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hemorrhoid relief Treatment of Hemorrhoids 8 Natural Ingredients For Fast And Effective Treatment

We all know that if you have hemorrhoids you need to treat them. But what makes the treatment of hemorrhoids so difficult is that there are a lot of options out there and not a lot of feedback when it comes to what works and what doesn't. We have discove

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hemorrhoid relief External Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Today many are suffering from hemorrhoids both internally and externally. It affects badly the life of today's people. It doesn't allow them to work as productively, as it makes them uncomfortable and distracted. It has now become very important to choose the proper and best treatment for external hemorrhoids for all the hemorrhoids sufferers.

External Hemorrhoids are those which occurs outside the body, they are often worse painful that cause loss of comfort and irritation because of swelling. One the worse pain of external hemorrhoid is because of blood clot and irritating or rubbing the damaged skin. Because of this, external hemorrhoid likes to be much more painful and worse as compared to internal hemorrhoids. There are several different methods to heal external hemorrhoids; the most effective of them are as follows:

1. External hemorrhoids are same as other dangerous types of hemorrhoids which causes blood clot. The first and most important is to treat the blood clot. Mostly doctors have to perform this with sterilized equipment such as needle and other things.

2. Another very simple, inexpensive and fast way to remove the external hemorrhoids is when the blood reduces, and there is no clot exist anymore, a great amount of pain reduces. If the blood clot again forms and again the pain starts, you should apply the above procedure, the pain directly goes away.

3. Another very good way to treat external hemorrhoids is by applying external medicine solutions such as creams, ointments or lotions.

4. The cheapest and simplest way to get rid of external hemorrhoids is to use an ice pack. Simply apply ice to the affected area outside the body, the coldness of the ice neutralizes the pain and allows you to feel calm and relax.

To conclude, I must say that to get rid of external hemorrhoids we must follow the above easy and helpful ways. No doubt the above mentioned ways are very helpful in getting rid of such external hemorrhoid but before you apply any of the above mentioned treatment, you should consult your doctor and take an advice from your doctor.

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hemorrhoid relief Causes Of Hemorrhoids And How To Avoid Them

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Hemorrhoids can be discomforting and painful and this condition is very common in many people. Studies have shown that just about everyone can get hemorrhoids and we sometimes wonder how do we get them and what are the causes of hemorrhoids. Most often, those who suffer from hemorrhoids would just want to keep the condition unexamined by a doctor because of the belief that it will just go away by itself or probably they are afraid to know what could the problem be.

It is important to note however that there may be bleeding in some cases of hemorrhoids, which in this case, it should be examined by a doctor. Veins in the rectal area can swell and get irritated which may cause the bleeding but in cases where there is bleeding involved, it is always advised to see your doctor to make sure there are no other underlying issues involved.

So what exactly are the causes of hemorrhoids?

Veins in the anus area can swell when there is pressure on the area around the anus or the rectum. Constipation is one major cause of hemorrhoids as straining during defecation can cause the veins in those areas to swell. You can prevent constipation and possible hemorrhoids by having lots of fiber in your diet and taking enough fluids to help in proper digestion. When you are constipated, avoid too much straining and get enough fiber to make defecation easier. Straining will not give you relief from constipation but will cause more problems when it leads to swelling of the hemorrhoid veins.

Most often, pregnant women are also at higher risk to have hemorrhoids because of the increased pressure in the anal areas especially during giving birth. You can always ask your doctor for recommended exercise during the early months of pregnancy to help you avoid hemorrhoids.

If you are obese, you also have greater chances of developing hemorrhoids as the weight of your body may put much pressure on your anal region especially when you spend long hours sitting. Maintaining a healthy weight therefore is important to avoid problems such as this.

Other causes of hemorrhoids are chronic diarrhea and constant heavy lifting. In some cases, long hours of standing or sitting tend to put pressure also on the areas around the anus and pelvic area. Regular exercise is therefore always recommended to help ease up your body and avoid this condition.

Anal intercourse can also irritate the tissues around the area thus is also said to cause hemorrhoids. Heredity is also seen as a factor in the development of hemorrhoids. If there is a history of hemorrhoids in the family, you may also have higher tendencies to have such condition. Other causes of hemorrhoids may also include underlying medical conditions like liver diseases.

Indeed, understanding the causes of hemorrhoids will help you find ways to avoid problems with hemorrhoids. Good diet, staying hydrated and regular exercise are indeed one of the best ways to prevent yourself from suffering the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

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