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Good Website Design Tips For Beginners

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:36:00 +0000

(image) If you want good website design tips, it is a thing that a lot of people must work on in order to make sites as easy to read as possible. It surprises me that so few people follow these tips. Sites are made to be seen, so it must be made simple for visitors to do that.

First, make sure that your site's text is easy to read. A universal text such as Times New Roman or Arial should be used for most of your site's text. Keep the weird and crazy font for headings and titles. Try to keep the bulk of the text at a size that is easily read, like 12 point font.

Reduce the size of the images on your site, and this will make your site load a lot faster on slower machines. No one wants to sit and wait while big photos and graphics are loading. Use smaller pictures so people aren't frustrated by your website.

Add unique and fresh content so people get something valuable from the site. Copying and pasting content from different sites will not make people come to your site.

Make sure all your links on the site work when you go live. Make sure any online forms are working. A properly functioning site is a beautiful thing, and dead links can be the downfall of a great site.

These tend to be some of the easier tips. Site designs must be easily followed, navigated, loaded and read for all visitors. This checklist will help you make sure your site is always working great, and it will be appreciated by all of your visitors.

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