreplaceable. There is no substitute for excellent customer service so it is not a surprise that many companies in the US, Australia, and other parts of Europe outsource their telemarketing business functions from the Philippines. They get global quality for a competitive price, something that all businesses need at this time of the economic downturn.

Business experts are saying that the future is bright for the Philippine call center industry. Through the help of the government and private business sectors, the industry is expected to generate more revenues and bring more sophisticated call center solutions to companies around the world.

Before I got my California Car Insurance

Tue, 05 Jan 2010 05:28:00 GMT2010-01-05T05:28:00Z

I love getting a new car. It feels like having a new friend that you will soon get to know. Yes, it may sound a bit wonky but I think of my cars as friends. They are really helpful. They get me around to where I need to go. Sometimes when I am feeling some inexplicable need to get away from it all, I just take my car out and drive to no where, having a reliable car by one’s side feels like having security and assurance. The only thing I hate about getting a new car is looking for California car insurance.


But other than that, it is all good. Whenever I get a new car, I always make it a point to test drive it and put it through a long distance drive test. That’s what I did to my new whip. I drove it out from California to Las Vegas. I did not even say goodbye to my wife. I just drove. In hindsight, it was as if I was possessed by some kind of spirit because I was really driving the car so fast. It was as if I wasn’t even shifting out of fifth gear. And I was really driving recklessly. Even when the traffic was slowing down near the towns with pedestrians and crossing cars, I was still driving recklessly fast. The other cars where already swearing and giving me the finger. I really do not understand my behavior myself.


When I got to Vegas I just looked at the bright city lights while I parked my car in the city fringes, right at the dessert. That was all. Then I drove back and finally got my car a California car insurance since in this state, everyone needs to get car insurance as stated by the law, and this is why the auto insurance industry is booming well.

For more check them out at Free Auto Insurance Quotes California website.

Of Call Center Outsourcing, Happiness, and Work

Fri, 06 Nov 2009 07:11:00 GMT2009-11-06T07:11:00Z


I have a friend working at a call center outsourcing center. He says that it is such a great place to work. I on the other hand am doing freelance right now and doing jobs where all I really need is a working personal computer and internet connection. I could do my job anywhere, that’s the perks of doing freelance work online.

Whatever one’s job is, it can get boring after some time. There is nothing that can stop this. It is just natural. People seldom love their work, that’s why it is called work. There is no need to be shy about it. But the more repetitive the work, the more hateful it can be. And also, the more restricted a job is, the more boring it can be. So if you want work that is enjoyable, then you better be sure that the job requires fieldwork.


Call center outsourcing companies require their agents to be stuck in a chair for a whole day while talking to either disinterested, irritated, or even angry people through the phone. This can of job can really test a person who seeks freedom. More so, if the person who works this way lacks a lot of other sources of happiness in his or her life, then it can be a problem.

But despite this, getting a job as an agent in a call center outsourcing company can still be quit rewarding. All that needs to be done is for one to find ways in order to keep oneself happy. This is why call center agents love to go out during the weekends or after work. There are also many benefits in getting a job in a call center. The pay is definitely competitive and the job, though repetitive, is relatively easy to do.

FHA Loans for Our Flooded House

Fri, 06 Nov 2009 06:46:00 GMT2009-11-06T06:46:00Z


Our family had to get refinancing through FHA loans programs recently. This was because there was a great flood in our area. It was such a horrible experience, something that will haunt me for some nights to come. Not only did I almost drown, my family was also in the brink of annihilation.

It all started one day. There was a storm warning but the weather report did not require us to take shelter somewhere high up. There was no flood warning. And I slept though the night. Turns out, it rained and rained through the whole night. I not home; I was sleeping in our condo near my college. When I woke up, I was surprised to see that the grounds of our condominium were already under water. The whole first floor was submerged. The water was a little higher than four feet. I was really scared. The good thing is that my room was in the second floor. Later we would discover that the storm dumped nearly two and a half week’s worth of rain water in just seven hours. Also, there was some trouble in the dam and it over flowed dumping a lot of water in the whole area. That was when I thought about my mother and little sister in our house. I quickly braved the floods and went as close to where our house was. And just as I have feared, the flood was very bad in our area. Our house was submerged. I used my binoculars and saw that my mother and sister were on the roof. I quickly called for help because the two of them did not know how to swim very well. Some rescuers even used surf boards just to reach them. Good thing we got them just in time.


