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Plus Size - A Whole New World!

This blog is about my journey into the world of plus size! I've alway's been at the larger end of the scale but since getting married 2 years ago I seem to have shifted myself into the plus size section. That's not to say I'm happy to give up and stay her

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Dresses For Plus Size Women


(image) I'm lucky, well I think I am anyway... and since I'm the one writing this I can pretty much say whatever I want. The reason I think I'm lucky? Well... I have pretty good legs, not model-like, but also not too bad for some one who goes to the department store looking for dresses for plus size women. So there's my consolation... I'm not limited to just the full-length dresses but I can wear the cute little one's as well! Sorry if that's not you, but if you're comfortable with wearing shorter length dresses (by short I mean knee length, not bum cheek length!) then you have a whole world full of options open to you.
Personally, I'm still not overly comfortable about shopping in huge department stores where you go to the changing rooms and you can hear the girl next door ask for a smaller size, because the size 8 is too big. There is no way that I'm going to ask for a bigger size because the size 18 is too small! I prefer to shop from the annonimity of my own home (yes I know I have some issues) and do it all online. Check out this website on Dresses For Plus Size Women which has information and great online retailers.

Plus Size Swim Suits & Bathers


It took me a little while to get used to the idea that I had finally found myself in the plus size swim wear department and that it was just a fact of life that I had to deal with.
Of course I'm going to lose all the weight that I've put on... and no, I can't blame children for this one, I'm just 36 years old and my body has finally decided enough is enough! I've spent the last year and a half not buying any clothes because I just 'knew' that I would lose the weight again and that it would all be alright. But I haven't lost the weight, I'm running out of wearable clothes and worst of all... summer's on it's way!!!
But thank goodness, gone are the days where you have to wear shorts and t-shirt to the beach, I hate that, because you're larger than everyone else you want to look as inconspicuous as possible, but because you can't find any decent plus size swim suits you have to stick out like a sore thumb by wearing a t-shirt into the water while the rest of the world is in skimpy little numbers. But not anymore! Now this is the kind of plus size swim suit I'm talking 'bout!