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free best man speeches by Lord Abnev talks about 2009 Resolutions for the BridetoBe

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Most of us like to make resolutions on New Year"??s Day & promptly break them on January 2nd! For most our resolutions revolve around going to the gym more, cut back on the drinking & chocolates & donate more to charity. Happy New Year!But if you"??re getting married this year then your resolutions will probably have had a deeper meaning & you are probably still sticking to them. I know it is a bit late in the year now, but if you haven"??t got any resolutions here are a few suggestions you may want to consider taking up:1. I will not be a Bridezilla.Bridezilla-ism"??s can hit the best brides at the worst moments. The stress of planning a wedding is enough to drive even the most patient of us to unleashing fury at our nearest & dearest because the napkins are the wrong shade of white or you"??ve broke a nail. If you find yourself on the verge of a bridezilla episode, take a deep breath, get some perspective & work around the problem. 2. I will stick to the wedding budget. Well, I"??ll keep it inside the strike zone of the budget. Ok, I"??ll try to maintain the same number of digits as the original budget.Starting married seriously in debt is not a recipe for a harmonious marriage. So when you fix your wedding budget - stick to it. If you can"??t afford something, find an alternative or get creative & make your own. 3. I will not sacrifice romance in favor of wedding planning. Avoid letting the wedding planning over shadow everything & try to stay in the real world, at least once a week. Set aside some time to spend with your fianc?? when you can be alone & ban all talk of weddings! Have a day out, go for a romantic dinner or simply have a day in bed! Just as long as you remember what it was that led you to get married in the first place. 4. I will remember that not everything about the wedding has to be absolutely perfect.Nothing can be perfect. There will always be something that you think should be improved or was just "??not quite right"??. The important thing is that you are bot[...]

free best man speeches by Lord Abnev talks Wedding Myths

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There are many wedding myths and superstitions that pass through generations, origins unknown. Some are supposed to mean good luck, others bad. Like all superstitions wedding myths have no factual basis but for some, it's important to be aware of if you are going to have that traditional Wedding.Bad luck for the Bride & GroomIt is considered bad luck for the bride to sign her married name before the wedding as it tempts fate. The bride also shouldn't make her own dress as it is said that "??For every stitch of the wedding dress the bride sews herself she'll shed one tear during her marriage"??. To see a pig or a funeral procession on the Wedding day is a bad omen. If the bride also comes from the country it is bad luck to hear the crowing of a cock after dawn of the wedding day.After the Wedding the bride should throw away every pin when removing her dress and veil, or she will be unlucky. Good Luck for the Bride & GroomOn her Wedding day it is fortunate for a bride to meet a lamb, a dove, a spider, or a black cat on her way to church. It is also fortunate that if on the journey to the church the bride sees a policeman, priest, doctor or a blind man. On his Wedding day the groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his journey to the church for good luck.It is good luck for the groom not to see the dress before the wedding day. It will also bring more luck if he does not glance at the dress as the bride walks down the aisle.It is also fortuitous if the couple should exchange vows as the clock's minute hand is "ascending towards heaven".Good or Bad?To some, pearls represent future tears and are a bad sign. However, to others, the wearing of pearls takes the place of the bride's real tears, thus she'll have a happy, tear-free w&#[...]