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Social Media For Small Business

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 22:23:00 +0000

Often as we start a new business or perhaps we're an existing business we get comments from friends, family and/or other business associates such as:-
"You need Social Media for Small Business"
"Are you on Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn?"
OR they're told by the same people
"You should be on Social Media Sites for your Business such as Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn" it is important for your business bla bla bla...
Unfortunately what they don't proceed to do is to help or even just to guide them on the dos and don'ts - or - they don't elaborate on how to use the sites - hence - the drop off rate is phenomenal - because - they use these sites blindly - they get bored because they don't know what they're doing
My Twitter Friends at Gold Coast Social Media - are great at helping businesses with their Social Media Optimising skills - Get you on the right track in using Social Media For Small Business.

A couple of pointers for the new users of Social Media sites
1. It is an idea to look at what other people are saying then comment if you like it or RT if you're on Twitter
2. Do your best to thanks people who @ mention you or RT your Tweets and/or posts which have been shared by them onto their wall etc
3. Take your time maybe install Tweetdeck or People browser or something similar where you can see more if you like to use Twitter
4. Talk to people on a social level not just post your own - buy this - buy that - look at this - look at that -
5. Post some jokes or quotes or something maybe even a link to recipes just to be different to what your business is about.
6. Recommend people to other friends in your network - but be choosy as to who you link with who - don't just send all your friends to each other - you need to read people and see if their personalities match or their businesses match - have common interests - however it is ok to say things like hey check out this awesome person but not direct them to anyone in particular

My recommendation is -Social Media For Small Business - is very important to the Credibility Puzzle - not only of your business - more so - you as a person. If people don';t like you they possibly won;t use your services or products
 I know personally regarding the sites I am on - I do my best to respond to all who take the time to @talk to me on twitter or refer our business - make comments on my Stumble Upon Blog - Gather Posts - Facebook Wall Posts - Of course this is not an easy task - I have time to do this - this is my job/business I take 1 in the morning 1 hour middle of the day and 1-2 hours in the evening - even if you have to get wife/hubby/older kids to just go into your sites and thank people for mentioning or thanks or the RT - comment etc.
It all comes down to building credibility of you then your businesses credibility will follow.

I highly recommend Social Media For Small Business and Lager Businesses too.
If you are needing assistance with Social Media be sure to contact Gold Coast Social Media for your individual social media needs

My name is Urzay G - I am COO of Take The Plunge - Since being online - meeting new people - I found myself learning more and more about the internet, online business - and free targeted traffic to our website at - where I supply first class coffee to Australian residences and businesses delivered via Australia Post.

The State of The Internet

Fri, 02 Apr 2010 00:40:00 +0000

Some interesting statistics on video as to the "State Of The Internet" 
by JESS3 plus
1 month ago 1 month ago: Mon, Feb 22, 2010 6:58am EST (Eastern Standard Time)

(object) (embed)
JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Urzay G is my name - I am COO of Take The Plunge - Since being online - meeting new people - I found myself learning more and more about the internet, online business - and free targeted traffic to our website at - where I supply first class coffee to Australian residences and businesses delivered via Australia Post.

