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The Most Successful Way To Lose Fat And Weight And How To Keep It Off

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Diet cheat meals to help Lose Chest Fat 3 Top Tips

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Summer is coming and you don't want to waste another minute to get into shape. Here's a few ideas that may be useful to get you on the right track.Many say that the early morning hours are crucial when it comes to weight loss of any kind. As the saying goes "start the way you mean to finish". Put your system under a little light pressure by getting up earlier than usual. Getting up early can give your metabolism a little kick since you will need more energy than usual and will start your body clock on the road to weight loss. Try rising at about 5:30am.Take about 10 minutes of stretching to get the blood channels open. Doing sit-ups can be a great help and will get the blood circulating. Do 5 or 6 sets of about 20 [or as many as you can] with a 60 second break between sets.If you have the time you can get some cardio exercise in at this time - try skipping if you can, it's really effective and you don't need complex equipment, just get a speed rope. Do about 30 minutes or what you can.Watching your diet is crucial. Cut the meal sizes in half, no need to complicate things - just half it! Try to cut out the floury products, especially the White flour ones like breads. Stop the junk foods, candy, and fried chips, and pastas.On the positive side, eat more fruit if you get hungry, and get plenty of salads for your meals. The fruits are the cleansers and will keep things moving inside. The vegetables are actually the body builders, they have the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are required for cellular growth.Try going vegetarian without eggs. Sometimes you think you need the meats, but this is wrong for two reasons. Firstly, you can get a better quality of protein from combinations of grains and beans, including soya products. And, they are better also because, with them you will feel satisfied for hours and won't want to binge on junk foods and heavy, fatty meats. Meats become rancid in your long digestive tract and poison your body causing all kinds of problems that you can avoid without meat (as the doctor's would suggest). When your body is clean and functioning correctly, exc[...]

Liver Gall Bladder Protein Fat and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 17:01:00 +0000

The following is an excerpt from Hot and Cold Health by R. G. Heft (Acupuncture Physician FL 1992- 2002) based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the questioning and counseling of 10,000+. TCM is based on the theory, observation that everything, including the body is an ongoing balance of opposites, many of which we control through diet, herbs, exercise, thought, etc. The liver is one of five major organ systems. The other four are spleen, heart, lung and kidneys. The five major organ systems work together to produce all structure and function. The liver (large, thick, blood rich organ connected to the gall bladder) is located on the upper right side of the body, abdomen behind the lower right rib cage. All blood passes through the liver. The liver stores, cleanses (removes excess protein, fat, cholesterol, impurities) and releases the blood It also produces bile (fat emulsifier, digestive agent, which is stored in the gall bladder and later released via bile ducts into the small intestine. The liver, known as the general in traditional Chinese medicine commands the troops, blood, nutrients, waste. The liver filters, removes and transforms excess protein and fat (lipids) into cholesterol and lipoproteins: high-density lipoproteins (HDL), low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL). Lipoproteins regulate cholesterol. LDL and VLDL carry and harden [...]