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Sexless Relationship Statistics

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 11:14:00 +0000

I just thought i would take a quick break from advice to point out some interesting and perhaps scary statistics on sexless relationships

The fix Fix Your Sexless Marriage E-Book that gave me some very good advice firstly states that about 15% of couples live in sexless relationships! This is a huge number but i do hope this is skewed by the elderly and people with serious physical problems. Even with this that is still a huge number

A recent book on the subject that surveyed over 4000 couples coping with a sexless marriage made some interesting discoveries too.

For men:
  • Only 6 percent of men said they were just too tired
  • 9 percent of men said they just did not have time
  • A sizable portion had physical problems such as erectile dysfunction
  • Some others were effected by medication, drugs or alcohol.
  • Others still were in doubt about their marriage and where it was going
  • By far the biggest problem however was Boredom in the bedroom with 68 percent blaming this squarely on their partner.
  • 46 Percent said they would like to have sex but with other women.
  • 25 percent preferred internet porn because it was less hassle
  • A large number also claimed that they felt nagged and criticized by their wives so much they had become angry and less interested sexually.
Out of all their partners a whopping 68% of women had no idea of the real reason! I of course fell right into this statistic and when i look back it seems so obvious to me and shows a few things that can eb done to fix a sexless relationship.

An interesting look at things but only about the men ... i will try to dig up more statistics from the wives that go off sex too later.

Husband Doesn't Want Sex?

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 10:40:00 +0000

Men are typically portrayed as sex hungry fiends that would never back down from a romp in the bed but what happens when you are dealing with a sexless marriage and it is the husband that is the one who has the non-existent sex drive?

This was the challenge I faced with my husband and it sent me a on an emotional roller coaster ride for too long. Coping with a sexless marriage like this was a strain but it taught me a few valuable lessons that you can use if you are a wife facing the same issue.

  • Firstly do not immediately blame yourself. I say not immediately because there is a point where both people are guilty of some blame. This is a problem your husband has firstly and being depressed and anxious about your own part to start leads to some ugly things.
  • Do not believe the quick answers from your husband. When you ask about this it is often easy for your husband to blame you right back because they feel either ashamed or resentful of something and just want to lash out. Often they seem to take offense at your weight or something that is easy to use as a distraction.
  • Do not nag. It is hard to not see your husband as the manly amorous guy you married so often we tend to think this is just a short term thing. A stressful week at work or something similar. When we go back again and again and try to get him to chase us again this often leaves us angry and with a tenancy to nag and complain ... it is like an insult to our womanhood. However this does not help because this is often NOT a short term thing that a simple romantic dinner and sexy underwear can fix. Have patience and ...
  • Communicate! Make sure to really sit down and talk about this but with one rule. Never make it about yourself. Always find what is really bothering them but do not accept any offhand explanation ... dig deeper.
There are lots more things to say but i hope that covers some of the basics of sexless marriage help that you should and should not be doing!

Need some Sexless Marriage Advice?

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 08:42:00 +0000

If the answer is yes then I understand your pain as I too was stuck in a marriage with no intimacy and was in desperate need of sexless marriage advice but did not really know where to turn!

I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and these things are just not talked about. It was an odd feeling being rejected by your husband over and again, you hear of it happening more often with wives losing their drive which also made this more confusing.

I blamed myself for the sexless marriage at times thinking if had become too fat or too old or that i was not doing enough somehow. I went on health kicks and got discouraged when any slight improvement in my figure was totally ignored ... these gains were lost when i fell and pigged out on chocolate again.

Then I went through a stage where i blamed him for everything, i became the nag wife from hell and said terrible things about him and his manhood which i am so shamed of now. This obviously did not help.

We did not completely abstain from sex but the rare occasions it happened it was over too fast and lacked any real intimacy or excitement which i remembered from the years after we married.

This sexless marriage had me packing my bag on multiple occasions to leave. It was not just the sex it was him not talking about it, it was the lack of feeling wanted ... i felt like i had a surly roommate not a lover.

I turned to the internet which I was not very good with and started searching for something to help me with this sexless marriage. I almost gave up after finding plenty of porn sites and dating sites for some reason but I eventually found a few people in chat rooms that pointed me to an excellent guide that helped along with their support.

The guide is called Fix Your Sexless Marriage and i set this blog up to talk a little of my experiences and that of some wonderful people i met online too.