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Baltimore Personal Trainer Explains 5 Reasons Why It's Essential That You Have Social Support ...

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 18:47:40 +0100

If you're a Baltimore resident that's looking to lose fat then I guarantee you that there's one thing you're overlooking. Most of the people I talk to in my job as a Baltimore personal trainer reason that the only two ingredients to losing weight are diet and exercise, but they're wrong. In my opinion, this third factor is so critical that you absolutely MUST have it to ensure success, otherwise you'll never be able to stick to the nutrition and workout plans regardless! Do you want to find out what exactly is this third element? Here's a clue: Social support! So what is social support? To put it simply, social support refers to having someone else help you achieve your goals. And this is especially crucial when you're talking about weight loss. While there are a ton of different ways that you can get social support during your fat loss plan, today I'm just going to talk about the most important one - personal training - and give you 5 reasons why it's absolutely essential for you. Are you ready for them? Here we go: 1) Consistent motivation: Everybody knows the feeling of getting started on a new exercise regime only to find themselves reverting back to their old ways shortly afterward. And the reason for that is because it is our nature to go back to the most comfortable way of living unless we have a constant force pushing us onward. Most people have a tough time finding out exactly what it is that pushes their buttons and keeps them pumped up, and even if they do know what it is, they don't know how to adjust it to keep it effective. And that's why a Baltimore personal trainer is so essential. A good trainer will be able to find that hot button of yours and know exactly when and how to press it to keep you motivated and excited to stay on track for your goals. 2) Accountability: This point follows on from the one we just discussed. One of the key ingredients of long term motivation is having a sense of accountability to someone or something else. You're much more likely to do something if someone else is depending on you to make it happen, as opposed to just doing it for yourself. If you know that your Baltimore personal trainer is counting on you to show up and get the results that you want (and will get on your back if you don't) then you'll always have someone keeping you on track towards your goals. 3) Designing An Effective Program: An effective fat loss workout plan has many more elements than most people think. Simply getting onto some cardio machine and pounding away for a half hour will not get you closer to your goals. Having a good Baltimore personal trainer working with you will help you, though, because they will make sure to keep challenging you in new ways so that you keep achieving results. And they will make your programs fresh and exciting too. 4) Developing An Effective Nutrition Program: When you're dealing with fat loss, the vast majority of success lies in good eating habits. The thing is, though, that the general population really has no clue about the right way to eat to maximize fat loss. Even worse, most people sabotage themselves by trying to change too much all at once, instead of gradually changing their habits. A good Baltimore personal trainer can help you change your nutrition gradually, so that you can make it into an enjoyable lifestyle, not a chore. 5) Helping You Get Up When You're Down: No matter how great your exercise and nutrition plan is, there are going to be times where you come up against a wall and can't seem to overcome some kind of plateau. Maybe you just can't seem to get through more challenging workouts. Maybe your eating plan is keeping you stuck instead of helping you lose those pounds. Regardless, eventually you will hit some sort of plateau. And it's precisely at that moment when you need a Baltimore personal trainer to lift your spirits, make you believe in yourself once more and find a way to overcome those hurdles and get on track once more. So there you have it. 5 key reasons why it's absolutely essential that you get a Baltimore persona[...]