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Work with the Best SEO Company and Get the Best Results


When it comes time to maximize your company’s online presence and to attract website traffic from within your target niche, it is important that you find the best SEO company in the industry with which to team up. There are two key SEO strategies that can help your company soar to the top of search engine listings and gain a great online reputation amongst web browsers and fellow business owners alike.

When major search engine web crawlers look through their massive indexes in order to match browsers with relevant websites, they are primarily looking to match the keywords that the browsers have entered into their query fields. Therefore, if you team up with the best SEO Company in the industry, you can make an educated guess as to which keywords the browsers from within your niche are likely to enter into their search engine query fields. Once you have the appropriate keywords, you can incorporate them into your website content, thus signaling relevance to web crawlers and boosting your ranking in results listings.

Back links
The best SEO Company will understand that another key way of boosting your search engine results ranking is to generate back links to your website. Back links let web crawlers know that your site is well connected in cyberspace. However, it is very important that you be teamed up with the best SEO Company in the industry, so that you can get the right type of back links instead of the wrong type.

If you have back links coming in from SPAM sites or from other disreputable (or paid) websites, web crawlers are likely to associate your website with a “bad neighborhood” and may even blacklist you from search results altogether. The best SEO Company knows the difference between bad links and valuable links. They can help you to get create back links from only the most respectable websites and directories, thereby boosting your results ranking.

Trust only the best SEO Company in the industry with all of your SEO needs; you will be glad you did.

Top SEO Companies Help Your Business to Thrive


In our current economy, competition is intensifying in the consumer marketplace and small to mid-sized businesses are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to online campaigns. Top SEO companies have teamed up with these small to mid-sized businesses in order to increase their exposure, attract targeted traffic and to improve their overall online reputations amongst prospective clients and other business owners.

Search Engine Rankings
While ranking high in major search engine results is not the only aspect that top SEO companies concern themselves with, it is a very important facet of boosting a businesses online marketing campaign. A recent study performed by iProspect reveals that 90% of search engine users click on a result located in the first three pages of search results.

This overwhelming statistic proves that if you want to be noticed by web browsers in your target market, you are going to need to have top SEO companies work with you to optimize your website’s relevance level amongst search engines.

Organic vs. Paid Listings
There are two primary ways that top SEO companies get businesses listed in the first few pages of search engine results. Many top SEO companies take the shortcut to top search engine listings by paying search engines or affiliate companies in order to be listed along the top or the side of search engine results. While this can generate a lot of traffic for your website, people tend to resist clicking on paid advertisements.

Therefore, if you want to establish trust with web browsers and attract traffic to your company website that is from within your own niche, organic listings are the best way to get your site listed high in search engine results. Keyword rich text, quality links and great editorial content are three of the primary ways that top SEO companies will work with you to get the exposure and website traffic that your business needs to thrive.

