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How to Conduct a Criminal Record Check without Violating Privacy Rightscriminalrecordcheckrkb

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:46:44 +0000

Criminal Record Check It is common for employers to conduct a non-intrusive background check on potential employees as part of their risk assessment. However, the problem comes when employers violate the privacy rights of other people with their overzealous background checking. Risk Mitigation Presented here is a quick guide for employers (and more specifically, their human resources department) to consider in an attempt to avoid violating the rights of the applicant and landing themselves in hot water: 1) Ask only questions that are related to work. Employers should only ask questions that are relevant to the position being applied for. For example, if someone is applying for a secretarial position, it would be unnecessary to ask them about their credit history or marital status. More ...

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