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Funeral Obituary Program for Loved One

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The Funeral Programs Site is a good resource for funeral program layout and purchasing beautiful funeral program templates and funeral obituary programs.

One token of remembrance that you may want to consider distributing at a funeral service are funeral obituary programs. This type of keepsake provides all attendees a memory of the deceased in a program that they are able to take home.

A typical funeral obituary program is folded in half on a letter-size paper. Among the photo and surrounding design are the name of the deceased and time frame of life. While the front may display a picture of the deceased, it is not required, as the program is formatted to suitably function as a memoir with or without a photograph.

An obituary should be displayed as many places as possible, not just in the newspaper. Printing in the newspaper is not only marginalized, but costly.

As people enter the funeral service, this program can be handed out. While someone passing out the programs may be helpful, it is not necessary, as the programs can easily be put on a desk, counter, or bench to be picked up by the audience themselves.

A time-efficient solution for those with no time to create a program is a template program. Templates only require a few minutes to enter in a name and any desired photographs.

You can purchase funeral obituary programs template designs for under $20.00, which is worth it for the extra time you will save.

The Funeral Program Site offers the best selection of funeral obituary programs.

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