SEO for Yahoo stores


This webpage is designed for people to learn more about “Yahoo SEO”. The first part of the page is about SEO for people with Yahoo stores. If you are interested in “SEO for a Yahoo store”, keep reading. Click here, to go to the bottom of this page which talks about “Yahoo SEO” for a general website. What are Yahoo Stores? Yahoo! provides services such as Yahoo! Domains, Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Business Email, and Yahoo! Store to small business owners and professionals allowing them to build their own online stores using Yahoo!’s tools. Yahoo stores provide people with both an easy and low cost way to create an online presence for their business. Our research is pointing to a 50% growth in the number and popularity of Yahoo stores since 2005. We’re finding that most Yahoo stores are relatively small (less then 5 employees). However, we are also finding that with an aggressive marketing plan, these same Yahoo stores are achieving very impressive growth rates. We are continually surprised and the number and quality of yahoo stores. We are finding that the single biggest determining factor in the success of an online business is the commitment to an online marketing plan. The quality of the SEO for your Yahoo store will have a significant on the success of your online business. 2. What makes some online stores successful? In our experience, a successful online yahoo store needs several things • Competitive price • Relatively expensive products • High conversion rates • Good online visibility & marketing. These all aren’t necessary for success. But, they’re all very important. In this article, we’re going to talk about the last three. Relatively expensive products We encourage our client to sell expensive items. This is because we have found only a weak correlation between the price of the product we’re promoting and the difficulty in promoting it. For example, let’s assume that we have Widget “A” and Widget “B”. Let’s assume that Widget “A” is $100 and Widget “B” is $10. In this case, it would be probably that if we spent 100 hrs promoting each product, that the traffic to Widget “A” would only be slightly less then the traffic to Widget “B”. If the conversion rates of people interested in both widgets are the same, then the vendor selling Widget “A” is going to make approximately 10 times as much money as Widget “B”. I’ve simplified things slightly, but the basic idea holds true. It’s hard to be successful if your products are under $50. It’s best if they’re over $200. High conversion Rates I think that this if fairly self-explanatory. If 1000 people/month visit your website, and 10% of the visitors purchase the $200 product I talked about above, your website is going to do $20,000 in revenue/month. If your average order size if over $100, and your conversion rate is high, then you don’t need a large amount of traffic to be successful. Good online visibility The key to success of any Yahoo store is through excellent online visibility. You can achieve this visibility through paid advertising, legitimate back-links from other sources, Social media marketing, and SEO. We find that SEO for a Yahoo store is the most cost effective way to get online visibility. Most businesses budget 20% of their total revenue for marketing. This means that if you’re a typical company that generates $1M in sales, then your marketing budget is going to be close to $200,000. For storefronts and retail spaces, most of the marketing goes towards paying rent in a prime location. In the online world, a domain only costs $10/year. You don’t need to pay for a prime domain. You do however, still need to pay to get your domain into a prime location (in the Google and Yahoo search engine results pages). So, as with other more traditional businesses, you still need to invest in a prime location for your storefront. You just do it a different way. How do you Market Yaho[...]

Ecommerce Website Design And Its Doubts Solving Session


What do you understand by ecommerce website design ?To start with, ecommerce is online business technique where online selling and buying of products and services are carried out via the electronic media. Here internet or any other computer network is the electronic media. Ecommerce websites can be termed as online shopping destination expected to have reliable and trusted format of shopping cart software offering plethora of greater online shopping experience. Through ecommerce website design you can even send a confirmation e-mail to your customers and also update your online database after an order is placed.Describe the importance of ecommerce stores.Ecommerce stores gives the comfort of carrying out selling and buying just by a click of the mouse whether you are at your home or office or at any part of the world. Increasing number of online businesses have started deriving benefits out of ecommerce stores. It minimizes the overall paperwork as customers enter the information online. The role of sales person of taking and noting down of customer's information ceases to exist. It helps in minimizing loads of time and resources consumption. As far as overhead costs are concerned it is far more cheaper when electric bills, air conditioning costs, rent, inventory costs, etc are either completely absent or negligible.How can Os commerce software enhance your online shopping experience?Os commerce software is basically supported by web server having MySQL and PHP. It is very popular and favorite among the online shoppers because of its user-friendliness and can also be customized according to the client's requirements. Usage of PHP has made it highly interactive shopping cart software. Information retrieval and online database amalgamation has become very easy due to this software. When this software is customized, it can very well support many categories at once and many images can be used as well along with high-end backend functions for easy integration.What are the benefits of installing a reliable payment option in your ecommerce website?There are many ecommerce websites that can be found online, but sites that provide secure monetary transactions at payment time get more preference. Incidences of online credit card theft and hacking can be controlled by installing secure and reliable mode of online payment. Companies having their own URL can insert code into the website along with payment gateways provided by any reliable service provider.The above answered questions were very basic questions that comes in the mind of people new to the concept of ecommerce websites. Keep reading this section for more valuable information!!!! EnjoyArticle Courtsey: Article Dashboard.Com Bergstrom-SEO is one of the Top Seo Companies that offers SEO services with guaranteed top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click Seo Canada. [...]

