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12 diet cheat meal cheat your way muscular with Glutamine Peptides Benefits in Muscle Building

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16 Lose weight with diet cheat meal and Cut Your Health Insurance Cost By Getting Healthy

Thu, 30 Jul 2009 06:31:00 +0000

Okay, before we start, let me explain the purpose of this article. I want you to get so healthy, you'll never need to make a health insurance claim. You'll save money by increased fitness. You'll save money with a long no-claims insurance history. And you'll look and feel much better. There's three sides to your maximum health and fitness. Diet, and Exercise. But that's only two ! Let me split Exercise into Aerobic exercise and Aneorobic exercise. Get all three right. Get the right balance. And you'll get as fit and healthy as your body and genetics will allow. Whole forests of paper have been filled with advice on each of these fitness factors. Just go into your local bookstore, and see shelves of diet advice. Shelves of exercise advice. Funny how so much contradicts itself, especially for diet e.g right next to each other on the shelf, you'll find a book advocating low carbs & low fat; another saying high fat is okay if you keep the carbs low. Yet another focuses on high protein, and says carbs don't matter... * Diet Let me give you this simple diet advice. Stick to low fat, low carbs and high protein. Many medical and weight loss studies over the last 10-20 years prove this approach. Many other diet myths come from way back in time, and look just plain wrong when analyzed with modern methods. * Aerobic Exercise Couch potatoes don't realize how easily they can start feeling fit and healthy. Just walk somewhere 3-4 times per week, for around 20 minutes each time. Ideally, do some more demanding aerobic exercise. I do a lot of cycling, because it's great low-impact exercise. And I get to see beautiful scenery while I ride. Running provides even more intensive aerobic exercise, but careful of your joints. Maybe you prefer hiking, to see the local countryside ? Or take up a sport like rowing or tennis. You also get to meet new friends by taking up exercise as a sport. * Anaero [...]

12 diet cheat meal cheat your way muscular with Glutamine Peptides Benefits in Muscle Building

Thu, 30 Jul 2009 06:30:00 +0000

What is Glutamine?Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids found abundantly in muscles and plasma of human beings. As much as 60% of the amino acid pool found in muscles is glutamine. Glutamine in the peptide-bonded form is available in the form of commercial products that can help an individual in gaining muscle weight and reducing body fats.Requirement of Glutamine PeptideGlutamine peptide supplements are required by the human body for a number of purposes like:Enhancing the immune response in the bodyEnhancing the replenishment of glycogen in the bodyPreventing fatigue and overstraining in the bodyThe human body experiences stress due to extensive bodybuilding exercises or severe illness and in such situation, the demand for glutamine increases inside the body. To fulfill this demand, one can opt for glutamine supplementation. Deficiency of this amino acid in the body during adverse situations can lead to various problems like:Loss of muscle proteinPoor resistance of the body"??s defensive system towards diseases and infectionsTo avoid this, Glutamine Peptides supplements can be used as the right solution.Benefits of Glutamine PeptideThere are many benefits offered by the glutamine peptide supplements:These supplements can promote protein synthesis inside the body and can also decrease the excessive amount of protein breakdown. In other words, overall muscle growth is encouraged by these supplements in the bodyThey can assist in shortening the recovery time after workouts or a serious ailmentBoosting immune system capabilities is another function performed by these supplements in the bodyGlutamine peptide is also known to increase the release of growth hormone in the bodyImprovement in nitrogen balance and replenishment of glycogen are other benefits of Glutamine Peptides supplementsAreas of ApplicationGlutamine peptide is used by sportspersons and bodybuilders as nutritional supplements after extensive sessions of playing and exercising. They are also recommended as functional foods and clinical nutritional sup [...]