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Men's Killer Online Dating Profile Tip!


Men's Killer Online Dating Profile Tip!
By: Mick Jones
Are you free dating online and not meeting the women you crave and would like to meet
I know what you are going through and it can be a lonely place when you aren't getting the results you desire. In this situation you have to hang in there and never give up!
Tip #1Test your replies from what you write in your first and second emails. Save your emails in a file and use the ones that get the most replies as templates...everyone is unique though.
Tip#2You must comment on personal things she has written in her profile. To show you have made the effort to find out something about her.
And remember, nothing works 100% of the time.
I still scratch my head when a profile ignores my interest...and I match her criteria well...go figure.
I've just finished dating a lady and am back in the internet dating game...
And loving thing about using online dating sites is that whenever you find yourself single, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that it is only a matter of time before you meet someone else.
Or just enjoy free dating a few different ladies until you do...It's the most efficient / effective way to date that I'm aware of...There is a LOT of women using online dating sites. This is good news for us healthy single men who don't like hanging out in smoky bars and clubs. Attention!I'm about to reveal a killer profile tip which I'm certain I've never revealed before.I was aware of it but never really made the effort to use it.As I was preparing a new profile name, photo and text to go back online, I decided to make the effort.The results have been pretty darn good, and I've only been back online for four weeks or so!It's got the type of women I'm interested in meeting, to contact me straight away.No messing about with virtual kisses and then me having to pay for the contact.They contacted me and sent their mobile number with the email! Yehaa! I like that. :-]Are you ready, let's look at it,Here it is;Men's Killer Profile Tip!When editing or making up your profile, pretend you are a copywriter.By this I mean imagine you have been paid by a company to write a profile convincing a client to be interested in that company's goods.So to do that you need to tell the reader this;'WHATS IN IT FOR THEM!'Read profiles of men in your area and age group to scope out the competition.Notice how often they use the word ' I.'So you'll see they are focusing on themselves, instead of the reader.This is good for you, so that your profile will stand out from the crowd.For example;Instead of writing, 'I love going to the beach for a swim.'Write it this way, 'Do you enjoy going to the beach for a walk and a swim?'Subtle difference, but it works!Instead of this, 'I like to cook.'Write it, 'Do you like your man to cook for you while having a glass of wine together.'Get the idea?So why not edit your profile and delete as many ' I's ' as you can.Or set up a new one on a different site and see the results...You will notice the difference quickly. Focus on what you think the type of women that interests YOU, would like to read and do.I think you get the picture with this and I won't bother with endless examples.This truly is a KILLER tip!Try it out and good luck to you!So instead of writing the word 'I,' rephrase it and use the word 'you.'Simple but effective and gets good results.
Until next time and more free dating sites tips, keep smiling...This articles quote; 'There is always a way to succeed, if you are committed.'

5 Massive Reasons To Date Online!


5 Massive Reasons To Date Online!By: Mick JonesAnnouncing five massive reasons why single men should use free online dating!How to meet more women than you could possible have time to date.Let's look at the reasons.Massive Reason #1. Convenience!From the comfort and privacy of your own home you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee, and scroll through an assortment of potential women to meet and date!You can even have a beer or a glass of wine while doing it.Instead of late nights in smoky bars and going home disappointed.and wake up smelling and feeling like an ashtray.Unhealthy, smoky bars are boring and drunks don't interest me. Then there's the loud thumping music where you have to shout at each other to be heard.Where at home and in your own time, you can go online and pick a suitable profile to email and organize to meet.I love doing this.So for pure convenience and ease, online dating is the number one place for meeting women!Free dating is a major breakthrough for single men.You can meet women you wouldn't otherwise ever have the opportunity to meet!Therefore it creates an even playing field for men who otherwise don't enjoy trying to 'pull' women in bars.By learning some basic skills and getting experience, any man can succeed online.Massive Reason #2. Not Having To Face Rejection by Approaching Women Cold!This is a major bonus for guys who are recently divorced, split up and have lost their confidence and experience with meeting women.It is the best way to ease back into the dating scene.You don't have to boldly approach a woman in public and get her number for a date.You do it online via email, with no nervousness to deal with at all.And if you contact a profile and she ignores your email, so what?You just move on to another until you find one to meet, easy!Therefore you are not confronted with your fear of being rejected in public, with online dating.And if you do get ignored or knocked back, no one knows but you and it doesn't MATTER.There are plenty more to choose from.And by the time you meet, you've already chatted via email and on the phone so there is no need to be nervous when you meet her for coffee.Massive Reason #3. Confidence Building!You gain confidence by meeting women online and having success with seduction.This is a massive benefit.When I divorced after nine years I was nervous approaching women and had little success.Once I had been free dating sites for six months I was back on my feet with women.I now have the belief and confidence to approach and meet women everywhere.I also have more skill at handling cold women and rejection when it happens.Because I've learnt that it's impossible to succeed 100% of the time.Every No means you are closer to a Yes.So if you are not getting rejected, you aren't in the game!You HAVE to be in the game!The confidence you get meeting and seducing women online will lead you to meeting the perfect lady for you. Whether that is online or offline. It's getting the experience that is important.As Tony Robbins would say, "Repetition is the mother of skill."Massive Reason #4. The Infinite Amount of Suitable Women!It truly is an infinite amount of women available online to meet.By having such a large pool of single women to contact, there is no need to ever be short of at least one date a week.It's just a case of being organized and only contacting local women to make the most of your time.There will be anything from two to thirty two different sites in your region to join and check out profiles.There is also many NEW women joining everyday.this will continue forever!So it's a must for single men to get good at online dating.You can never run out of women to contact. Even if you exhaust one service you can try another. By the time you've gone through all suitable profiles to meet on the other service, the original one will have new stock!Online dating is also very affordable!Massive Reason #5. Ease of Finding Suitable Partners!By creating your own criteria and sticking to it, you can find someone suitable so much quicker than offline.That i[...]