Google Analytics goal conversion funnels across subdomains with regular expressions


Bit of a mouthful I know - but I spent hours trying to find this on the net, with little luck. So I thought I would write a comprehensive article on how to solve this problem. This article explains the process of setting up funnels for multiple conversion paths over different subdomains using regular expressions. It assumes you are already using funnels and are familiar with the basics of Google Analytics. If you are looking for a basic guide to setting up funnels, try here, if you are already familiar with basic funnel setups then read on!What are funnels?Funnels are a great way to visualize your visitors’ paths through your site, with the aim of completing a particular goal. Using funnels can help you identify usability problems in your site that need to be addressed in order to increase click through rates and ultimately conversion rates.How to create a funnel across different wants to track visitors who land on a forum post at and end up buying a pointy hat from they then want to look at the funnel visualization for this particular behaviour.Setting up cross subdomain tracking correctlyBefore creating a funnel across different subdomains you need to ensure that you have setup the tracking on the site correctly. Firstly you need to check that the Google Analytics script is the same code on each sub domain with addition of a piece of code:pageTracker._setDomainName(””); (for example)Once you have setup the tracking you need to setup an advanced filter, otherwise and would both be treated as /index.php. To do this you setup an advanced filter and use the data shown in the following image:Advanced Filter for Sub DomainsOnce these two things are done your pages will appear with their subdomain attached:e.g. and instead of /index.phpHow to create a funnel that works across subdomains using regular expressionsI’m guessing you have a funnel in mind, but for this one we are going to use the example I mentioned above. So essentially we want to track the funnel from through to Expression MatchingIf you are not familiar with regular expressions, I suggest you do a Google search and do some background reading - once you understand regular expressions it gives you a whole new World of options to consider when trying to solve complex problems and arduous tasks.The first point I will make is that in regular expressions a . (period) represents a character, therefore to get a . (period) to actually represent a . (period) you have to escape it before hand (so the program understands that it is a literal reference) the syntax for this is a backslash:e.g. \.Also please note, I haven’t tested my regular expressions in the example below, so they may not work - so no copying!!!Bearing those points in mind our steps will look like the following:The first part to setting up the goal involves activating the goal, setting the match type as regular expression, choosing the goal and the goal name (see image below for an example)Step 1: forums\[A-Za-z\-]+ Forum Thread (Required Step should be checkedStep 2: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/index\.php HomepageStep 3: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/products/[A-Za-z\-]+\.php Product PageStep 4: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/basket\.php Basket PageStep 5: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/checkout\.php Checkout PageStep 6: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/payment\.php Payment PageGoal: www\.mypointyhat\.com/shop/confirmation\.php Confirmation PageDon’t forget to escape your periods!!! See the example below for a better illustration of where theseURL’s go:Now give it a day, if it doesn’t work you can check your funnel analysis and see where the problem is occuring. If you a[...]

Geotargeting SEO


As Bing and Wolfram Alpha have shown over the last couple of months, big sums are still being gambled on finding a chink in Google’s armour. Of course, search engines can only maintain their market share by serving the most relevant results. Historically this meant matching results to a query through algorithmic calculations. Increasingly though, the search engines are trying to provide better data to their users through other things – such as timeliness and geography.How it worksGeotargeting takes place in various ways. The most obvious is by tailoring search results by requests made by the searcher. Someone searching for ‘underpants’ will be served a very different set of results to someone searching for ‘underpants London.’ In the first case, the person might just be looking for a definition of what underpants are (perhaps they’ve grown up in a very liberal environment). In the second, they are more likely to be searching for shops to buy them.Each of the major engines now has its own mapping software – populated with local results through advertising channels. Google have taken this to its logical conclusion by embedding map results in its main results wherever there’s a geographic element to a search.Secondly, they can get an idea of a person’s location by information that has been supplied to them by the user. Google and Yahoo, for example have accounts which are used by people who sign up to their ancillary services like email. Often, users will even supply their postcode as part of the sign-up process, allowing the engines to give highly tailored results. A common example for Google account holders for example is to see local results on a map within the main results whilst logged in – even if they haven’t searched using a place name. When I search for a film while logged in with my Google account, I’m shown local film times. Neat!Thirdly, the search engines index content according to the language used. Google has country-specific indexes of content in French, Chinese, Arabic etc, which are served to users by datacentres based in the relevant country. These use a variety of factors to determine which content to serve to users – from the geographic location of the servers to the measures of relevancy that match keywords in other languages in the same way they match English. Obvious clues such as pages in specific languages and the location of the person in whose name the domain is registered are factored in to these results. Finally, they can use context supplied by technology. IP addresses and traceroutes can, to some degree, provide clues about where the user is located. You’ve probably come across results on Google where a map is embedded in the results even though you haven’t specified a location. You’ve also probably had the same experience as me: I’ve searched for sweet shops and for some reason known only to itself, Google chucks in results near Liverpool or Nottingham or Turkmenistan. It might give you a clue as to how certain Google is about this feature that these “guessed” results typically show lower down the page than they do for “certain” matches. That hints at how wildly variable this kind of targeting can be. Working with Geotargetting Much of geotargetting is out of your control. If your user’s IP address places them in Liverpool so far as Google is concerned that’s pretty much hard cheddar if both they and your business are actually in Hull: if Google wills it, so ye shall see results for Liverpool. And if someone is signed in with their Yahoo/Gmail account and looks for something then similarly you’re plumb out of luck if they’ve entered 90210 as their postcode. Where you can score is to make sure that your business is properly listed with the search engines’ mapping services. Through Google AdWords, for example, you can combine keywords with a map listing to give yourself a great shot at appearing top o[...]

