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how to build a deck An Outdoor Room Plan Using Adirondack Chairs

how to build a deck If your home already includes a patio or deck, you shouldn't have to do much work to get the flooring ready for your room. However, if you need to install a patio, consider some of the options. You could build a deck or pour concrete f

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how to build a deck Trash to Treasure Cleaning Up An Old Wooden Picnic Table

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You were never one to just throw things away when they get old and start to look bad, but old furniture can be an eyesore. Take on a new pet project by cleaning up and restoring something like a dilapidated wooden picnic table. You might already have one taking up space in your backyard or storage space, or else you bought one at a garage sale. It's more rewarding to bring something old back to life and less than expensive than buying all new furniture. The first thing you will need to do is clean the wooden picnic table. Begin by spraying the table down with a hose. This will remove loose dirt, debris, dust, and cobwebs, as well as allowing your cleaning solution to spread around more evenly. Plus, it will keep the table from drying out too quickly, which will get stained with buildup if cleaner is left on it. Also, pick a good place to work on your wooden picnic table. Yards are best but decks and garages work too, so long as they are well-ventilated. When working on flooring, like a wooden deck, that can get stained or damaged by cleaners and solvents, spray the floor down with some water as well. This will dilute runoff from the cleaning solution. Next, use a wood safe cleaner or wood deck cleaner to get at tougher dirt while restoring some of the original coloration of the wooden picnic table. Apply the solution all over using a hose or rag and allow it to set for a few minutes. A stiff brush will do nicely to break up dirt and wax, and you may want a smaller brush to get in the harder to reach cracks of the table. When cleaning, work from the bottom up so as to avoid streaks. On really tough stains or discoloration a solvent solution may be used, like bleach and water, but be extra careful when dealing with caustic substances and always use goggles and gloves.Once all of the visible dir&#[...]