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Top-quality television set: Samsung Crystal

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Top-quality television set: Samsung Crystal

Mon, 25 May 2009 11:49:00 +0000

Keeping up with their knowledge with consumer technology, the UE40B7020 and UE40B7020WW are the leaders of Tv. The Samsung UE40B7020 is the cutting-edge LED flatscreen TV set.

The Samsung ue40b7020 LED TV has a lifelike 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution on its stunning 40" display. It likewise features a Wide Color Enhancer for true to life colouring and a Mega Contrast ratio for the boldest image possible.

Delivering 10 watts of electricity to each of 2 sound outputs, the Samsung UE40B7020WW puts out fabulous sound with SRS Trusurround HD and Dolby Digital Plus sound effect systems.

Greatest of all, the UE40B7020WW LED TV has gained an Eco Mark designation for efficient energy use. Using AC220-240V 50/60Hz, the TV set needs less than .01 watt in standby mode.

Samsung rises to readiness for the union of Tv and computers. The television set has Cyberspace accessibility, 2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 ports, and an Local Area Network interface, as well as a mini jack for computer sound input.

The UE40B7020 and UE40B7020WW are filled with supplemental features.

Samsung LED TV ue40b7020ww

Begin with the uncomplicated, user-friendly remote control, and set-up is easy with the internal DTV receiver, commonsense user interface and the Auto Channel Search function. Set the clock and then the sleep timer, or ready the On/Off timer to see just the show you wish to see. Included also are Auto Power Off and automated sound leveling technology - no more turning the sound down and up as the sound varies.

Naturally the UE40B7020WW has Picture-in-Picture technology to watch other programs without missing a moment, and the Closed Captioning includes twenty-five languages.

And even having all that, the Samsung ue40b7020 LED flat screen TV has even more in store. There is an enhanced Game Mode for players, and 2 gigabytes of memory for a flash content library. In addition, get wireless with either the Local Area Network (LAN) adaptor support or Digital Living Network Alliance wireless support.