URL Shorteners for Newbies

Thu, 18 Mar 2010 04:18:00 +0000

Today - I'm going to talk about URL Shorteners - for Newbies - Mainly because I just read a 2 part Blog Post at Lunametrics Blog, which prompted me to write this post - as there are so many different tools available the naive newbies - they have a hard time choosing what is best for their needsI personally use 2 URL Shorteners as well as StumbleUpon (Tweeting directly from StumbleUpon uses their own URL shorterner, which does not get the Page Rankings we need if we were to use other tools).The first one I ever heard about was TinyUrl - I was told this was a great one to use by a former coach - being new at the time and knowing absolutely nothing about the internet at all - I struggled with that - I'd also heard about budurl which seemed easy enough to use so I used that for a while. Then I was lucky enough to be shown URL shorteners and how to use them - - I was saved - - this to me was the best thing on the planet as far as URL shorteners and I was concerned. Remember I was so new to this, I used to struggle doing searches on Google for anything. I laugh when I look back only a year ago - I knew zip about the internet.To learn more about TinyUrl you can visit - Wikipedia for full definition and the pros and cons of using this particular URL ShortenerI will briefly describe for you budurl - Quoted taken direct from - "BudURL was designed from the start to give small businesses and marketers insight into previously invisible click traffic. Not everyone has access to Google Analytics and most of those that have it don't know how to use it. BudURL makes link tracking amazingly simple. Shorten the link, put it somewhere, and watch the clicks roll in. It's that easy!BudURL is easy to use! Just paste in a large, unruly web address in the box above and click the "Shrink It!" button. You'll get a unique BudURL™ that you can use anywhere you'd like such as social networks, instant messages, emails, ad campaigns, electronic newsletters, etc."What I like about BudURL and is that they can track how many clicks each shortened URL gets. Both of these URL Shorteners also give you the option to customise your URL which I only recently found out - heck it was under my nose after all!Example I have this long URL I wish to shorten this for my Tweets lets say (also great for Affiliate URLs BTW) - petssplusship ---This is much nicer and clearer don't you think? You may need to click on images to enlarge. As an example I went over and clicked the shortened URL to show you how the stats is much the same not as colourful - however a lot more user friendly - In my opinion that is.  Here I will use another example of one of my existing URLs which I shortened so as I could tweet for a friend of mine in Twitter - here is the long URL - here is the custom URL I chose - RobAdvert - Note you may need to do a little experimenting as the first choice is not always available. I was chasing a custom name of 'VideoMarketing'- not available. I then posted this "Target your customers with social-media-video-marketing...." to Twitter - directly from with the share button - Easy Peasy!Ok now let's have a quick look at the stats using URL Shorteners.As you can see by this you get stats with both. You can keep track of traffic to your websites or pages - You're able to customise your links - I have since customised several of my Website's URLs such as to this you have any questions on this subject feel free to comment below - I will get back to you.Combined with a great Twitter Tool such as Tweetomatic Profiteer - You're sure going to have fun with making money as an affiliate with one of the URL Shorteners and ClickBankUrzay G is my name - I[...]

