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Tips To Cure Insomnia

The one stop shop for all you need to know about tips to cure insomnia and all other insomnia cures

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Natural Sleep Secrets V Hypnosis for Insomnia


Natural Sleep Secrets and Steve G Jones' Hypnosis For Insomnia are the top two methods used by people looking to cure insomnia, improve their sleeping habits or both. You don't have to search hard to find reviews of either product, but would have to search a lot harder to find anything negative been said. It's pretty obvious then from the reviews and testimonials that both products work, but which one would we recommend? Lets take a look: What Are They? Natural Sleep Secrets is an e-book jam packed with easy to follow information detailing exactly what needs to be done to cure insomnia in yourself. It also claims that by following the simple techniques it will lead you to needing less sleep yet having more energy for it. This may sound like a big claim but has been proven again and again to actually work. Steve G Jones' Hypnosis For Insomnia is a more straight to the point hypnosis recording that has been critically acclaimed for helping sufferers of insomnia and sleep disorders get their lives back on track. It is available as both a download for those wanting to start immediately or on CD which takes around a week to deliver. The Methods: The whole Natural Sleep Secrets method revolves around the scientifically proven understanding of a humans internal body clock, which regulates our body's temperature during the day which in turn has the ultimate say in when, for how long and the quality of our sleep. The author has really done his home work in researching for this book, and has come up with an easy to follow plan that can be applied by anyone. Hypnosis for insomnia is a hypnosis recording of soothing background music whilst Dr Steve G Jones' guides you through the steps into a deep state of relaxation. This it is promised will “put you to sleep every night easily and effortlessly.” Using hypnosis for insomnia requires no effort other than a pair of headphones and to listen with a open mind. How Fast: Natural Sleep Secrets' success will depend on just how much commitment you put in. there are a few methods offered within the book. You can pick and choose which ones to implement into your life, but obviously the more you do the quicker it will work and the more success you will enjoy. Myself and my wife have both introduced parts of the method into our lives. It took around a week to start needing less sleep, we have now after six weeks knocked a hour-hour an half of our sleeping time. Hypnosis for insomnia will according to most who have tried it work all the time and after three weeks it is claimed you will no longer need the hypnosis recording to get a proper nights sleep. I myself have tried it on the odd occasion and although i can't say one way or the other weather the three week claim is a solid one, I can confirm that it works wonders for getting you to sleep and waking up feeling fresher and bouncier than ever. Conclusion: Both products do what they claim to in helping you cure insomnia naturally and help improve your quality of sleep. Neither product though is a new method as they both have competition that practically do the same thing (hypnosis) or tell the same information (sleep secrets). The difference been that these two products are the best at what they offer and if you are to try either method you would be doing yourself a disservice by going for a copycat website claiming to offer the same.(remember the saying: if your going to do something do it right) It is due to the fact that both products-although offering to solve the same problem, do so in their own unique way, that it is so difficult to recommend one over the other. If though my arm were to be twisted, I would probably go for Hypnosis for Insomnia, although you would probably find that by combining the methods taught in Natural Sleep Secrets with the Hypnosis For Insomnia, your life would take a serious turn for the better. The Scores: ............ Natural Sleep Secrets. -----------Hypnosis For Insomnia. Price: ...........................................[...]

Cherrys To Cure Insomnia


A new study has found that eating red cherries can help to cure insomnia. It has been shown that the so called 'wonder fruit' contains melatonin which is the naturally produced chemical that makes us feel sleepy.

Eating just a few red cherries can improve sleep greatly and help cure insomnia. It has long been told that certain fruit will help people suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia, maybe now scientist are beginning to find proof of that.

source: cherries to cure insomnia---->HERE

Michael Jacksons Death- The Dangers Of Medications As A Insomnia Cure


Reading the news today I saw an article about Michael Jackson been suffering so much from insomnia it was driving him insane, it was suggested he was so desperate for an remedy for insomnia that he begged his doctor for the sleep drug propofol which is the drug believed to have killed him.

