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Car Videos present a growing fad on the net, and can be seen in numerous categories and shown across many mediums. The term would by and large be referred to in the context of the numerous, numerous car adverts on Television and in the cinema, but does actually define any video about autos in general, and can extend to related matters.

The most popular types of car video would, almost obviously, be the more exhilarating ones, like motor racing, car wrecks, and stunts. Motor racing is a very popular viewer sport, so this of course expands to a digital watching experience in the various mediums outlined below. Big car crashes usually make big news, and therefore are widely seen, and big stunts bring excitement and enjoyment from viewing. numerous of the most highly-rated videos will include a mixture of some or all of these categories.

The car videos would be shown on a mixture of medium, such as on Television, either in unique shows about motoring like Top Gear, scenes in general programmes (e.g. an action chase event), or on the ads mentioned above. Movies often include such shots, or are based on autos (recent ones would be Speed Racer, Death Race, and the aptly-named cartoon, cars). The Internet is by far the most popular method of showing car videos, and unique internet sites let anybody to place a video about anything related to this area, the largest being YouTube.

The main uses for these videos would be for either advertising (as mentioned above), or for entertainment (pretty much anything else). Some videos may integrate both methods, such as in motorsport, where the autos have company logos shown on them, or an advertisement which uses exhilaration to catch the watchers attention.

Overall, the general view of car videos is a positive one, as there is a general amount of possible actions for this kind of video to be used in, and due to the call for this type of amusement, there will always be new and innovative advances to this, and will never be a dying craze.

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