First Things First Using Stumble Upon

Fri, 05 Mar 2010 03:28:00 +0000

It's not uncommon for many to wonder how to use the Social Bookmarking and Social Media sites effectively, especially when you're new to the Internet or Internet Marketing world. StumbleUpon is one of my favourite Social Bookmarking sites.Like most, I was unable to understand the true benefits of it's huge power - that is another subject where you can find the best information on why StumbleUpon is great for social media here at - Windmill Networking where Neal Schaffer states:-"There are 4 compelling reasons why you should start using StumbleUpon"1) StumbleUpon Helps You Discover the Best of the Web…in Less Time2) StumbleUpon Helps You Find Interesting People to Follow3) StumbleUpon has a Unique Advertising System: You Can Buy Traffic to Your Website4) Yes, Using StumbleUpon Will Lead to More Traffic to Your Website…OrganicallySince learning more and more of the power of this great social bookmarking site - I have had a couple ask for some tips - as I proceeded to answer an email I found myself getting so involved with the response - it led me to write this blog postSo First Things First Using StumbleUpon - (this is after you've signed up of course)1. What you need to do is download the StumbleUpon Add-on for your browser, if you haven't already got that - this makes it so much easier to share your stumbles as well as save them.2.  Be sure to set all your stumbling preferences on your settings page under heading- manage interests.3. Whether you're looking to stumble great sites, meet people, or maybe you're here for business reasons, like many others - it is highly recommended that you write something about yourself - what you're about - what you do - your interests etc. this, in-turn, might encourage like minded people to subscribe back to your SU Blog. See diagram below4. Start Stumbling Websites and other Stumblers directly from your toolbar or surf the net and start saving favourites of interest to you. ***Tip*** the more favourites you have - the better for you - it shows that you're active here - people will look at what you're stumbling at - regardless of how long you've been here - especially if you've been here a short time and you have hundreds of favourites saved - they tend to like that (this is only my opinion though) - if you have your own blog posts - thumb those too - then share with your SU friends. But be ware people are not happy for you to continually asking them to thumb your own things. Share your own things maybe once or twice a week and let them decide if they want to thumb and/or review - most times if you say something like "This is my latest post let me know what you think - or maybe I just posted this today thanks. Just use your own words but don't be pushy. A fellow stumbler told me not to mention thumb review like directly because it might damage the chances of you getting ranked with SU. I did not know this till last week either. The "All" tab on you SU browser toolbar - is where your preferences are saved so you can click on this to stumble - Videos - Photos - Websites etc To Stumble other stumblers from your tool bar - click on the "All" tab - drop down to "Society"--> Click on  "Stumblers"To share from your tool bar you can only choose one stumbler at a time - however if you're on your favourites' page you can click "share" from under the particular favourite - where you will find that a drop down box of all your "Allow shares to my Toolbar" subscribers are, from there you may click on however many of them you like to share something with. You are also able to save friend's email addresses at the browser toolbar -  people who are not SU users - to send them a direct link of something you think they may be interested in - from the site you're on. Pretty neat I think - I just discovered this one the other day.When the friends that you've ticked "Allow shares to my Toolbar", send you something - to the left of the thumb up - will be a little white square and a number next it - when you c[...]

Twitter Lingo - Continued

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 01:00:00 +0000

Twitter Lingo Continued thanks to my StumbleUpon/Twitter Friends' suggestions

Michael B - On Twitter -
Neal Schaffer - AND Twitter -
J.Michael Edwards - Twitter -
Carole Hatem -

:D = The Big Smiley (maybe laughing)
BRB = Be Right Back
;-P = Smiley with Tongue Poking out
JK = just kidding
IDK = I Don't Know
GTG - Got To Go
FWIW = For What It's Worth
IMO = In My Opinion
FYI = For Your Information
WTF = What The F#$% if you are so inclined

Urzay G is my name and I'm an eCommerce Coffee Website owner with interests in Internet Marketing Techniques including SEO - Social Media - Social Networking for Internet Traffic Generation - I like to use minimal site for this - so I chose Twitter/TweetDeck, Stumble Upon, FaceBook and as my favourite Social Media/Networking sites - I also dabble a little at and Del ici