The star was warned the dangerous drug could kill him but Michael was so desperate for a proper nights sleep that he was hesitant he must have it. The drug is used by anaesthesiologists to put patients in a deep state of sleep close to been comatosed.

This is such a sad story that should be used as a warning to others wanting to use any kind of drug as a remedy for insomnia.... R.I.P Michael Xx

Cases Of Insomnia treatments trebles


Websites dealing in insomnia treatments are going to be making a fortune as recent studies have shown that because of the recent economical crisis more people than ever are suffering with insomnia with the cases of people in the united states requesting their doctor for insomnia treatments trebling in the last 12 months. That my friends is a lot of people having sleepless nights.

The reason given for such an increase is been put down to stress from worrying about finances due to job losses and other various problems dealt out by the economical collapse. The main insomnia treatments that have seen a increase in usage are the usual suspects.: Sleeping pills (will people never learn:) ) and maybe surprisingly Hypnosis C.D'S have seen their sales shoot up. If you yourself are looking at one of these options as a insomnia treatment then i would definitely go with the hypnosis for insomnia.

3 Insomnia Remedies


Of all the so-called cures out there is their any definite insomnia remedy that actually works? Look through the Internet and you'll most likely be overwhelmed by the volume of information available regarding remedies for insomnia, so how can you sort out the ones that help to the ones that don't? To start ,lets take a look at the most popular methods available.

Sleeping pills: For many people who suffer the horrors of sleep deprivation there seems to be only one way to actually get a decent nights sleep and that is to visit there doctor and get prescribed sleeping pills. Sleeping pills certainly have the advantage over other methods in that their is no doubting the ability they have of knocking a person out for the night. Saying that i believe that the cons out weight the one positive sleeping pills have as an insomnia remedy, For starters your body quickly builds up a tolerance for the drug meaning that each night more pills are needed to achieve the same effect. Then there's the danger of getting addicted to them which research as shown can take as little as two week for a user to start showing signs of addiction.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis as been used as a successful insomnia remedy for years although it seems that most people will overlook or laugh off the use of hypnosis to help them sleep. it as though built up more and more recommendations from all walks of life. Hypnosis works by taking you through relaxation techniques that slows down your mind and relax's the body before communicating directly with the subconscious to shift the causes keeping you from sleeping. There are no known side effects and is only needed for two weeks before your natural sleeping patterns return to normal.

Natural remedies:. There are many a natural remedy for insomnia which seem to becoming more and more popular, with favorites including Valerian which is a herb that as long been known for its benefits as an sleep aid. Melatonin is another insomnia remedy that is growing in popularity, melatonin is naturally produced by the body to promote sleep and is available in liquid, pill or capsule form, although it is advised to see a doctor before taking melatonin especially if pregnant or suffer from mental problems.

5 More Tips To Cure Insomnia


1) Eat a healthy diet-in recent research Insomnia has been linked to people with bad diets . Eating lots of fruits and veg, whole grains and white meat spread over five small meals a day should work wonders. Foods to avoid are red meats, salt,white flour, fats and junk food.

2) Regular exercise- Get the blood pumping around your body to improve your blood pressure which is related to stress, a main cause of most people with insomnia. A quick 30 minutes walk a few times a week should help.

3) Learning to relax- Listen to music, walk on the beach, meditate or whatever it is that helps you relax. Take time out several times each day to have your own space in which to simply...relax, you deserve it.

4) Drink plenty of water- At least two litres of water a day will help flush your body of toxins and keep you well hydrated and also maintains your body's inner temperature clock which tells your body when to feel alert and when it should be sleepy.

