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Lord Abnev best man speaches A Deeper Look at the Traditional Wedding Veil

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 11:01:00 +0000

In western societies such as the United States, women have traditionally worn wedding veils for hundreds of years. Many years ago, most women wore their hair long; unlike the shorter hairstyles many women have today. Long hair was once thought of as symbol of a woman"??s virginity before marriage. Many think of the traditional white wedding veil in the same fashion regardless of the length of the woman"??s hair. Wedding veils were used before the traditional wedding gown and was included in the standard wedding attire in the 1900s. No one seems to have a definitive answer as to exactly when wedding veils came about though. There also is a great deal of mystique and lore surrounding the origins of the veil and the different Christian and secular meanings behind it. There are religious faiths that require the wearing of wedding veils. This practice follows traditions practiced in biblical times, but not all religions have this requirement and not everyone has the same viewpoints on how religion plays into the wearing of wedding veils. Many people choose to mix religion, traditions, and new concepts into their weddings. There is a trend towards giving the bride greater liberty to express herself and her personality during the process of choosing wedding invitations, decorations, and food selections. Picking out a style of wedding dress and choosing the apparel that the bridal party wears also falls under this current trend. Many women choose to wear wedding veils because there is a long held belief that it is bad luck for the groom to see his br[...]

Lord Abnev best man speachesThe Many Uses Of Wedding Handkerchiefs

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 11:00:00 +0000

Wedding handkerchiefs are used during wedding ceremonies as a symbol of a woman's love for her chosen man. They are also quite handy during the emotional moments of the wedding ceremony since they can be easily used to dry the eyes of a weepy bride or groom. Wedding handkerchiefs are generally made of linen, cotton or silk and can be plain and simple or elaborately decorated with lace and colorful embroidery.Brides will most often carry their wedding handkerchiefs in their hands to the altar with the decorative portion of the fabric facing outwards from the hands. They can also be wrapped around the base of the bridal bouquet to make it more comfortable to hold. If wearing gloves, the bride might want to place a wedding handkerchief folded neatly inside or hanging from a sash or ribbon that is on the wedding dress. If you do not want to ruin your beautifully decorated wedding handkerchiefs with tears and mascara, carry a separate one that can be used for wiping the eyes or nose. Choose a wedding handkerchief that is embroidered with blue flowers to fulfill the "something blue" requirement.Bridesmaids can also carry wedding handkerchiefs because they can often become weepy during the ceremony as well. While the bride will probably carry the most decorative wedding handkerchiefs, her attendants can carry ones that are just as lovely, yet less ornate. You might also want to turn this into a bridesmaid gift by having each of the wedding handkerchiefs embroidered in a different color or with a different design to person [...]