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This is where you have find the hottest sites for beats for sale. Stop depending on your producer and get YOUR OWN royalty free beats.

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Find Hot Rap Beats Online


Are you a great rap artist? Think you're the next Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, or TI? Is the only thing preventing you from reaching towards the next level lack of top quality beats? Are you sick and tired of working with producers that aren't providing beats to complement your style? Well, allow me to introduce you on the best way to find rap beats online.

First, you must determine what kind of style you are looking for. Do you want East Coast tracks? How about crunk music or dirty south instrumentals? Another thing as an artist you must know of yourself, is just what style of music you're aiming for. A great deal of rappers just rap over any beat thinking their lyrics and vocals will carry them. What artists miss is the first thing that catches a listener's attention is the beat. If you don't have a hot beat, chances are people are not likely to wait around to check out your hot lyrics. So you must have hot beats.(image)

When searching for rap beats online, be sure you're working with knowledgeable producer. If you like their tracks, send them an email or perhaps get in touch with them directly and let them know your feelings about their music. Inform them about your desired goals and feel them out to find out if you can work with them long term. You should make sure you do business with professionals rather than amateurs.

Also, you should definitely know if you want to purchase a royalty free beat which is a track used for promotional uses. You will not be able to market your own cd having a royalty free beat or non exclusive beat. If you're trying to make a profit off of a song, you will need to do an exclusive agreement with the producer, so you will have full rights to the track.

Finding rap beats online can be the easiest way to find your beat. Making sure you do it right and professionally can make your life easier.

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Why Buy Rap Beats for Sale Online?


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A lot of people I run into are skeptical when buying rap beats for sale...or buying anything online for that matter. I can definitely understand why buying online can scare you off for safety reasons. Let me tell you this. Buying beats for sale online is most convenient because of don't need to leave your house. But one way you can find out if the site is secure is when you go to the order form online, make sure the domain changes to "https://...". For example, if you visit, you will see the domain remain as Now go to the order page and notice the url change to "https". This means that the website is secure and safe. If you ever buy anything off of a website, make sure that domain url changes to "https".

Another advantage of buying rap beats for sale online is that it's cheaper. With the system I use,, it's only $29.95 and you get unlimited access to the beats...forever. There's no leasing agreement...the beat is yours for however long you want it. Producers nowadays charge anywhere from $100 upwards to hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars just for one beat! So going the online route is definitely the best way to go.

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Beats For Sale…Where to Find Them?


So you're looking for beats for sale huh? Well, I must admit…I’m happy that you’re at least not looking for beats for “free”. Anything 'free' is not quality (unless you have built a relationship with a great producer, but we’ll get to that later). You have came across the right page. Nowadays, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to find quality beats. There are beat programs that provide you with an unlimited number of tracks. All you need to pay a lot of times is less than $30 bucks.

I have used for top notch beats. Once you pay the $29.95 one time fee, there is a members only area where you find hundreds of different style of beats ranging from hip hop, r&b, dirty south, club tracks, etc. I became impressed with the producer and saw the value in the system, so decided to share it with my other fellow artists.
If you know of other beat programs that provide top notch beats for sale or cheap, please forward me their site and I will review and post it.

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