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Colorectal cancer is no joke. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with this disease. In the US alone, there are projected to be more than 105,000 cases of colon cancer and more than 40,000 cases of rectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer, and is one of the top rated leading causes of cancer related death*.Some notable celebrities diagnosed with Colon or related Cancer:Ronald ReaganEartha KittDarryl StrawberrySharon OsbourneJay MonahanFarrah FawcettTruth be told, the only sure way to know you are cancer free is regular screening by your doctor.One of the ways to prevent polyps from building up in the colon is to start colon cleansing at home. An at home colon cleansing diet can help flush your body of harmful toxins and accumulated waste that has built up along the walls of your intestines for years. These diets usually require a person to fast for a period of time. Many of them require you to drink a powdered milkshake for more than a week with every meal. These shakes can be difficult to swallow and often taste simply horrible. Let’s face it, no one ever said colon cleansing at home was easy.As a weight loss program, a diet that allows colon cleansing at home has become one of the more prominent methods used today. Why? Because they work. Maintaining a diet that is high in fiber will allow your body to remain free of toxins by cleaning out the accumulated fecal matter that is caked on the walls of your intestines. This will allow the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy be absorbed into your system. Colon cleansing at home will also flush out the harmful bacteria and parasites that are literally feeding off you and will allow the healthy bacteria to remain and do its job.Some benefits of colon cleansing at home are:Lose WeightReduce BloatingRemove Accumulated Fecal MatterRaise Low Energy LevelsDetox Your BodyPrevent ConstipationImprove Your Digestive SystemHelp Prevent Colon CancerStart colon cleansing at home and help your body maintain a healthy colon and enjoy a healthier life. Click here now for an incredible trial offer!*American Cancer Society ([...]