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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI Insurance) UK Quotes

Our professional indemnity insurance policies, underwritten by 'A' rated Insurers, provide instant cover in one easy 5 minute transaction.

Published: 19 Jul 2011 07:17:55 GMT


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19 Jul 2011 07:19:13 GMT

Our sole purpose is to provide Insurance solutions that meet the real needs of Freelance Consultants – at the best price. Today over 40,000 UK Consultants protect their businesses through our specialist scheme, backed by insurers who are financially very strong.

Products For Freelance Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:20:12 GMT

Freelance Insure offers a broad and flexible range of Insurance solutions to meet your business needs. Our comprehensive policies are carefully worded to provide added protection against the key risks you face as a freelancer-underwritten by **top rated insurers who have an exemplary record in paying out on claims.

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19 Jul 2011 07:21:02 GMT

An increasing number of claims are being made against freelance professionals by dissatisfied customers who are seeking financial compensation as a result of neglect, errors or omissions – mistakes that are all too easy to make, particularly when you’re juggling a number of projects at a time. These claims are also getting larger, posing a significant threat to the livelihoods and futures of the freelancers involved.

Business Combined Insurance,Business Liability Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:22:16 GMT

Public and employers liability, business equipment loss and business interruption are all insurances that are essential for protecting and running your business. That’s because, if things go wrong, being exposed in these key areas could have a significant impact on your company and even its ability to survive

IR35 Insurance,Legal Expenses Insurance,IR35 Cover,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:23:25 GMT

No matter how efficient you may believe you or your accountants are in completing your various tax returns, the complexities of the tax system (income tax, VAT, National Insurance etc) mean things can get overlooked. Added to this, HM Revenue & Customs has specific targets for carrying out thousands of enquiries into freelance professionals’ tax returns every year – often selected at random.

Personal Accident Insurance,Personal Accident Sickness Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:24:47 GMT

One of the great benefits of working as a freelance professional is personal freedom from the ‘corporate culture’. But it also means not automatically having many of the important benefits employees at companies often take for granted, such as insurances.

Health & Safety Insurance,Health & Safety Insurance Plan-Freelance Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:25:45 GMT

It’s no coincidence that the media is so full of stories and comments about Health & Safety and the TV and Radio have so many adverts encouraging people who’ve had an accident at work to seek compensation. It’s because this has become one of the most problematic and high profile issues facing employers.

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19 Jul 2011 07:26:44 GMT

Our products are designed for 'White Collar' Freelance consultants. These persons can be defined as self-employed businesses, whether limited company or sole proprietor, who undertake work on a contractual basis for third parties

IT Contractor Insurance,IT Contractors Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:27:27 GMT

Products available to IT contractors include; professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, IR35 insurance, personal accident & sickness insurance & health & safety insurance-all underwritten by top UK insurers.

Engineer Insurance,Engineering Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:28:29 GMT

Our engineer insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for professionals working in the engineering industry.

Construction Contractors Insurance,Building Contractors Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 07:29:31 GMT

Our Construction Contractors Insurance is available at competitive prices for contractors in any business, varying from Construction Managers to Planning Engineers. Whether it is discussing coverage options or renewal terms, our online construction contractor insurance will assist you to provide the appropriate cover. Get your insurance quote here today!

Management Consultants Insurance-Cover Online,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:01:10 GMT

At freelanceinsure, we aim to provide the best Management Consultants Insurance which will provide adequate support to management consultants while dealing with possible claims from clients.

Interim Manager Insurance,Interim Managers Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:02:29 GMT

We often get asked 'whats the difference between a Management Consultant and Interim Manager' ? For the avoidance of doubt we differentiate the two as follows; "Consultants advise and recommend. Interim Managers advise, recommend and implement. They are ‘hands on’ managers brought in do a job for a defined period."

Legal Consultants Insurance,Legal Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:03:49 GMT

You more than most, will understand that one step off-beam can result in costly claims of negligence. Professional indemnity insurance is there to protect you if your client thinks you have been negligent. If a claim is made against you, it will not only fund legal fees to help you defend your status, but also pay compensation costs if you are held liable. We offer five levels of professional indemnity insurance cover up to a maximum £2million. With prices starting from just £125 pa, its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Accountants Insurance,Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:04:47 GMT

Any accounting or finance professional will realise the threat of litigation whilst carrying out professional activities. Especially in today's litigious society, where clients are quick to point the finger if things go wrong.

Designers Insurance,Designers & New Media Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:05:33 GMT

Designing websites, promotional literature or interiors of buildings can be fun and hugely rewarding. But its not without risk. Because if the outcome is not satisfactory your client can claim money against you for negligence or any financial loss that they may occur.

Social Workers Insurance,Social Workers Professional Indemnity Insurance,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:06:24 GMT

Social worker insurance cover online.Our professional indemnity & public liability policies protect social workers in adult care, mental health

Professional Indemnity & Business Liability Insurance for Contractors & Freelance Professionals,UK

19 Jul 2011 08:07:35 GMT

As well as offering quality cover from just a few pounds a day, we aim to provide a quick, hassle free service where quotation's and cover can easily be arranged online.

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19 Jul 2011 08:07:35 GMT

Contact Freelance Consultant for PI Insurance on 0161-833-2100 and enjoy discounted rates on Professional Indemnity Insurance and other Freelance Insurance products, including Business Liability Insurance and IR35 Insurance