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A gift is a way to show that you love and care. Gifts have a sentimental value attached to them. However, giving gifts at various occasions has become a ritual and that is why the charm of giving gifts has diminished. Ideally, a gift should be given with considerable thought, especially if it is a wedding gift. A wedding gift symbolizes the good wishes and affection of the one who gives it. Number of people giving gifts at weddings has continued to grow. However, not many are able to choose a wedding gift which would charm the newly wed. Traditional wedding gifts tend to become impersonal and there are instances when several guests give similar items. That is why, if a gift has to be unique and memorable, novelty gifts are highly suitable. Not only are they affordable, newly wed couples remember these for a long time. It is a belief that wedding gifts should leave a lasting impression.Gifts for herJewellery is on the top of mind when it comes to buying a gift for a bride. According to ones budget one has a wide choice which includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces, chains, brooches, earrings and hairpins. Elegant pieces of jewellery of pearl, gold, semi-precious stones or diamond, almost always fascinate the receiver. Gifting a watch can be a great option. Watches have a huge variety and with some effort the guest can buy a suitable watch for the bride. Innovative photo frames with a personalized message also make good gifts. Then there are elegant evening bags, hand bags, clutch bags, perfumes, make-up kits and jewellery boxes one can choose from. Gifts for himThe choice for the groom is limited but surely if an effort is made a suitable gift for a groom can be selected. Watches are all time favourite gifts for men. Suiting ones budget, he/she can buy an expensive branded watch like Rado, Omega e [...]