Make your site more Google friendly


World Wide Web maintains a standardised web document format to make the most out of this virtual world. There are several technologies also contribute to this Web Standardisation Process. Some of these influential technologies are Browsers, Internet Connectivity and Search Engines. Now-a-days, all available browsers are supporting most of the web document formats. Internet connectivity quality has been substantially improved with the introduction of broadband technology.

In comparison to previous two, search engines are a bit slow upgrading their technology. Search engine industry leaders like Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask are investing to cover as much web document formats as they can. This process is an ongoing one and this suits the best to the ever changing web technology sector. One of such recent recommendations has come from Google – Specify your canonical. Let’s learn what a Canonical URL is all about!

Though some months back the concept of “Canonical URL” was no where around WWW. But this has really been a great problem for those who largely depend on the search engines to make business. Search engine is all about a tool that provides relevant web documents when a search is made. Everyday millions of web documents on various niches are generated and search engines too regularly indexes them. But things become worst when a web server provides different version of URLs for a single web document. This results into indexing duplicate copies of single information. To avoid such technical shortcoming, Google introduces Canonical Tag.

Google spokesman Matt Cutts informs “Canonicalization is the process of picking the best url when there are several choices, and it usually refers to home pages.” Here goes the Google defined tag:

So there is a question that how somebody ensures that Google indexes the URL you prefer? First ensure which URL (i.e. or you want to use widely and consistently throughout your website. Once that has been fixed, use that particular URL in Canonical Tag consistently. Don’t make your half of the site URLs without www and half of the URLs with www.

Matt Cutts too suggests some other solutions in his famous article on Canonicalization. Checkout more information on Canonicalization in SEO advice: url canonicalization.

Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers Seo Services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click Seo Canada.

Article Courtsey: 247topseller Blog

Micro Blogging is all about Individuals, Involvements, and Influences!


Just years back, the concept of Micro Blogging was nowhere in the internet. Now Twitting might have made itself a legitimate lexeme in several mainstream dictionaries. So the fact is what compels Twitter a real hit among online folk! I tried to have a small research on the various aspects of micro blogging and soon got some interesting opinions and facts on micro blogging.John (requested to be mentioned anonymously) is an active member of aerospace engineering research team at the University of Manchester since 2005. Last summer, I had the opportunity to speak to him while I was on a business tour to Manchester. During this brief conversation, John mentioned that he and his team were using twitter to share their daily research briefs on Twitter. Twitter! Really, I need to have a look at it at least to what it is all about. Since then I’m an ardent fan of Twitter. Since then Twitter, a micro blogging application has achieved a lot and successfully established itself in the mainstream blogging community. The best example would be Barak Osama’s Election Campaign as Obama micro-blogged from his campaign trail using Twitter. This has successfully followed by media giants like The New York Times and BBC to publish headlines and links in micro blog posts.The initial concept behind Twitter is to promote mobile blogging, especially through SMS. Here we can assume that Mobile Blogging is the base concept from which Micro Blogging has evolved out. In simple words we can sum up Twitter is a micro-blogging application that facilitates its users to connect with people directly on their cell phones or computers in a non-obtrusive way.Twitter is all about speed and participating in the discussion. This concept is so important to your success in Twitter that it bears repeating. Twitter is about individuals, involvements, and influences. Twitter like micro blogging application has really revolutionised the way people share their thoughts, discoveries, questions and happenings. The impact of micro blogging throughout internet is so immense that Twitter like, micro blogging applications have qualified to the discussion as significant as about global recession. A close look all major news headlines would confirm the popularity of Twitter across the globe.Along with Twitter, there are other big players too that have substantial shares in the micro blogging industry. Here follows some of them: Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, MySay, Hictu, Moodmill, Frazr and Emotionr.In the end, we can conclude as Micro Blogging isn’t not her online for a day or two – it is here to stay and stay alive forever. The evolution of blogging to micro blogging has spawned this new tiny version of blogging and many sectors like mobile technology, media and other similar sectors are eyeing on its growth minutely. The simplicity and ability to post frequently are basic facets that attract micro blogging the most. I expect a much faster adoption of micro blogging and mainstream penetration than blogging in general is evident in near future. Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers Seo Services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click Seo Canada. Article Courtsey: 247topseller Blog[...]

