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Fast Forever vs Norton Antivirus Does it Really Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Fast Forever Does it Really Work

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:22:00 +0000

Registry Easy: Easily Scan, Repair and Speedup Your PC!RegCure is one of the most popular registry cleaner programs on the internet. However, it has some of the worst features that are going to lead more and more people to calling it a scam.One of the worst features of the program is when it allows a user to select which portions of the registry to scan. Not only does this give users the ability to miss out on potential infections, but it is very dangerous to someone who does not know what they are doing. People could expect the program to work, and then nothing happens because they are not scanning the right part of the registry. Also, some users might experience weird system crashes due to a file being fixed but not completely removed because of the partial scanning feature.Scheduled scans are another one of RegCure's most touted features. However, they are one of its most difficult to use features. Some users are unable to scan unless they physically press a button when the scan starts. Also, most users of RegCure are not aware of where this feature is located in the program when they install it. The program loves to tout its ability to monitor and cleanup a users startup programs. While this may seem like it is a great feature on the surface, it can be a real pain in the butt for some users. Users who do not know enough about their computer may be confused by the complex wording of this feature, and ultimately feel like they did not want to delete the files that were in their startup folder. A few users have begun reporting that when they[...]

Fast Forever How to Cure Your Computers Registry

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:22:00 +0000

Registry Easy: Speedup Your PC in 3 Mins!Registry Cure is one of those programs that makes it seem like everything will be alright. With the tempting offer of a free scan of your computer's registry, you trust the program to give you the results of all the problems on your computer. However, many times Registry Cure may not be a program that you want to ever use on your computer.One of the facts about Registry Cure that sets off immediate alarm bells is that it offers a free trial. Any professional program, registry cleaner, anti-virus, or anything similar that offers a free trial is usually not giving you everything to see upfront. They usually only give you scanning ability and then make you install the software license to see how you are able to remove those problems on your computer. While this approach might make sense, it also makes some problems, like Registry Cure seem kind of shady. I went ahead and downloaded the free trial of Registry Cure, risk free, and felt that installation was pretty easy. That is about where the problems ended. I tried to start the program, and it crashed twice. Then, I decided to restart my computer. It crashed again. I uninstalled, and reinstalled the program before I got it to load up for the first time.The scanning ability of cure was not as bad as I thought it would be. It did a decent job at scanning the entire registry and telling people exactly what each problem may be, and giving them full details on whether they should remove it or do another action to it. When I tried to fix my problems, I had to pay the cost of the upgrade, and was glad to do so. I did not receive the email with my upgrade code, and ended up spending the better part of an hour talking with the people on the phone to get my product activated. That part really annoyed me, as a paying customer, why should I have to wait such a long period of time in orde [...]