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Trading Places 2x2 No Recruiting Necessary

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Trading Places 2x2 has introduced the "new kid in town" and he is excited! The Trading Places 2x2 success team had their 4th ever corporate call Thursday and like the other calls,\others, it was maxed out within a few minutes from a ton of hungry people,future members trying to log on to the call before the limit was attained. Anyone wishing to learn more should make the call early in order to hear the latest news.(Schedule listed below)||Trading Places director of advertising/phone broadcasting, Myno, began the call by discussing the 2x2 re-cycler and describing it as a no sweat structured matrix that a person is the sponsor of which is called a "business center" or "BC" and can also be called a 'commission center" with 2 members on your first level and 4 on your 2nd level. Every time your (2x2 matrix is filled, you are considered to have cycled. At which time you will earn a four hundred dollar matching bonus and then you are positioned in the highest spot in your sponsor's matrix where cycle starts over. ||The difference in Trading Places and other 2x2s is the fact that the 4 on your 2nd level are still making money for you because after you move up to your sponsors highest position and the other 4 are repositioned to the best position in their sponsor's matrix, they are still connected to you no matter who recruited them. Despite the electrical problems occuring at his end of the phone line, he was able to speak for a while without being disconnected. "I have been in this industry for well over 20 years and have been a part of several of the most famous, fastest growing, big money makers, but have never seen a pre launch go like this one. Trading Places is the most exciting, and I am fired up!", said JB. He asked me to be a part of a business with structure and professionalism and of which has a strong backbone. The ground work has been put into affect and everything is stable to survive on a concrete foundation."||JB highly suggests listeners interested in joining Trading Places 2x2 to contact the person who referred them to the broadcast and join early to be positioned at the top of the matrix and be assured that they are with a rock-solid company with a backbone and tens of thousands of dollars invested to make sure every member is a satisfied customer and to be felt as family.||JB then passed the call back to Myno to speak of the Pipeline Marketing System. It is a completely automated system being driven by professional marketers who market this business opportunity which makes the phones ring at the Trading Places 2x2 marketing office where they will have reps answering phones and talking future members through the info process and then proceed to enroll them in the program on your behalf as a participant in the Pipeline Marketing System. ||She went on to say that not only does the system share the information about Trading Places with the prospects, but the pipeline system is formatted for the reps to proceed to follow up through letters, emails, faxing, outbound calls... To find these prospects for Trading Places, many advertising strategies have been put into place which include full color ads in business opportunity magazines, outbound telemarketing, newspaper ads such as USA Today, fax blasting, email blasting, direct mail, phone broadcasting, the list goes on and on..." She says they are only looking to place ads that bring the high level of success that they are already having.||Myno then spoke of how members can take advantage of the marketing system by simply|referring people to get more info at the following:||Company replicated or other custom site:|Toll Free Info Line: 1-800-640-8168|Five Page Fax On Demand: 1-800-645-2308 Conference Calls: 1-212-990-8000 pin:0720#|8:30EST 7:30CTL 6:30MTN 5:30PAC||JB was then able to wind down the company call by again saying,"Everyone, get back to the person who referred you, get your questions answered, get in, have some fun, and hang on to your hats!" The sound of excitement still lingered.||If you would like to watch a short vide[...]