Third Party Twitter Tools – Make the Best Use of Twitter!


What Twitter has achieved as a popular blogging platform, no other blogging application can achieve that. Though there is a major shift in the blogging trends after introduction of Twitter like blogging tools, yet the basic remains same as it was previously. The only difference we can find in blogging is Micro Posting and Colloquial Text. Blogging applications like Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal are still popular among serious bloggers, who prefer writing more elaborately on various topics. Micro Blogging applications like Twitter are for young mass which facilitates short, crispy and informative personalised online briefings. The best aspect micro blogs like Twitter are their Marketing Aspects. It suits the online marketing scenario, where everyone is in hurry. Micro blogging services like Twitter can help your business not only reaching out potential customers, but also help your campaigns more organised and traceable. I’ve personally used, analysed and rated some of the popular Third Party Twitter Applications and here follows the top 5 chronologically:Twitpic – Twitpic is a Twitter tool that lets twitters sharing pictures on Twitter. Just login to Twitpic with your existing Twitter User ID and password and now you are all set to twit your favourite pictures.TweetDeck – TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck is a simple and fast way to use Twitter on your desktop. TweetDeck allows users to customise Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and sharing your tweets on Facebook instantly.Digsby – Digsby is an application that centralizes e-mail, IM and social networking accounts into one desktop program. Digsby is an IM type application where users can maintain one combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts. Users can manage email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts right from Digsby. Users too can get real time updates from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn like social networking site. What more you can expect from such an application, if you are a social networking buff!Tweetburner - Twitter just offers 140 characters to tweet. So it’s not possible for its users to give every detail in a single tweet. That’s why, very often Twitters write a brief with a reference link to it. Tweetburner is an online tool that helps you tracking the reference links you tweet.GroupTweet – If you maintain groups on Twitter and want certain messages to send to a specific group of followers, the GroupTweet is the right tool for you. Register on GroupTweet with a newly created Twitter account for your group. You need to change your Twitter settings in order to make your group a private one. Now you can easily broadcast messages among the members of that group using GroupTweet tool.Give these Twitter applications (developed by third-parties) a try to help simplify your social networking campaign. These tools certainly help your campaign an easier and traceable one. Reach more people, and stay organized just for free or a marginal payment. In the subsequent posts we will be including more useful Twitter tools to the existing list. Check the post regularly! Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers Seo Services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click Seo Canada. Article Courtsey: 247topseller Blog[...]

The Changing World Of Search Engine Optimization!


