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Italian wedding favors show off your pride in culture and tradition. Italian wedding favors capture the essence of food, fun and passion that is part of your special day so your guests will remember it forever.Certain Italian wedding traditions have been enjoyed for centuries. These romantic rituals make Italian weddings incredibly fun. Italian wedding favors capture this fun in a special way by celebrating passion and tradition.When a man proposes to a woman, he often serenades her and gives her a diamond ring because these jewels are believes to come from flames of love. A bridal shower is thrown to give the bride-to-be necessities for her new home. Ideal Italian wedding favors for bridal shower guests are "With This Ring" engagement ring key chains.Italian weddings are defined by certain apparel. While modern brides wear white, in days gone by they wore green to get married. Brides still wear green for good luck the night before the wedding and should not see the groom. The groom dons a top hat and tailcoat for the wedding. To ward off evil, the groom carries iron in his pocket and the bride wears a veil. The entry to the ceremony and the pews are marked with bows. After vows are exchanged, the guests throw packets of Jordan almonds rather than confetti as a gesture of fertility and to express the bitter and sweet of marriage. The Jordan almonds are usually wrapped in tulle and secured with personalized ribbons.When the guests arrive at the reception, they search for their place cards and Italian wedding favors. There is plenty of toasting to the happy couple, with personalized toasting flutes used by the bride and groom. The toast features the sentiment, "Evviva gil sposi", which means "congratulations to the newlyweds." The newlyweds break a glass and often everyone dances the tarantella.Italian wedding focu[...]

best man speaches by Lord Abnev tips Ethnic Wedding Cake Toppers for the Perfect Couple

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 11:05:00 +0000

In today's diverse melting-pot society, more and more couples of varying backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities are falling in love and getting married. However, this can pose a problem when it comes to choosing the right combination of ethnic wedding cake toppers for the cake. Fortunately, today this is becoming less of a problem with the availability of mix and match ethnic wedding cake toppers. No matter what combination you and your bride and groom happen to be, there is sure to be a combination that is appropriate for you.Traditionally, the most common wedding cake topper came in just two kinds - Caucasian and non-Caucasian. Unfortunately, these two choices only cover a small portion of ethnically mixed marrying couples, so the demand for a wider variety of ethnic wedding cake toppers grew stronger. As a result, the wedding industry began creating ethnic wedding cake toppers that would better encompass all nationalities and cultures.While this might seem like a small victory for some, it is a huge victory for those who don't fit what society had previously considered the "traditional" married couple. Your wedding cake is meant to represent the love you and your new spouse feel for one another and should accurately portray each person as an individual and together as a couple. This can now be fully realized with the many combinations that are made possible using these ethnic wedding cake toppers.Rather than having to settle[...]