So our house was in ruin. We had to fix a lot of things. That’s why we took an FHA loans refinancing and took some of our equity out to use for the repairs.

Call Center in the Philippines: The Worst Types of Callers

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 23:23:00 GMT2009-11-02T23:23:00Z


There are many annoying callers. When you work at a call center in the Philippines, you get to meet them all. But there are annoying customer callers, and then there are really bad callers. These are the types that you would dread to have.

The time Consumers
In every call center in the Philippines or anywhere else, there will always be a time limit set for the call center agent. Generally, each call should just amount to five to ten minutes each. When an agent takes to long to close calls that consumes time and money. It also means that the agent might not be that capable of handling explanations and what-not. But there are time consumers out there that just break one’s track record. Those callers who ask about everything, who are too chatty, or who are clueless and undecided are usually the culprits.

Lost in Translation
There are people who are lost in translation. This means that they either have very incomprehensibly thick accents, or they have very bad English, or both. This is one tough challenge for anybody who works in a call center. There is just almost no chance for an agent to make this call go smoothly.


This perhaps needs no explanation. A lot of callers call angry because those who are having problems with their product or service are the ones with the most reason to call.

Angry and Irrational
This is the deadliest combination of them all. This is very different from people who are merely angry. The angry people, you know have some reason why they are angry. However, those who are angry and irrational are just enough to make any agent from call center in the Philippines or anywhere else to want talk back. Imagine if a person yells and cusses you on the phone while spouting irrational statements. It is truly the worst type of caller.

Do you Have what it take to be a Philippines Call Center Agent?

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 23:16:00 GMT2009-11-02T23:16:00Z


A lot of Filipinos have already considered working in a Philippines call center. And this is perfectly acceptable. There is definitely a lot of perks when one decides to work in a Philippines call center. For one thing, you can be entry level or you do not even need have finished college to work in a Philippine call center. All that one needs is the right stuff and good English speaking skills and you will become a definite candidate to be accepted in a call center. However, this is actually a big misconception. Not all call center jobs are easy. And not everyone can get in. There are many other details that one needs to keep into account.

First of all, just because one can speak fluent English, it does not mean that one is already a good Philippines call center candidate. One also needs to be able to process English speaking skills quite well. This means that one must be an excellent communicator who can quickly comprehend what the caller needs and issues are. One also needs to have a neutral English accent. Those who speak with a heavy accent and with bad pronunciation will have a difficult time getting into a call center. This is because it may get in the way of the communication process. Fortunate for us Filipinos, our English accent is a lot more neutral as compared to other countries. And this can also be developed and improved through training.


Secondly not all call center accounts are the same. This means that there are different skills that are required per project. One might have to do a lot of computations in some accounts. Computer literacy is a must as well as typing skills for any Philippines call center agent. Some accounts such as trouble shooting accounts also really on technical knowledge.

Moving from India to the Philippines: Asian Call Center

Tue, 27 Oct 2009 07:37:00 GMT2009-10-27T07:37:00Z


Our company was one of the first of those who first ventured into the call center industry. At first we set up one of the first call centers in India way back in 1997. Indian call centers were very busy. I did however never get used to the bad smell. It was everywhere, the body odor was overpowering. And the streets also smelled because they had a lot of cows and animals using the streets. Then our company noticed a change in the scene. Several large companies were closing down their Indian operations and were moving to the Philippines. Then all major companies started moving half or more than half of their operations to the Philippines for some reason.

This exodus was followed by our company. We then set up our own contact center operations in the newest fastest growing Asian call center location in the business. The Philippines was a very good choice. For one thing, the horrible body odor-like smell that permeated the whole of India including its cuisine was gone. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Filipinos it seems love to take baths. They take two baths a day in fact. And everyone was very courteous and friendly as opposed to India where you can’t walk in the streets without getting pissed of at some rude passerby giving you the look. It is a cultural thing. Filipinos are known internationally for their warmth and hospitality. I definitely prefer setting up shop there. Eventually we erected two buildings in a couple of the business parks in Manila.