Twitter Lingo & Tips

Mon, 22 Feb 2010 10:00:00 +0000

Twitter Lingo is something I thought of writing about just today - I don't know why it took so long to think of it and I'm sure that there are many other blog posts and/or articles on the subject.It's a little like text messaging - the English language is going out the window. we only have a small area to write in Twitter 140 characters and on your mobile phone you just do not want to spell everything out so we write things like UR instead of your - U R instead of you are etc - I struggle with keeping things simple I do not want to sound too short so I have learned to miss-spell after all those years learning the English language I now know how to spell incorrectly just to make life on Twitter and mobile phones easier.I would like tho share some lingo that might be useful to others as well - some of which we all know and some I have recently learned so just in case - I will share what type of Twitter Lingo I've learned in the short time I have spent on Twitter over the past few months.Twitter Lingo:-T Y = Thank YouT Y V M = Thank You Very Much Thnx = ThanksY W = You're WelcomeY R V W = You Are Very WelcomeLOL = Laugh Out LoudROFL = Roll On Floor Laughing FTW = For The Win2 = To-TooTo = To and TooWat = WhatWen = When@ = AtDM = Direct MessagePEEPS = PeopleGR8 = GreatRT = ReTweet RT'd = ReTweetedU R = You AreUR = Your OR You're#FF = Follow Friday - This is a day for you to promote your Twitter friends to others - you might have found some that RT'd your Tweets more through the week or you just connect with certain people or maybe even just have a connection with some - Sample Tweet -#FF Follow GR8 Peeps @NealSchaffer@PhillipIzzo@followfridayret@Aussie_home_biz@ieditandwrite4u @shantivillage@RobAdvertising@rapidbi@247tweet <------140 Characters Done!Some basic smiley faces in code:-) = Basic Smiley,-) = Winking Happy Smiley'-) =- Winking SmileyO | = Big Smiley Is Watching YouThat's about the basics to it and if you're serious about shortening your Tweets and DMs Urzay G.I'm an eCommerce Coffee Website owner with interests in Internet Marketing Techniques including SEO - Social Media - Social Networking for Internet Traffic Generation - I like to use Twitter/TweetDeck, Stumble Upon, FaceBook and as my favourite Social Media/Networking sites - I also dabble a little at and Del ici Where possible I enjoy sharing what I learn with family & friends by guiding them and giving them tips with their eCommerce Ventures. I also enjoy serving as many Fresh Roasted Coffee varieties as I can as well as drinking and trying them myself. Nutrition - Health & Fitness are also things I am interested in. If you're ready to learn and want to know exactly how you too - can move into a substantial income for your Internet Business - Go To - for your FREE "How to Use The Web 2.0 Sites" Info. [...]

Have You Ever Wondered Where To Begin With Social Media Sites For Business?

Sat, 19 Dec 2009 23:51:00 +0000

If you've ever wondered where to begin with using the Social Media Sites for Business and get that Targeted Traffic you deserve, this may help you along the way.

Here are just some simple pointers that may help you along the way when starting your journey to Social Media.
Firstly - You really need to look around some of the better sites such as the following just to name a few of the bigger and well known sites.
Tip:- Before you begin with using the Social Media Sites for Business -
Look around look at what people are talking about - make sure you will be able to make intelligent conversation with the others - and most important of all - DO NOT sign up with too many accounts - that you're unable to keep up with. (I give you these tips because before I was shown how to do this from Nate Moller from Moller Marketing, I was all over the place).
There a literally hundreds if not thousands, more like these - which you can find just by doing a search on Google.
Secondly - Go to your selected sites - set up your profile - unique to you - make them similar - but not all the same.
Thirdly - Start Bookmarking - Stumbling - posting - make comments on other people's bookmarks - make friends with like minded people - invite people to look at your bookmarks.
Have Fun!
My name is Urzay G - I'm an Internet Marketer and small business consultant who enjoys learning as much as I can within eCommerce. Where possible, I enjoy sharing my learnings with family & friends, by guiding them with tips on their eCommerce Ventures. I also enjoy serving as many Fresh Roasted Coffee varieties as I can as well as & drinking and trying them myself. Nutrition - Health & Fitness are also things I'm interested in - especially sharing the meals and photos with as many people that want this.

Learn How To Use The Web 2.0 Sites For Profit

Mon, 26 Oct 2009 05:29:00 +0000

Everybody wants to know "How To Use The Web 2.0 Sites" effectively to profit with online sales?
There are several areas online that guarantee you can begin making thousands of dollars overnight, while watching your bank account increase, simply by building the right website. Anyone who has tried to do this has probably also run into frustrations pertaining to converting potential traffic into customers, only to find problems with the ability to get the right responses from the promises for making money.

If you have run into frustrations and problems with making money online, then you can begin changing your fortunes by altering the perspective you have toward sales. Most areas that guarantee the ability to make thousands online also leave out some of the details of how to convert the traffic that goes to your site into actual sales. If you are fed up with empty returns from websites, then looking at alternatives to build your business and working into new ways to make sales also provides you with better alternatives for making the money you want online.

