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Preview: Plastic Reconstruction Surgery Clinics are Now Shifting To Search Engine Marketing

Plastic Reconstruction Surgery Clinics are Now Shifting To Search Engine Marketing

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Tips for City Plastic Surgeon On Search Engine Marketing To Attract More CashPaying Clients

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 03:38:00 +0000

The field of cosmetic surgery has now become competitive like never before. The competition is fierce that is why a lot of professionals in the medical and allied health are taking their practice one step forward "?" welcome to internet marketing. That said, what will a big city plastic surgeon do to put his practice out in the World Wide Web?

Medical tourism is thriving in every corner of the world. Plastic surgeons located in high-profile districts such as Los Angeles, New York City, Phuket, Seoul, Sao Paolo and so on, have taken steps to attract more clients. But they do not limit themselves locally. These surgeons think big and envisage a bigger clientele, a global reach, so to speak. And having a website does just that. It allows the business to be in contact with offshore clients who are willing to travel and pay cash for quality, highly innovative and safe cosmetic surgery procedures,

While it"??s true that most city plastic surgeons maintain a website, having one is not enough to compete with other plastic surgeons that are tech-savvy and likewise, in-synch with today"??s search engine marketing strategies. You can lose prospective clients and other opportunities by limiting your marketing options and ignoring the powerful tools available in the internet.

In the next 5 years, internet users are projected to reach over 2 billion. Much of the growth will be outside the U.S. Developing countries will have tremendous improvement in the use of internet services and applications. In addition, most of the western European countries as well as Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and other countries in Asia will have penetration scenarios similar to that of the U.S. by 2015. Now, what if you have remained conservative in your marketing approach and settled for offline advertising? Or another scenario could be that you"??ve become complacent in your business and did not maximize the available web 2.0 tools.

Since a lot of cosmetic surgery hubs are located in the metro-area, every city plastic surgeon should give search engine marketing a careful thought. Vanity is a huge business and with that in mind, plastic surgeons should take into consideration that stepping up their marketing efforts not only attracts the right kind of clients, it also boosts their visibility to other markets on a global scale. Otherwise, they are losing out on opportunities that could have been theirs in the first place.

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Home Owners Finances Stretched Further Perhaps To The Breaking Point

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 03:38:00 +0000

This warning comes as research released by mform reveals that that a number of lenders are advertising mortgage deals but are failing to make consumers aware of the full cost as they do not include all applicable fees. Consequently, companies will be able to highlight a lower rate of interest for the mortgage product, before lending more money to prospective borrowers to help them meet the cost of various charges to their mortgage, often at a higher rate of interest, the firm argues.

This in turn, the financial services firm states, could see those applying to borrow 150,000 pounds also burdened with arrangement fees of 1,000 pounds. Effectively increasing the total value of the loan to 151,000 pounds, consumers could well see themselves struggling even more with their ability to service demands on their finances such utility bills, personal loans and mortgage repayments.

The company pointed out that those borrowing 175,000 pounds with Yorkshire Building Society under its 5.59 per cent five-year fixed-rate offer would be set to pay 1,048 pounds 08p per month for the initial term of the contract. However, with the financial services provider charging fees of 3,820 pounds, those who choose to add such costs to their mortgage could see their payments rise by 59 pounds 85p per month - some 1,508 pounds over the course of five years - which could well affect their ability to make repayments as utility bills, additional loans they have may taken out and other constraints on their day-to-day finances.

Meanwhile, those borrowers who find that upfront fees are added to the two-year 5.89 per cent fixed-rate deal they have taken out with Egg could see costs of 899 pounds added to the cost of their long-term mortgage.

Francis Ghiloni, marketing and business development director for mform, said: "No one would normally opt to borrow 899 pounds over 20 or 25 years but that is what you are effectively doing if you decide to add the fee to the loan. Of course for many of us finances are stretched when moving house or remortgaging and so it can be tempting to just add fees to the loan in order to save some cash. Where possible the advice should be to pay the fee upfront as that will prove to be a better deal in the long-term. Of course if lenders didn't load mortgages with confusing fees and were more upfront about the true cost of a loan the problem wouldn't arise in the first place."

Earlier this year, it was suggested that a number of consumers could see themselves developing debt difficulties as figures released by moneysupermarket revealed that six per cent of mortgage consumers do not know how much interest they are paying on their borrowing. Head of mortgages Louise Cumings stated that the study indicated that Britons are lacking in "universal awareness" when it comes to reviewing their financial situation. The moneysupermarket representative purported that consumers should regularly examine their mortgage repayments as it is "frequently the highest single monthly household expenditure". As a result of failing to do so, consumers could find their ability to service various areas of their finances squeezed. Consequently, a cheap personal loan could be one way for consumers to help cope with unexpected financial difficulties.

The author is the owner of an established plumbing business. He writes articles on consumer information / protection , business in general and home improvement.

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