The best part in having a contact center in the Philippines is that the agents were all so easy to train. They teach English there from kindergarten to college. No Filipino graduates without having an intimate knowledge of the English language. This is the edge of the country. Also, they have such a close cultural affinity with the U.S.

Christian Magazine - Christianity

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 05:20:00 GMT2009-07-29T05:20:00Z

A man is either led in life by his emotions or his reason and which makes all the difference in the world. A life ruled by emotions is a life destined for disaster, a life where reason is always found in the back seat where it cannot be heard over the roar of the engine of emotion as it propels an individual down the road of life.When emotions rule your life everything is done on the basis of feelings with minimal thought being given to truth or reality. We do not see because we do not want to see. We are not looking for fear we will see. Divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, drug rehab facilities, prisons, and even the local hospitals maintain a heavy business because emotion has ruled in a life and reason took a back seat.We have the same thing in Christianity but pay day has not yet come so we have not yet been forced to confront reality. We sometimes wonder why it is that a person cannot seem to see the truth. Well, you have to have a desire to see it and thus be looking for it to find it. “Seek and you shall find” (Matt. 7:7 NAS) is the rule, that is the way it works. But, one only seeks when one has a desire to find and if you are satisfied with what you have little seeking will be done.We do not want to see a reason why we should not marry an individual we have fallen in love with. We do not see because we do not want to see. What was obvious to those looking in from the outside whose emotions were not involved is not just hidden from us but willfully so. We end up in a divorce. The same principle applies in Christianity. We see what we want to see if our religion is emotionally based and eventually, if that is the case with us, it will lead us to disaster.Truth and reason will always win out given enough time. Emotion rules for a season, truth and reason for eternity. God’s word is truth (John 17:17). It does not matter how you feel emotionally about what he has said. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like it or would like to see it changed or given a different twist than what it seems to have. Truth is not dependent upon how one feels about it. It stands on its own regardless of what the world thinks about it. I use the following as an illustration for a point I want to make.Many who say they are Christians today want to see women given what they perceive to be a greater role in the church. But, Paul said, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.” (1 Tim. 2:12 NKJV) They say it was a cultural thing and thus relates to that time when Paul lived only. But, Paul gives the reason for his command. He says, “For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.” (1 Tim. 2:13-14 NKJV) If that was the reason for the command, and Paul speaking by the Holy Spirit says it was, then it was not a cultural thing and is still binding today.Am I concerned with the role of women in the church in this article? No. But, I am making a point using that issue as an example. Emotions lead us to desire a greater role for women in the leadership and assemblies of the church. It is not God’s word that does it. But mark this down, if your religion is emotion based sooner or later you will have what you desire no matter what the Bible says. Thus many denominations now have women preaching and in leadership positions. Jesus said of God’s word that it was truth (John 17:17) but in emotion based religion truth must take a back seat and really does not matter for emotion rules whatever the issue.An emotion based religion is a religion that will in time no longer see the need for Bible authority even though those holding to such a religion call themselves Christians. Paul said, in Col. 3:17, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, givi[...]

Christianity - 100 Years Ago

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 04:07:00 GMT2009-07-29T04:07:00Z


If we go back a thousand years, most of the modern-day religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism were all well established religions of the world. There might not have been very many Buddhists in Europe and there was probably very few Jews in China. These religions usually stayed within their controlling borders.

Let's look at one of these religions a hundred years ago. 1909, United States of America and Christianity is by far the number one religion in this part of the world. In 1909, there was still hellfire and brimstone preaching. They were often using fear as the primary motivation to get people to conform to their beliefs. This is still going on today, with the exception of the information age and the Internet. This has led to the exposure of some religious texts, problems and mistakes.

Information is never a good thing for people who seek to control the masses of people, with a poorly developed plan or religious text that is often outdated and extremely contradictory.

Let's go back 50 years and look at the year 1959 and how Christianity affected modern day Americans. My father was often going to church Wednesday evening and for a few hours on Sunday. My grandmother and grandfather were devout Christians and belonged to the Dutch Reform Church. They were, what I would consider to be super Christians, they might not have understood everything in the Bible but understood the fear created from their leaders. Most 1959 Christians, understood the wrath of God.

