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iPhone Insurance How to Insure Your iPhone For Less

iPhone Insurance - do you need it? What should be covered within the iPhone insurance? Should you insure your iPhone at all?

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iPhone insurance Why Insure Your iPhone

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 07:24:00 +0000

iPhone insurance is something that crops up fairly low on your radar when you first get your iPhone.

Without a doubt the iPhone is THE coolest phone available bar none - just ask any iPhone owner. They will all rave on rabidly about how amazing it is, how they could not be without it etc.

But who wants to think about iPhone insurance?

Well, the reality is, it would cover you over £500 to replace your iPhone 3G-S or over £350 to replace your iPhone 3G, if you were to replace it yourself.

So any iPhone insurance that costs much less than this amount is a massive saving - and a huge peace of mind - allowing you to relax and enjoy your iPhone much more.

So what are the risks?

Over 1.3 million phones are stolen every year - and this number is increasing at an alarming rate each year. 28% of ALL robberies now include a mobile phone!

And what if your iPhone is damaged? If it were dropped, fell, whatever.

A considerable subsection of the ‘damage’ area is specifically water damage. How many people do you know who have or are likely to drop their phone in their pint... down he loo... in the washing up water?

Over 1.3 million phones are water damaged every year according to research.

So it is highly likely that your iPhone could get damaged one way or another.

So iPhone insurance needs to be a serious consideration. Obviously you need theft cover and accidental damage cover. You should also make sure your iPhone insurance has extended warranty included. This means if your iPhone ‘just goes wrong’ then you can get the repair cost covered.

Normally this is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty - but only within the first 12 months - and after then you will not be able to get iPhone insurance to cover you - so you need to get the iPhone insuranc eearly on, as soon as possible after you have bought your iPhone.

You might also want to look at international cover. Will you be covered when you are abroad - whether on holiday or working?

All things considered it is definitely a wise move to do a Google search for iPhone insurance.
iPhone insurance is what will protect you against the expensive £500+ iPhone replacement costs hence you will need to insure your iphone

iPhone Insurance How to Insure Your iPhone For Less

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 07:23:00 +0000

What specialist iPhone insurance is there to protect you and your iPhone with a reasonable cover and is cost effective?
The iPhone is available only on O2 network. You can buy an unofficial one, which is unlocked, to work on other networks, but let’s look at the real picture. The cost is £265 for the handset, and there is 2 year contract at £35 or £55 per month. Therefore you need some kind of replacement to justify spending this amount.
Moreover, there is the replacement itself. This can be around £550, although you can get a second hand or less-than-official iPhone for less.
Hence any iPhone insurance that offers you a replacement for an amount less than £550 is cost-effective. Of course it should be as low cost as possible, but there is always some replacement cost involved.
You also have to consider what eventualities you want the iPhone insurance to protect you from - iPhone theft is the most obvious possibility, but do you wish to be protected if it is damaged? Do you need cover while you travel abroad? Do you need warranty (ie if your iPhone just goes wrong)?
The iPhone is an expensive gadget and that’s why users have to be careful to prevent damage or theft. For safety, you must get iPhone insurance. It is a special insurance designed specifically as iPhone 3g insurance and iPhone 3G-S insurance. It is especially designed accounting all the possibilities of theft and damage that can happen to it. As iPhone insurance covers all the possible costs of damages, you need not worry about something unwanted and unexpected happening to the iPhone so much.

There are a number of iPhone insurance providers in the market. They offer various features in the policy they offer. Though all the iPhone insurance features are not the same, they orient towards one main concept i.e. protecting the iPhone and iPhone owners from the cost of replacement and repair. Because the iPhone insurance is specially designed for this, you are assured that all the hidden damages and risks too are covered by the insurance.

If you wish to protect your iPhone against the pain of losing or it being damaged or stolen it is advisable that you insure against the threats possibilities. This can help you reduce the after-effects of the theft or damage of it. Just make sure you choose the right, cost-effective iPhone insurance.
iPhone insurance will give you the protection for your iPhone against expensive replacement costs. So insure your iphone