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Flick through the diary of any young girl and it is almost certain that there will be at least four different sketches of their wedding dress, along with a basic outline of the guest list, menu ideas, and the name of the lucky groom-to-be. So when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, along with matching shoes and accessories, bear in mind these simple, yet effective, ideas.More than nine times out of ten, the dress needs to be floor length- think less cocktail dress, more Cinderella on her way to the ball. But remember that meringues are never a good look. The colour is a long debated topic, while some choose deep reds and vibrant blues for their wedding dress, white allows you to stand out from everyone else there and all eyes will definitely be on you; leave the flashes of colour for the bridesmaids.While we all want to wear the most up to date shoes on our big day, but you have to bear in mind that you have an aisle to walk down, followed by roaming around to find the perfect spot for the photos, and then the reception where all of your drunken relatives will insist on having a dance with you, all the while avoiding getting your feet caught in the bottom of your dress. As there is very little opportunity to sit down, you have to ensure your shoes are as comfortable as possible while still looking elegant. Although wearing trainers would be the most pain-free option, it is certainly a no go, try a low heeled court shoe. More and more women are choosing to wear tiaras on their wedding day, and usually these women look both elegant and stunning. Nevertheless, there are those who go a bit over the top, and their headgear looks more Miss California than Swan Princess. While it is amusing to try on the most extravagant tiara in the wedding shop, it will be nowhere near as funny when you look at photos of you with something similar to a chandelier on your head. Think of your tiara more as an ornate headband than a crown intended to rival the queen's. Bringing the whole ensemble together is the jewellery and here the majority [...]

best best man speeches by Lord Abnev tipsShow Your National Pride With Italian Wedding Favors

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 12:13:00 +0000

Italian wedding favors show off your pride in culture and tradition. Italian wedding favors capture the essence of food, fun and passion that is part of your special day so your guests will remember it forever.Certain Italian wedding traditions have been enjoyed for centuries. These romantic rituals make Italian weddings incredibly fun. Italian wedding favors capture this fun in a special way by celebrating passion and tradition.When a man proposes to a woman, he often serenades her and gives her a diamond ring because these jewels are believes to come from flames of love. A bridal shower is thrown to give the bride-to-be necessities for her new home. Ideal Italian wedding favors for bridal shower guests are "With This Ring" engagement ring key chains.Italian weddings are defined by certain apparel. While modern brides wear white, in days gone by they wore green to get married. Brides still wear green for good luck the night before the wedding and should not see the groom. The groom dons a top hat and tailcoat for the wedding. To ward off evil, the groom carries iron in his pocket and the bride wears a veil. The entry to the ceremony and the pews are marked with bows. After vows are exchanged, the guests throw packets of Jordan almonds rather than confetti as a gesture of fertility and to express the bitter and sweet of marriage. The Jordan almonds are usually wrapped in tulle and secured with personalized ribbons.When the guests arrive at the reception, they search for their place cards and Italian wedding favors. There is plenty of toasting to the happy couple, with personalized toasting flutes used by the bride and groom. The toast features the sentiment, "Evviva gil sposi", which means "congratulations to the newlyweds." The newlyweds break a glass and of&#[...]