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How To Fix Xbox 360

Did you know that you can fix your Xbox 360 yourself? The Xbaox 360 suffers from many common faults such as the the 3 Red Rings of Death or the E74 errors. Instead of having to send your Xbox back to Microsoft you can repair your Xbox 360 yourself and usu

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Learn How To Fix Your Xbox 360


Want To Learn How to Fix Xbox 360?

You own an Xbox 360 and every time you turn around, it is malfunctioning again. You think to yourself, if I just knew how to fix Xbox 360, I could save myself some time and money by avoiding the frustration of dealing with the Microsoft repair shop. They take so long to get your Xbox back to you. On top of that, you often end up sending it back to be fixed again, and it is expensive. You pay one hundred dollars alone in shipping and get an old refurbished system back in the place of the one you sent in.

Before you undertake the task of learning how to fix Xbox 360, consider this. Is your Xbox 360 still under warranty? Once you mess with your console, the warranty vanishes. If you don’t want to shell out more money to Microsoft and you are willing to take a chance on fixing the problem yourself, then by all means, check out how to fix Xbox 360 on the internet.

As a consequence of the design flaws built into the Xbox 360, there are multiple websites online which can show you how to fix Xbox 360. Some of these sites are blogs where people who have found themselves in your same situation can give you advice on where to find good help. The main problem with Xbox 360 according to most of these individuals is the “Red Ring of Death” which signals a major general hard ware failure. When this happens, the only thing your console will respond to is powering down.

Furthermore, this hardware failure seems to stem from overheating of the console. Two factors contribute to the overheating problems. The first contributor is inadequate ventilation of the console itself. The second is the use of a new type of soldering material, which doesn’t appear to stand up to the high heat temperatures the Xbox systems reach during extensive operation like the old lead based solder could. The excessive heat puts stress on the points of contact between the ball grid and the solder which causes the solder to break.

Xbox 360 failures occur at a rate of sixty eight out of every one hundred in use. However, there are a couple of simple things you can do before going to those how to fix Xbox 360 websites for directions. Now that you know it’s an overheating problem, give your console a break now and then instead of playing for hours on end. Don’t sit your console near a heat source such as a furnace vent or other electronic equipment. Keep your game console up off the floor for the best ventilation and don’t set it on carpet. It doesn’t have enough ventilation openings to begin with. Don’t block the ones it does have.

If your console has completely given up the ghost, type in how to fix Xbox 360 on any search engine. You will of course get Microsoft’s support center in the list that comes up, but you will also get lots of other tutorial pages.

Fix Xbox 360


So your Xbox 360 has just stopped working....

First of all, do not panic, your Xbox 360 was almost designed to break down.

From common E74 errors to the 3 Red Rings of Death, your Xbox 360 will at some point suffer from one problem or another so don't panic just yet.

However, if you decide to send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft for it to be fixed then you may be in for a long wait before you get your Xbox returned to you. If you send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft for it to be fixed you can expect to wait at least 3 weeks for it to be fixed and returned to you. Some people have been known to have waited 2 months before getting the fixed Xbox 360 back.

Could you cope with not having your Xbox 360 for 3 weeks or even 8 weeks?

As an avid Xbox 360 addict I know that I would be lost without mine for 3 weeks. So, what other choices do you have?

Well, it's actually very easy to repair your Xbox 360 yourself with the help of an Xbox 360 repair guide. These guides make it very easy to repair faults such as an E74 error or one of the red ring errors.

Not only do you get written instructions but these guides also include video tutorials that show you step by step how to fix your Xbox 360.