With whatever your business interests are, you can change the outcome of your sales by finding "How To Use The Web 2.0 Sites" which are new and improved methods for marketing. With other guarantees that promise money over night, is a better and proven way of getting others interested in your information to buy what you have to offer. Approaching the marketing and sales concept is one that works as a logical sales tactic to getting individuals to your website and to convert them into sales.

Instead of trusting in the traffic generators that are available online, you can find the best marketing skills in how to use the Web 2.0 Sites' methods and newer features that are now boosting the Internet. Looking at options for traffic conversions begin with building up logical applications to get interested buyers to your business. Knowing how to do this first helps you to move out of the promises of making millions from websites and into practical options for marketing to those who are interested in your business. The result is the capability of getting individuals interested in your website, even before they move into your portal.

If you don't want to continue going in circles and problems with online methods for making money, then you can change your outcome by looking into newer options for marketing. One of the growing trends for the new generation of the Internet is the use of Web 2.0 sites. Why and "How To Use The Web 2.0 Sites" is the one solution that guarantees growth of your Internet business through logical solutions and methods that offers even more insight and practical steps to getting the sales you want for your business.

O G AKA Urzay G has been Coached and Mentored by one of the best, down to earth, mentors online - Chris Freville - on "How To Use The Web 2.0 Sites'" various techniques so if you're ready to learn and want to know exactly how you too can move into a substantial income for your Internet Business - Go To - for your FREE "How to Use The Web 2.0 Sites" Info.

Google Sniper Review / Information

Sat, 17 Oct 2009 09:06:00 +0000

Google Sniper Review / Information as Authored by Jacquie M

Google Sniper is a brand new Blueprinted Course which has only just hit the public marketplace
The Google Sniper complete blueprint system to making money online, which uses FREE targeted traffic only and relies on you setting up tiny sites once, and never really needing to do anything more.
George Brown - an 18 year old ex furniture mover - the producer of Google Sniper shows how this system focuses greatly on maximising the profits from those tiny sites - where in the system, George talks about conversions - he says it is a "complete Money Making System". "It is an income on "True Auto-Pilot" as you can get, because you need only set it up & forget it - no ongoing work!
The Google Sniper Course is broken down into one "Big Manual" and a series of 8 Videos that follow each step in the manual - just follow George's directions. Basically what this means is that you follow the manual then watch the relevant video - George shows you what to do this way you can see as well as read - great for those of us that have a hard time learning from reading a manual only.

This course is absolutely newbie friendly. Even though there are very advanced topics shown in the videos on the website, these advanced topics are all explained with such easy to understand English that even the newest newbie will understand. George Brown put a great deal of effort into the writing and re-writing of this "Big Manual" to ensure that everyone using it would have everything they need to get started in their Google Sniper success story of their own.
Another great thing about the course, is that there are no ongoing costs unless you choose to buy domain names, hosting or other software to help build your business but in reality, you need nothing else to get started it comes complete.
The fact that you don't even need ANY Tech skills, just makes this course that much better - You will be shown everything!
Again I tell you that everything you need is in this course - what ever else you have bought and learned in the past can literally be put to the back-burner, this will still make you money.
George specifically wanted to share this with everyone that wants to learn how to make money online the easiest way he knows possible. Reasonably priced too, & if you really want, you can opt to have additional on-going training and updates from the members area.
Jacquie M writes about Google Sniper and George Brown, he 18yo producer of the course. Get your Google Sniper here AND be shown - step by step - by the manual - then by video. What could be easier?


Article Submitter Review

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 21:31:00 +0000

While article submission isn't anything shockingly new to the world of SEO, many people STILL don't do it... and for good reason. It takes so incredibly long to do manually.

I'll admit, I had tried article submission at one point, but after I finally found a few article directories to submit my articles to, and then after manually copying and pasting my information into the required textboxes on each submission site, I quickly realized that my time could be better spent doing something else.

