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Property Launch Formula - in Action

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Property Launch Formula - in Action


Self-proclaimed real estate marketer Greg Clement created the Property Launch Formula by fusing two tried ideas into one brand new real estate selling system. The concepts are the "9-Day Sale" and the "Product Launch Formula" by Jeff Walker.

The "9-Day Sale" relies on a "round-robin" auction where you determine the bidder with the most money by calling all potential buyers on the telephone - one by one - till no candidate wants to go higher.

When Clement put the concept of the 9-day sale along with the idea of "launching" a product using elements of scarceness, pressure and social proof in your selling materials and show, the success rate on his property sales increased.

These elements are taken immediately from Jeff Walker's "Product Launch Formula", which is a selling course that is in charge of many millions in sales of info products in different niches online.

When Greg Clement trasfered the Product Launch Formula to selling properties, Jeff Walker got so excited about it that he really partnered with Greg to form the SIMS program. Because of that, the SIMS system contains many customised modules that were created and taught by Jeff.

The key elements that are taken from the product launch formula are scarcity, bonuses and social evidence. These elements apply to the marketing of the property. Thru special pre-announcements, feedback and bonus gifts, one can turn the property into a unique object that creates a lot of buyer curiosity.

The attention is validated among the buyers by the huge response that each of your buyer can see for himself, because you get them to view the property all within the same timeframe.

Property Launch Formula is the 6th module of SIMS ( Smart Internet Marketing Solution ) and it includes complete guides and all sorts of marketing materials that you only need to plug into your categorical property.

Scam or System?

The pros : The Property Launch Formula helps you create a superior promotional campaign that casts the property you are selling as a unique and fascinating opportunity with any potential buyers.

The system allows you to build a catalogue of incentivized buyers, provided you use it multiple times within the same general area.

The cons : The system has some restrictions if you need to sell multiple properties all at once. You can most likely repeat the process successfully inside a week or fortnight time frame, but running multiple launches at the same time could be tougher.

On the other side if you're able to build a name with the quality of your properties, you might do "internal launches" to your prospects list while you do an external launch on a different property simultaneously.

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