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Health Benefits of the Male Orgasm

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What Is The National Average Penis Size

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A fact that is further proved by studies performed by the Journal of Urology (1996) and Lifestyle Condoms (2004). In these 2 separate studies they came to the same conclusion that on average men are between 5.08 to 5.9 inches.

History behind this penis size obsession

As far back as 2,000 years ago, depictions of large members have been associated with figures of authority. Gods, leaders, people of position… every one of them is displayed as having a large penis. With this kind of background in place it is easy to see why some men strive to increase their penis size through penis enlargement methods. It is only natural.

Then there is the genetics of it all.

Until puberty, men experience limited penis growth. Stuck at 2.4 inches in length, it is only when their bodies begin to transgress into adulthood that their penis once more grows.

Now taking into consideration that there is no set age for puberty – with some beginning as early as 11 and others waiting until 15 years old – during this period no adolescent is the same. They are all at different stages of development which makes those locker rooms moments even more understandable. But as a result has left many men resting with these insecurities into adulthood.

Small penises – do they exist?

Unfortunately micropenises do exist and they occur in 0.6% of men.

Caused by a deficiency in testosterone levels during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this hormone reduction results in a stunting in penis growth that will continue with them into adulthood.

These cases of micropenis though are rare, and are easily identifiable as individuals with this condition can only experience erection sizes of 2 inches, compared to the average male.

Luckily, advances in science and penis enlargement devices means this condition no longer has to feel like a problem but can be cured.

Traction devices in particular can encourage natural penis enlargement of 2.75 inches through the stimulation of new tissue cells within the penis chambers.
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