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Learn from the Experts on how to Better Your SEO Positioning

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Best Ways to Increase Your SEO Positioning

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 15:56:00 +0000

I'm going thru the whole process of basic SEO (search engine optimization) in getting a web site to the apex of search engine result pages which includes just what SEO really is and what it need to give you the SEO positioning you are looking for.

We just debated page rank and in a cut down way, what it is. Now we get into why it's important to reach a high page rank for the pages on your site.

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Why focus so much on page ranks?

In the short "and" long term phases of your SEO campaign, constantly getting back links with high importance will drive up your site in the search engine ranking pages ( SERPs ). This of course depends on whether or not you have selected have selected the right keyphrases, keyword phrases, domain names, and have optimized your internet site correctly.

The links that came from a site that had a higher SEO positioning worth carries more weight ( more valuable ) than a back link from an internet site with "little" page rank.

In real world SEO, all of the experts agree that back links are very very important in elevating your ranking positioning. The people I'm employed with have confirmed this. High relevant back links are "the" most vital thing you can get. The issue with all the misunderstandings about SEO positioning are fed by Google themselves.

They have stated to not put much stock into the value of page rank.

Even though they are stating this, the message sent does not make sense. I can tell you this though. There's no way I would or could come out and tell anyone how any of my shoppers "specifically" work on the Net.

So it is going with Google. They can not exactly come out and tell everyone specifics because really, they don't desire any one to know!

Following is a quick narration of what Google is saying.

Basically, they are saying that SEO positioning is a reflection of their perspectives so far as far as the importance of internet pages. 500 million variables and around 2 billion terms are adopting puppies, you'll need to reflect page rank. They also confirm that pages that in their view against adopting a higher page rank price. They also say high page rank pages give the link ( remember back links ) larger value.

All that announced, here are a few reasons and I am sure there are more in how high page rank can help you gain higher positioning in search engine results.

It is in this way that they are taking a look at your internet site more frequently as SEO positioning increases.

Another example. Say you are using multiple domain names and you are linking those sites to each other. By driving up theSEO positioning By driving up theSEO positioning of one site, you may cause the inbound links ( back links ) from that site going to your others to assist them in their ranking positions.

The It is significant that you have just one site site but with multiple pages. You get high SEO positioning on your front page and you can use it to bring up your ranking positions for your other pages.

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