Then I came across a free program created by Brad Callen and Bryxen Software, Inc. that allows you to automatically submit your articles to hundreds of article directories with a few mouse clicks. Basically all I had to do was input my article criteria into the software, ONCE! Then, the program would automatically fill in all of the required data at each of the submission websites. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

The only part I didn't understand was why the program is free... but I can't argue with that I suppose.

The software currently contains around 700 article directories, all free to submit your articles to. It is the most straightforward program that we've come across, in that all you need to do is:

1. Input your article details (i.e. title, article body, bio, etc.) into the software.

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to.

And then the program will automatically fill in your article details. Then, you simply click the submit button and your article is instantly submitted to the directory. Then, you can move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're finished you'll have roughly 700 one way links pointing to your website.

I can't think of an easier way to get links. Of course, if you're going to get links this quickly, it's important to submit different variations of your articles, to make things look more natural to the search engines.

You can do this very easily via Article Submitter when you create your project in the beginning.

The software is constantly being updated and their is an incredible community of users established that all work together to make the software better and better, so you know you're getting great value for the money.

To check out the software, go here: Article

Common Mistakes Made By Newbie Affiliates

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 05:10:00 +0000

This article will explain some of the common mistakes made
by newbie affiliates. It shows you how to overcome
these mistakes and where to look for assistance.

It's always one of those "I can't believe its true"
moments for new affiliates once they discover the world
of affiliate marketing. When they realise you don't
have to worry about product development or shipping.
They jump in not doing some due diligence on the
company. They expect to start making some money within
few weeks, until reality strikes. They are yet to be
millionaires. Here are some mistakes and tips on how to
avoid them.

"Patience is a Virtue" like they say. It took years for
MacDonalds to be successful, it took years for
Microsoft and other big companies to take off to
success. In fact most business take up to 5 years to
start seeing profit. Treating your affiliate business
as a real business is important. Super affiliates that
earn $20,000 a month took years to get to that point.
Research a program before signing up. Commit to stick
it out. If they offer guides and training take
advantage of it. Update and maintain your site with
fresh contents. Don't jump ship when the going gets

Avoid the temptation to subscribe to too many programs.
When the going gets tough, its easy to think the grass
is greener the other side. The problem about
subscribing to too many programs at the same time is
that you'll fail to give them the attention and focus
they deserve to make you money. I recommend two or
three programs at the same time to enable you turn
your hard work into cash.

The main problem with most affiliates is that they want
to make Fast Money. By taking time to learn and apply
what they've learnt, slow and steady they will get there.
I recommend this program because it's only interest is in
making you a top marketer with the right mindset.

This system gives you everything you need from A-Z. You
get access to over 100 videos, quick guides, tools and
much much more. Best of all you also get Mindset Coaching

To help you avoid the same mistakes that most new
affiliates do, and to find out more about this membership site
feel free to visit

More Traffic

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 06:36:00 +0000

As the phrase ‘make money online’ is becoming more and more popular now days, that there are a lot opportunities available on the net for the public to join. Many people get caught with the phrase because they always believed that it is as easy as it sounds but the truth it is not. A lot of work and effort must be done before you can get what you are looking for and to get where you'd like to be be in life.

Anyway, the simple and basic strategy for every business is to reach as many customers as we can because no matter how good is our product is, without customers it is nothing. In this case traffic is our main objective. I am not going to talk about SEO or how to be on the first page of organic searches but I am going to discuss about how to bring in traffic to your site using tools other than the organic search.

There are many ways but below are just a few to get you started that I feel most popular and
most effective ways that will generate traffic to your site.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
This is an Internet advertising program that applies on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites, such as blogs or website, in which advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked. With a proper keyword and budget set in place, pay per click can be a very useful
tool to drive traffic and eventually generate money. Example of pay per click advertising program is Google Adwords.

Social Networking Websites
No money needed but yet still effective in driving huge amounts of traffic to your site. I have made a quick search on one of the largest and most popular social networking websites, Facebook and have found there are more than 20 million people in United Kingdom and millions more in the rest of the world, that are members of Facebook.

