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Before committing to your spouse and loose your freedom and single status, there has been a long tradition of throwing a party and celebrating their last night of freedom with their closest bunch of friends. These are usually held the night before the Big Day, hours before taking the oath. Traditionally such parties were hosted by the bachelors before entering the marriage but soon the women also followed the suit and threw these parties tom have fun before getting hitched. Parties thrown by women and bride to be are called a bachelorette party, hen party or hen night. These are girl's night out by the bride to be with her closest bunch of friends and bridesmaid. These parties were originally held to honour the soon to be bride and were usually of the style and norm common to the then society. But with the time, this concept has also evolved and undergone changes. Many different kinds and themes are selected; depending upon what the organizations think will best please their guest of honour and other guests. Now, these parties in the honour of the bride-to-be often involves displays of sexual freedom, such as trading and revealing intimate details and secrets of their bedroom, getting drunk and usually enjoying the hired male strippers. This occasion provides comfortable opportunities for participants to talk or to give intimate advice to the bride in the making. Hen parties can be held at hostess' homes, or at public venues like restaurants, clubs, or bars. To make this party more fun and interesting, there are many hen night accessories available like edible willies, head gears, bunny ears, wands, jelly wellies, drinking games and special costumes like airhostess dress, nurse costume, etc. For the guys and the bride-to-be, these parties are known as Bachelor's Party, Stag party, stag night or stag do. They usually involve going to strip clubs, hiring strippers and pranks on the expense of the groom. These pa&[...]