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Updated: 2018-03-06T10:50:47.207-08:00


Cheap Solar Panel System - Solar Panel Cleaning


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Many people will go to the effort to purchase and install a cheap solar panel system for their home and completely forget about the ongoing maintenance of the panels. For a solar panel system to work correctly and efficiently, the panels have to be cleaned regularly. Conventional wisdom says to clean them every couple of months, but it can be done more often as needed.

The most cost-effective way to clean your solar panels is to roll up your sleeves, climb up onto your roof, and "put a little elbow grease into it!" While this is the cheapest method, it's not necessarily the safest (especially if you have a several story house).

Another method is to install an automated cleaning system for your panels. You can program it to clean the panels at set intervals. This option, while easier and safer, will add an additional expense to the overall cost of your solar panel system.

The best option to choose is based primarily on how often the panels get dirty. If you live in an environment/climate in which there is a better chance of them getting dirty more often, you may want to employ the automated cleaning system. If not, doing it by hand is probably a better choice.

Either way, if you want to maintain your cheap solar panel system you'll want to remember to keep the panels clean!