Tell A Friend
Don’t forget that by sending a marketing email is also a good way to promote your site. Tell a friend is a tool that will allow your visitors to promote your site on your behalf. If the contents of your site is interesting, useful and informative, people will recommend it to others using tell a friend tool and you will see that your site will be spreading like wild fire such as is a good example of tell a friend

Actually there are many more ways to generate traffic other than be on the first page of an organic search. Eager to be on the first page sometimes make people forgot about other opportunities to generate traffic.

For another great way to make money online with all the training and support within a member's site Click Here

Traffic Exchanges continued

Sat, 06 Jun 2009 05:27:00 +0000

Just to touch base with all following I've still been going with the traffic exchanges and have increased traffic now by 1700% but still no opt ins to my squeeze page at this stage. I am only doing the free memberships to all of the ones I've picked. here are the best of the ones I've been using as far as receiving credits for surfing their sites.

1. Ts25
2. Traffic Era
3. Dragon Surf
4. Traffic Swarm
5. Hits Booster Pro
6. Hit2Hit
7. Revenue Magic

Actually I have signed up to 20 or so traffic exchanges but these are definitely the ones that give the better credits on a free membership.
BTW went over to my Google Analytics and I was mistaken about the percentage of traffic, it is actually 7000%+. Not bad is it??? Now all I want to see are the thousands of opt-ins they say I supposed to be receiving.

Affiliate Marketing

Sat, 06 Jun 2009 04:28:00 +0000

While researching all the ways on the net on how to make money online, its any wonder that so many people can't seem to get anywhere with there Internet Marketing ventures. You no sooner find something that seems really legit with no BS, then the next product is launched. I personally feel that if you really want to get into IM, you might like to see if you can find a coach and mentor that you can physically connect with once a week for a few weeks or at least once every 2 weeks if possible. Otherwise, like myself, prior to having a coach and mentor, you might be spending more money, time and don't forget the late nights and early mornings, just trying this product and that product. I'm sure there are some great products, with online contact with real coaches out there, so keep a look out or even do your searches and hopefully this will put an end to your search in having an IM business.

Traffic Exchanges

Thu, 28 May 2009 10:42:00 +0000

Today, I thought I'd try my hand at some of the various Traffic Exchanges out there, just to see what they're all about. I had about 15 mins on a few at time, when it started to jam down my hubby's PC so I had to get off surfing. A few hours later I decided to get back on, not long after that, there was a power failure in our street. we had no access to either PC, so we went to get take out for dinner. When we were about 3/4 through our dinner the power returned and back to surfing we go. Although there were several interruptions throughout the day, I still managed to have 600% increase in traffic to my website. Just understand, that this is an experiment that I'm testing for a few weeks or so, to see if it really does get the traffic and list building happening. I will keep you informed

Module 6 Never Ending Traffic

Wed, 27 May 2009 01:44:00 +0000

Today we had a guest speaker going through this module for us. Traffic Traffic Traffic. Kim went through sites, there were heaps of them, Blog sites, forum sites, ezine sites ad marketing sites and the list goes on and on. Kim also showed us You Tube and other ways to market our websites and tips to get them ranked as well as getting them on a whole lot of other sites that will promote them for us. What awesome information. I found it mind blowing to hear all of this. Some times, I'm sure others will also agree that we had this knowledge years ago.
All the best to all the Internet Marketers out there.

Affiliate Marketing Research

Sun, 24 May 2009 12:24:00 +0000

Wow, might I say, the more I look into the affiliate mareting side of things, there is certainly a whole lot of learning in that alone in becoming a successful marketer. There are so many great and some not so great I'm sure, programs out there, which I found just by doing my research on products followed by research on promoting those products. It could be quite overwhelming to some newbies.
I tell you, there really is some serious money to be made online. The surface has only just been scratched, in this "world wide web" internet business.