Now let's go to modern day, 2009 Christian America. Things really haven't changed that much, most Christians under the age of 50, no longer wears suits to church, church youth groups have become modernized and allow a rock and roll style Christian music, which would have never been accepted 50 years ago. The evolution of Christianity, within the past 100 years has adapted to change pretty good.


Christians a hundred years ago, feared God's wrath and going to hell. Modern-day Christians who are set in their beliefs, often feel the same way. Even though Christians today have access to information on the Internet, books, libraries and live with in a multicultural diversity of people and religions, some of them still hang on to their old beliefs.

It's hard to imagine, with the information today and even 50 years ago that most people still believe in religions all over the world, just because they were raised to believe in them. Religions of the future will have to adapt to change, a little faster as more people read articles like mine to promote education within your religion.

Christian Magazine & Book Reviews

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 01:30:00 GMT2009-07-29T01:30:00Z


Christian books are among the most preferred literature for children and adults alike. They not only tell miraculous stores but teach lessons for life.

There are quite a lot Christian books published nowadays. If you are already into this type of literature, you will easily find your way among the bookshelves of any book store. If Christian literature is new to you, read the reviews of some of the most popular titles.

Karen Kingsbury is among the most popular authors in this field. Ever After is one of the most requested books. This novel continues the tale of Shane and Lauren in present years and is for every one who's looking for a new start in life. Forever is another book by Karen Kingsbury that treats almost the same subject, although the emphasis is on love and relationships.

Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado is a novel based on the life of David. It's a humorous book that teaches the readers to face their fears and not let any obstacle control their lives.

If you are looking for a Christian book about marriage look for the Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. The book will give you a different view on marriage matters and will help you overcome the hardships. Another book treating the same purpose but targeted to men is the book of Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker - Every Man's Marriage. It gives men a powerful tool to understanding women that is designed to help in their day to day life n couple.

Our list of some of the best Christian books will not be complete if we do not mention some of the best books for heaven. In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn is selected by many readers to be the best one in this section. It is helpful for anyone who lost a close person and tries to cope with his grief. Heaven is another highly preferred book by Randy Alcorn. It provides a research on the biblical description of heaven, answering many questions and many issues of interest.


Christian book lovers can also look for Christian magazines. Some of the best ones are Christian History & Biography magazine (focused on the historical facts of the Christian faith), Christianity Today (news, advice and entertainment both online and in the printed version), CCM (Christian music issues), Today's Christian Woman (Christian women magazine), New Man Magazine (Christian men magazine). In fact there are many more. You can make a quick research online or ask your friends to recommend you the best ones.

Philippine Call Center - English Only Policy

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 05:32:00 GMT2009-07-28T05:32:00Z

Working in the call center in the Philippines is extraordinary because of their strict English only policy replicated in the entire working force of the company. The company imposed this policy to further enhance the English communication skill of their people.Call center agents are required to speak the international language while inside the premises of the company. The employees are prohibited to speak their native dialect especially if they're on call and staying inside the company. The English only policy is created not to demerit the Philippines national language. The call center workers should understand that they are working in a highly regulated management in response to the high demand in the booming business process outsourcing industry. Any agent who caught speaking in Tagalog is subject for verbal and written warning. The English only policy is often misunderstood in per say that it is a violation.Call center employees are trained efficiently in handling their customers. The policy will give them adept understanding in applying the American culture in a unique working environment. Whether you like it or not, the agents are willfully advised to speak English all the time because speaking English does not mean replacing or degrading your native language. The success of the company also depends on how effective the agents in handling customers support inquiries. Oftentimes, the customers are complaining because of the language barrier and the accent of the agents. If the agent failed to satisfy their customers, this might affect the reputation of the company. American consumers like to criticize the quality and the productivity of the products, which also include criticizing the customer support service of the company. If the support center isn't effective, the output of the customers' satisfaction is also a failure.If you try to analyze, the source of the problem is due to the very simple language barrier which was not given immediate solution. This will not happen if the agents were trained properly of what's the product information. Product knowledge will serve as guidance and window of opportunity to allow the agents to help their valued customers all the time. Accurate details and advises are needed by the clients to help them understand before and after buying the products. Making the customers happy is an achievement not only by the agents but also with the company.Undoubtedly, Filipino customer service has strong communication skills because of their culture and recognizing English as one of their primary language. There customers will understand them better because of their capability to blend with the American way. The success of the call center industry in the Philippines is attributed with the magnificent workers. Filipino customer service representatives are trained to be efficient in understanding their customers. The English only policy is very helpful in improving their accent, their intonation, and speaking like in an American music. No wonder that any call center in the Philippines is improving and gives outstanding service with their clients worldwide. Potential locators who want to invest in the Philippines continue to believe that there's future on their business if they partnered with the Filipinos. Meanwhile, any school institutions in the Philippines implement the English policy in order to boost the international language and help the students overcome problem in communicating with their friends in English. This is inline with the success of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the world today, which fuel the country's economy.To date, you notice how really good are these people from communicating in English because of their training background and th[...]

