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As we move closer to finding the cause of baldness we will probably find it is more a combination of factors than one isolated cause. It is important to remember however that pattern baldness is not a disease and has no corresponding side effect other than hair loss.

Baldness, or Alopecia, as your Doctor would call it, has several causes. Baldness usually appears in the front of the scalp and improves once the hair style is changed for a looser one. Baldness is an embarrassing problem and there is no treatment for several types of alopecia.

There are many myths regarding the possible causes of baldness and its relationship with one's virility, intelligence, ethnicity, job, social class, and wealth.

Male pattern baldness is classified on the Hamilton-Norwood scale I-VII. It was previously believed that baldness was inherited from the maternal grandfather. Most likely, inheritance is technically "autosomal dominant with mixed penetrance.

There are many causes of hair loss and many other causes of baldness, and these are covered further down, but hair loss and baldness caused by hormones is the norm for both sexes.

According to Medem Medical Library's website, male pattern baldness affects roughly 40 million men in the United States. There is a 4 in 7 chance of getting the baldness gene.

The cause of baldness and hair loss has mainly shifted from genetics to hormones Temporary loss of hair is caused by stress, medicines, vitamins, or hormonal changes, while the permanent loss of hair is caused by a hereditary condition called Androgenetic alopecia, or by damage occurring to the hair follicle and or scalp.

Baldness is not only a human trait. Animals can become bald also. Baldness has, in recent years, become less of a (supposed) liability due to an increasing fashionable prevalence of very short, or even completely shaven hair among men, at least in western countries.

Science has extended our knowledge of baldness and hair loss incredibly so, and now, even if we are becoming bald, or are bald, or have lost much of our hair, we can now do something about it. Education and understanding of what causes baldness is our best defense against continued hair loss and against baldness, and also helps no end in regrowing lost hair
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