Brainstorming Session 3 hours

Wed, 20 May 2009 23:19:00 +0000

Late night again, about 1.30am before sleep time, with another great session last night on Brainstorming some of the class' own products, that they maybe going to promote. I didn't get a chance to chat with Chris last night as there were too many ahead of me and he had to go. The calss was only meant to go for 1 hour, but ended up 3 hours, as usual poor Chris had too many questions to answer. Some of the students had loads of questions and astories to tell and seeing that my own wasn't too important, I can talk to him at a later date I guess. I'm sure next week's lesson on Never Ending Traffic is as good as the other lessons we've had. That particular lesson sounds just like what we all need.

Follow up On Ezine Articles

Tue, 19 May 2009 10:28:00 +0000

I received my approval quick a s usual from these guys and my article has already been published at Ezine Articles here is the link to view my article "Are You New to Online Businesses?"

Article Submitted to Ezine Articles

Fri, 15 May 2009 05:55:00 +0000

I've been very productive today in promoting my business. I wrote and submitted my second article too Ezine Articles, on the topic of being new to the internet business, titled "Are You New to Online Businesses". I'm hoping to have it published by early next week. The last article I had published was a success for me as it was published as expert author. I can't even write all that well. I write, check, edit and rewrite check and edit over and over till I think it looks like an adult wrote it. I also tend to go round and round in circles when I write - I start on a topic, which then diverts me to a whole new topic.
I published my edited "Traffic Directly To You" Squidoo lens too on a similar topic as above. I hope it is a successful in getting the word out and about, on generating traffic.

Module 5 In the Morning

Tue, 12 May 2009 10:56:00 +0000

Looking forward to module 5 in the morning starting at 6am Aussie time usually goes for 4-5 hours. So I'll need to get up at 4.45am to do exercises, have a shower and brekky before lesson starts. Tonnes of coffee too that'll keep me going till morning tea time.
Will sign back in tomorrow with any new infor from that module.

Another Post

Mon, 11 May 2009 07:30:00 +0000

Evening all just thought I'd check in and say all is well on the IM front. Have been a bit busy Advertising and emailing folks. Have been trying to keep up with all my social network sites but heck there sure is alot to write.
Had a great weekend with guest coming over for a visit and a good mother's day too. My hubby bought some flowers, absolutly beautiful. The generous man that he is also bought an arrangement for his mum and sister.

Highway Traffic

Thu, 07 May 2009 23:12:00 +0000

Lots of homework to do in writing and driving more on Highway Traffic to your door. Lots of research too. Having a good look at twitter and gather sites too. Still deciding on what micro niche I would like to deal with. I need to get that 100% embedded in my head so I can start writing a few newsletters and get started in writing my book on the subject. The sooner I do that, the sooner I can start making some more friends and acquaintences. I like to meet more people to follow my blogs and to follow theirs.
Signing out today more next week on Highway Traffic

Session-Renegade Affiliate-Building Traffic

Wed, 06 May 2009 10:34:00 +0000

Up at 5.30am to do module 4. We had another session of close to 5 hours of this morning. and what content in this module. Wow.
I, as usual raised my hand to ask questions and give a bit of information. I suppose it keeps me positive. It was also good that what I was actually saying, made a few other people in the group, comment on my responses, as they feel that they're in the same boat as myself.
Did a bit of homework on my website and book again this evening but it's now 8.42pm and I'm getting a wee bit tired. Shall do more Traffic research tomorrow.

Traffic from Twitter

Sat, 02 May 2009 12:59:00 +0000

I found that by going here , I got myself 14 followers in 14 hours not bad considering that I only had 36 Followers in 12 days that is an average of 3 per day. Pretty good going I think. Go's to show that this Traffic Building project is going the way it's meant to and more on that here ;
Thanks Chris for all your guidence.
Signing out it is now 11.03pm Saturday night.