Rewards of Choosing Philippine Call Center Providers

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 04:07:00 GMT2009-07-28T04:07:00Z

(image) Difficult economic situations also make the offshore call center business a very welcome option for most Filipinos. With higher-than-average rates in comparison to most other occupations, especially at the entry level, being a call center agent can truly alleviate one's financial burdens in the Philippines. Also, as mentioned earlier, Filipinos are adept at English so they are easily trained to become excellent customer support representatives.

Being a call center agent is also a popular 'transitional' job for Filipino college graduates. With the economic crisis, it is becoming harder and harder to find a job that is related to one's course in college. However, most call centers are willing to accept anyone who finished any degree. With call centers almost always in constant hiring, graduates who are still looking for jobs, deciding their career path, or wanting to make money to use in setting up a business of their own turn to call centers for solutions to their own problems.

Today, the Philippines has become one of the major outsourcing hubs of the world. As more firms realize the importance of concentrating on their core competencies, they are turning to Philippine off-shore call center providers to manage their important but non-core functions. This strategy helps them strengthen their brands and better manage their reactions to changing market dynamics.

Philippine call centers offer a vast range of services that suit diverse customer needs. Whether you want to offshore the management of customer inquiries or are looking for a call center that acts as a technical helpdesk, Philippine call center companies can provide a solution that takes care of your exact needs.

What can you outsource to the Philippines?

Philippine call centers offer various kinds of back-office services including: Phone support services like customer service, sales, tech support; telemarketing; email support services; chat support services; and many others.


Which call center company should I choose?

There are numerous call center companies in the Philippines. How do you know who to trust? Some are more well-established than others, but depending solely on the brand name and the firm's length of stay isn't always reliable. You should also look at the level of technology the company uses, the list of services it offers, employees' experience, and of course, value for your money. It will almost always be guaranteed, however, that whatever your decision is, your demands will be more than satisfactorily met.

Philippines Call Center - BPO Capital of the World

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 02:45:00 GMT2009-07-28T02:45:00Z


The growth of the Information Technology sector coupled with the steadily rising need for faster and efficient customer service by major service and manufacturing companies has prompted the rise of Philippines call center companies to meet their stringent client demands. Instead of adding company resources to meet their after market service, major companies now turn to specialized third parties like the call center companies from the Philippines.

Philippines call center services includes inbound customer service, outbound telemarketing, lead generation, customer contact services, finance and accounting, legal and medical transcription, logistics, administration, technical support, web development, software development, language training and human resources management. In the demand of quality customer service, these companies are now major players across the globe.

Recent technological advancements has even made it much more easier for Philippine call centers to work effectively even cross over borders and countries, of which opened up doors for the establishment of small and medium outsourcing companies in Philippines not only for United States clients but also for United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Companies from these countries are now eyeing the Philippines as the premiere resource for the workforce. Small and medium companies have 100 to 500 call agents while the renowned call center has 1000 to 5000 call agents across the country. This is primarily due to the effectiveness of business pattern which is cost-efficient, quality and quantity leads and most of all professional competence among the call center agents.


Knowing Philippines Business Process Outsourcing as an economic arm, the Philippine government also lent its support by allocating appropriate places and aiding BPO companies both local and foreign managed companies prepares their requirements in putting their facilities in the country. Hence today, BPO park can be seen sprouting in places such as Manila, Makati, Pasig, Alabang, Cebu City and Bacolod with Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Angeles, Dagupan, Davao, Dumaguete, Lipa, Ilo-ilo, and Legazpi City also being put in the limelight for optimized offshore operations.