5) Cut back on the cigarettes and booze- Do you really need this explaining, :)

The few things i've listed here are great tips to cure insomnia, but for the number 1 way to cure Insomnia CLICK HERE

2 More Great Tips To Cure Insomnia


Okay so i just got a call canceling a meeting i had which means I've got another 15 minutes to spare. So i thought with this been a new blog and what have you i would treat you to another two great tips on how to cure insomnia naturally. They are....(drum roll please):

  1. Make your bedroom into an actual bedroom. That means out with the TVs, music systems and anything else that turns it into a entertainment room rather than the place were you sleep. Make your bedroom look as comfortable as possible, trying not to let too much light get into the room. it should be a place were when you walk in you feel like sleeping. Try spraying some nice fragrances around, lighting a candle or incenses, anything that promotes that feeling of calmness in you. Some people even say the way you position the furniture helps with sleep, such as sleeping with your feet pointing north will revitalize and charge up your energy for the next day. Check out better living for details on this.
  2. Getting up and going to bed every day at the same time helps to cure insomnia naturally by getting your mind and body into a routine. It might take a few days of feeling groggy and like one of the living dead zombies, but if you suffer from insomnia your probably used to this feeling :) (I know I was) but in the end you'll thank yourself for it and after a few months you'll be amazed when you realize you don't need that alarm clock anymore. This is because you have an internal sleep clock and when it's optimized to work as it should, it pays off in all areas of your life.
Sorry people that's all I've got time for. I hoped you liked these two tips on how to cure insomnia naturally, if so then check back for more, leave a comment do what ya do and for those that didn't like them...... well you can just sod off :)

3 Tips On How To Cure Insomnia Naturally


So you want some tips on how to cure insomnia Naturally? well here's just a quick post folks, but its quality not quantity your after, right? And these 3 tips on how to Naturally cure insomnia offer great quality. So with no more hold up here they are.

  1. Eat well and Often. Lots of insomnia sufferers make do with one large meal a day and filling in on snacks in between. This is the wrong way to go about things if your wanting a good nights kip. Eating between three to five smaller meals and cutting out junk snacks is the way to do it. Food should be cut out all together two to three hours before bed. Other wise it'll just lay heavy on your stomach all night. The right kind of foods is a must too. I haven't got time to make a list at the moment (will do later) of which foods you should have or not, but you can find a food pyramid at take a look and you'll get the picture.
  2. Exercise. Getting out and doing some exercise each day is a great tip to cure insomnia naturally. It doesn't have to be lifting weights or doing hundreds of push ups, a simple jog around the block or even a brisk walk will help. Like eating though don't do it too near bed time as it'll more than likely keep you awake.
  3. Relax the mind. Like I said in my opening post the best tip on how to naturally cure insomnia is learning to relax. You know better than me what works for you, so make sure whenever you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious or what ever take ten minutes out and do what you need to do to get back to been calm. If it's impossible to get away for ten then I suggest you should definitely check out the techniques shown at natural sleep secrets to help overcome this problem.

Why Curing Insomnia Naturally Is Easier Than You Think


To cure Insomnia naturally you must be able to face up and realize what the causes are. All types of things can be responsible for causing insomnia, the most common reasons given are: Been stressed, Depressed, Suffering from grief or Anxiety and having the wrong type of diet. It would take for ever to list everything but at the end of the day everyone reacts differently to life's hardships.

Most people will suffer for years before looking for a way to cure insomnia. The first stop of call for most will be their doctor, But this is a mistake. More often then not a doctor will prescribe sleeping pills witch usually add to the problems by causing addiction. To cure Insomnia, without the need for knocking yourself out with drugs, requires only one thing, Relaxation. Learning the secrets to relax your mind are key if you want to know how to cure insomnia naturally.

There are many genuine good ways that relax us, each person will have a different taste to what helps them. Walking the dog, watching a movie, soothing music are all great ways in their own right. The most important relaxation technique though is learning to quieten your mind and relax each part of your body. Until a sufferer learns this they will continue to have sleeping problems.

So if your one of the millions of people out there wondering how to cure insomnia naturally then that is the number one priority you must do. It is easy to learn either through meditation which is a kind of self hypnosis in that you communicate directly to the subconscious mind. Once you have learnt to quieten your thoughts it is easy to identify and remove the blockages keeping you from sleep. Visit Insomnia help to get the best relaxation method to accomplish this treatment.