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Preview: Pet Dog Kennel Owning A Black Norwegian Elkhound

Pet Dog Kennel Owning A Black Norwegian Elkhound

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Pet Dog Kennel My Lovely Furry Friend

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 01:57:00 +0000

The UK is famous as a nation of animal-lovers happily forking out huge sums of money on their furry friends. But fears have arisen that, as families tighten their belt in the wake of the credit crunch, this could all be changing.Report from veterinary circles show that over the past five years more than 1.6 million pet owners have had their dogs and cats put down because they could not afford the veterinary and medical costs of looking after their animals. Another 2.5 million people are reported to have refused the treatment recommended by their vet because they simply could not afford it.One of the key issues behind all this is the rising cost of veterinary fees which is running at about 12 per cent annually. The average vet bill for a dog is now just over 300 pounds and owners are having, to fork out up to 4,000 pounds for some bone fractures and as much as 10,000 pounds each year if the pet has a complicated condition such as a spinal disorder or tumour.Faced with the possibility of horrendous costs, you would have thought more would have sought the protection of pet insurance. However, research shows that as many as 11 million pet owners do not have insurance cover. This is very disturbing but it is also frustrating because if the owners had taken out insurance cover, they would have been able to treat their pet without any money problems.But at the time you would expect sales of pet insurance to be flourishing, the reverse is occuring. As many as one million pet owners are looking to reduce their pet insurance cover, and some are cancelling it altogether.The good news is that pet insurance is still good value for money. Reasonable quality insurance can come at an affordable price: you can be covered from as little as 6 pounds 84 pence for a dog and 4 pounds 50 pence per month for a cat. Be aware that there are many grades of pet insurance and whilst you don't want to pay over the odds, you do not want to be caught without it. When shopping for pet insurance it is crucial to read the small print to be fully clear what is included and what is excluded. Pay particular notice of the levels of cover for vets' fees, how long the policy will payout, the excess, and for dogs only, the third-party liability (third party cover is not available for cats.)The primary objective is to ensure you are covered for vet fees. But you can also include emergency kennel or cattery fees, advertising and reward for a lost pet, holiday cancellation, pet-minding, death cover and even bereavement counselling. Of course preventive and elective treatments such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering are not included in the cover.Besides the value that you are insured for, the next most important aspect is the length of time the insurer will payout.Th best is a "lifetime" policy - this will pay for all treatment without a time limit. Lifetime policies are more expensive, but they are designed to cover ongoing conditions, such as kidney problems, arthritis and skin problems. Quite a few insurers' offer this sort cover provided your pet has not been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition when the policy is first purchased.The next type is a '12-month' policy. This places a 12 month time limit on the maximum period for which any single condition can be claimed. After 12 months of paying out, the policy stops paying for that particular condition and the pet will never again be insured for that condition. As you would expect these 12-month policies are quite a lot cheaper. They are useful for paying for emergency treatment such as road accidents and short and medium term illnesses, but they do not provide the same long-term peace of mind as lifetime policies.The third alternative is a policy which simply limits on the total amount that can be claimed without any time specification. When choosing, our advice is do not be tempted to skimp. By and large you get what you pay for - a cheaper premium can mean compromised cover. If your pet is prescribed ongoing treatment for the rest of its life, you will be picking up the tab when the policy runs out.Gene[...]

Pet Dog Kennel Arrangements For Dog Care

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 01:57:00 +0000

In the course of a couple of decades, there is a keen interest among pet owners to pamper their animal friends. With this in mind, many new developments in the field of pet care have taken place and these developments aim to indulge your pets in a variety of ways. But, you may not find a suitable product for your pet, although the various products available for pampering pets are quite interesting, to say the least.

When you are away, a doggie day care center can look after your dog. Pet owners lead very busy lives today. Pet owners may not be able to take out time from their tight schedules to be with their animal companions. Leaving the pet unaided at home each day is not an appealing prospect for the owner.

A doggie day care center works just like a children's day care center. You could pay as you go, either on the number of days or the type of care you want your pet to have. In order to meet the increasing demand for dog related services, more and more doggie care centers are coming up in the cities.

Hotels are now accepting dogs along with their guests. Pet owners now choose to take along their pets while traveling. Pets are becoming companions to many people on their business trips as well as on vacations or holidays. Business travelers who take along their pets find it convenient to stay at hotels that make exclusive arrangements for their pets as well.

You can accommodate your pet at one of the hotels specifically designed for pets. Apart from catering to doggies, these hotels are now looking after other kinds of pets too. A pet hotel is an upgraded version of a kennel that owners use in the hope of providing the best care and accommodation to their pets when they are away.

Today, pet spas are very much in existence. There is nothing your pet would enjoy better than a day at the spa. From the most delicious food to the best grooming, your animal companion will enjoy an out-of-the-world experience. Well, you may have to spend top dollars for your dog's spa treatment. Before booking for your dog's day out at the pet spa see that it will enjoy at least a few of the services.

Instead of the pet spa, your dog may enjoy the simpler pleasures of playing with his doggie friends, so you could take him to the dog park close to your home. More and more dog parks are being built in large cities and towns. In fact, many recreational experts predict that within the coming five years dog parks will be a common feature in many communities the world over.

Pet Dog Kennel

Pet Dog Kennel

Pet Dog Kennel

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pet dog kennel: Pet Dog Kennel

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