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Guide to iPod Nano 8GB Cases

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 11:18:13 GMT

Protect your iPod Nano 8GB from dust, dirt, marks, and more by investing in an iPod Nano case, which will ensure you can enjoy your favorite digital device much longer. The iPod Nano case also protects the screen and the click wheel. Most of the cases in the market have a built in cover that you can flip up to cover the front screen.

What's the best iPod Nano case for you? Choose your iPod Nano case carefully as you want to protect your iPod Nano 8GB but you also want to be able to get to all the controls.

Some of the best and fashionable cases by iSkin, Speck and iCandy. The silicon material of these iPod nano cases sees to it that your iPod Nano 8GB is free from dust and stays inside the case even if you shop your way around the mall. Not only are silicon cases soft and cool to the touch; they also provide a surface that features an easy to grasp case so your iPod wont easily slip out of your hands.

The higher the quality of the iPod Nano case, the steeper the price tag is so if you find you cannot afford the top of the line cases, you might want to consider the hard plastic cases, at least temporarily. Priced far lower than silicon cases, the hard, plastic versions will still do the job of protecting your iPod Nano 8GB.

If you dont care about looks and just want to protect your iPod, there is no reason to spend a lot of cash on an iPod Nano case when the inexpensive version will still do the job.Nanshield offers well designed hard plastic iPod nano cases that come in various colors, are see through also, and bundled with a plastic lanyard or rotating belt clip.

However, be careful of what you are giving up when you opt for the hard plastic iPod Nano case as you will have to be extra certain to guard against dropping your iPod Nano 8GB as you won't be dealing with a non slip surface. Be sure and choose an iPod Nano case that wont break or shatter when accidentally dropped.

There is a good collection of italian leather iPod nano cases are also available in e-stores. A leather iPod Nano case is ideal for users who like quiet elegance and who want to ensure their iPod Nano 8GB is protected while able access to all features and ports.

H2O Audio, in April 2006, answered the wishes and prayers of sport users of the iPod Nano 8GB when they announced the release of its Waterproof Housing or casing for iPod Nano 8GB.The case is very thin, waterproof and has a transparent exoskeleton for the click wheel. You'll pay a pretty penny for this iPod Nano case but it may be worth it if you spend a lot of time in the water.

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What You Need To Know About Your iPod Battery

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 07:34:19 GMT

A Quick Guide To iPod Battery For Your iPod Nano 8GB

iPod battery life is important for many users. The iPod battery degrades over time and is not easily replaceable by the users. This contention has merit, because, although the iPod battery can be recharged hundreds of times, it does lose power over time.

When that happens, although it is possible for users to replace the iPod battery themselves, many people don't want to risk damaging their iPod Nano 8GB. This caused some users to wonder if the iPod Nano 8GB was intended as a disposable MP3 player? No. Apple designed the iPod Nano 8GB to last a long time.

As with all lithium based batteries, the iPod battery cannot be expected to last more than two years. As expected, after a few hundred charges, a lithium battery wears out. An iPod battery is not designed for user replacement.

When Apple designed the iPod Nano 8GB, they integrated the battery into the devices circuitry. This created a wide open marketplace for third party manufacturers to offer an iPod battery replacement kit, including step by step instructions on how to remove and replace the battery in the iPod Nano 8GB. Some users would opt on not to mess with changing the iPod battery and instead, ship their iPod Nano 8GB to Apple for replacement.

In addition, Apple offers users tips on their website on how to conserve their iPod battery. Want to make your iPod battery last longer? Read on: An iPod battery functions at its best when the iPod Nano 8GB is at room temperature, between 0 to 35 C (or 32 to 95 F).

Never leave your iPod Nano 8GB inside a car. Don't expose your iPod Nano 8GB to direct sunlight. When not in use, employ the Pause or Hold button. Take advantage of the Hold function the iPod Nano 8GB offers if you will not be using it for even a short amount of time.

iPod will continue to play if left playing until the iPod battery drains out. Always turn off your iPod when not in use to save battery life. Only use the back lighting feature when you really need it.

Back lighting can use up a lot of your reserved battery power. If you don't absolutely need it, turn it off. Select: Settings > Back light Timer > Off. Even when you are not using your iPod Nano 8GB, the battery power is slowly draining.

While your iPod Nano 8GB is sleeping, the battery is still fully awake, and loses a small amount of current. Storing your iPod at room temperature will help to conserve the battery. Taking this one easy step will maximize the use of your iPod battery.

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The Coolest iPod Downloads Around

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 18:17:29 GMT

Guide To Some Of The Coolest iPod Downloads

Although the iPod is still relatively new, it dominates the world market when it comes to MP3 players. The incredible explosion of the iPods popularity has paved the way for many other companies to cash in on the craze by manufacturing iPod accessories that enhance the user experience, such as armbands, cases, speakers, headphones, and a wide variety of other accessories.

The popularity of the iPod has also made room for third party software developers to market their creations to users of the iPod Nano 8GB. many third party developers create products as iPod downloads. Movies and other video files, as well as images and software applications can be downloaded to your iPod Nano 8GB.

iPod downloads are marketed differently as some are completely free, while others are fee based. A few examples of iPod downloads include dictionaries, language translators, or even converters that make it possible to watch movies downloaded from your computer on your iPod Nano 8GB. You can get various media, such as screensavers, icons, videos, and music from iPod downloads.

Accio has made a name for itself as one of the preferred dictionary downloads in the iPod industry. This ipod download allows the user to ask a simple question. Not only is your iPod Nano 8GB for play, but you can learn precious lessons by downloading language translator software that will come in handy when you are abroad by showing you you how to say simple words and phrases.

Since the voices in the translator are spoken by native speakers, you will learn the language authentically. The iPod dictionary has 8,000 indexed translations. Not only does the translator download bring you the right vocabulary for traveling, but you can also hone your foreign language skills for everyday use.

The Accio iPod dictionary has five iPod downloads available in different languages. The other Accio iPod downloads also offer the following: Quick reference using the iPod Notes. It also has a "Talking Phrasebook!". As with other downloads, you can customize this one for the iPod Nano 8GB.

Choose as many or as few of the Accio modules to download into your iPod; customize them for your own travel destinations. iSpeak It is one of the best iPod downloads available to date. A powerful text to audio converter, listen to your ebooks on the go with this software.

Best of all, you can enjoy iSpeak for just a small investment. You'll be able to make use of any document that you want and convert it into an MP3/AAC track. Hold on to special emails and other content that you can download to your iPod Nano 8GB with the help of the software download known as iSpeak.

For Complete Reviews, Price Comparisons, How To Guides and more on iPod Nano & iPod Nano Downloads, please visit the new iPod Nano Resources site. Grab the excellent FREE copy of the mini guide on getting the most from your iPod Nano.