Search engine optimization is one of the most dynamic fields on the web. It is the most time intensive and constantly evolving area and because of the same reason, it is also highly misunderstood. Because search engine optimization standards are constantly evolving, what may be true today might be useless tomorrow. And designers who are not up to date with the changes often find themselves creating websites that are not search engine friendly! Web designers who understand the importance of SEO can create websites that are not only attractive but also perform to achieve good search engine rankings. Here are some design focused SEO tips that helps to create websites that are efficient on both the fronts – design as well as SEO. Use Descriptive Text Links Links inform the search engines about the contents of the web page. And the words you use in your link text holds immense importance with the search engine crawlers. Therefore, avoid using 'Click Here' and instead try to include your keywords and phrases in the link text. Even though 'Click Here' may guide visitors to click through a particular link, it offers absolutely no value to the search engine crawlers. On the other hand, keyword rich headings not only inform them about the page contents but also add to the relevancy of the page. You can use CSS to maintain the style of the web page design but make sure to link the major headings and change the link text to make it more descriptive. This would improve the internal linking of the website to an enormous level. Practice Linkbaiting One of the most crucial processes of SEO is to gather links from across the web. And websites that generally offer links love great looking designs. Therefore, a well designed website would help you find favor of a major chunk of web communities like gallery lists, showcases, directories and so on. Test your Website on Lynx This is one of the most precious SEO tips! If your website can perform well on a browser like Lynx i.e. it is easy to navigate, the content renders well and so on, then you can be sure that you have designed a great website. The idea is to think of search engine crawlers as extremely poor, non-functional browsers or probably unintelligent users. So you would need to make sure that they are able to browse through your website with ease and come across no problems. And this is the key to designing efficient and search engine friendly websites! Learn to Use Hash The hash symbol (#) is an extremely powerful SEO tool that helps developers create an element in the URL that is not considered unique by the search engine crawlers, and so, it dropped. For example, for long web pages that require users to scroll down a lot, there is generally a 'Back to Top' link placed towards the end that leads users to the top of the page. This link uses the hash! These small tweaks go a long way in optimizing the website for search engines at the same time preserving its look and feel! Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa. Article Courtsey: Article [...]

Website Reviews – A Great Tool For Search Engine Optimization


Starting an online business is one thing and making it grow is an entirely different thing. It is useless to deny the fact that anyone can start an online business but it is another reality that not everyone can reap same benefits. In order to get most out of your online business it is crucial to pay attention to few specific things. One of the most important things is the search engine optimization. When people shop, they prefer making use of a search engine to find relevant sites to shop at. But, they often go with the sites occupying top position in search engine result page. What it means is that if you are at the top of the result page, you are going to get more visitors. If you are interested in occupying this position you need to use all available search engine optimization tools. These tools offer a lot of help to acquire a better search engine ranking. But, it is important to choose a right tool to get things started. One of the best options in this regard is website reviews. There are lots of website review sites available today to promote your site. The basic objective of using any internet marketing tool is to make others know about your products and services. Using website reviews is a good option because it allows people to read something valuable about your website. They don’t only get information about your products but they also become able to learn more about the special offers. This often helps in an amazing way. However, when you check it form SEO point-of-view, it become evident that it also provides a great help in this regard. Actually, there are some specialists search engine optimizers offering their assistance in writing reviews for your website. They don’t only promote your site in the right way but they also make use of such keywords that enhance your search engine visibility. Now it is clear that when search engines get easy access to a website review sites, it becomes easier for people to come and read reviews about your site. These SEO experts write reviews in a convincing tone and compel people to visit your site. This always helps increasing traffic to your website. So, you can easily see how useful website reviews can be. There are lots of people who often forget to make use of this particular option and end up losing a lot of customers. You must never make this mistake as there are several benefits of using right website review sites. Always keep in mind that website reviews don’t only help you to get more traffic to your website but they also elevate your search engine ranking. With increased traffic and better ranking you can expect an increase in your sales. More sales mean more profit, and more profit is directly related to business success and expansion. So, pay attention to this particular option and get in touch with a right professional to publish your website reviews. Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa. Article Courtsey : Article Dash Board.Com [...]

Free Resources On The Web That Will Benefit Your Website


Your website needs to perform well no matter what your financial strength. So, you need to be always on the look out to identify ways and tools you can use to achieve this. The web has a lot of resources that you can harness to give your website a boost in performance. The good thing is that most of these resources are free to use. So all you need are the right techniques to go about it. If you don’t know how to, there are always professionals who can help you tap into them. It is of much importance to find ways in which you can direct traffic to your website, and this can be done in many ways. Some of the resources you can use include article directories, web directories, forum postings, social networking sites, Blogging, list building among others Blogging is a useful resource since it enables you to join relevant sites where you can share ideas and experiences and in the process leave a link to your website for anyone who would like to find out more about you and the topic. Social networking sites are also free and here, you can have your profile and get to connect to as many people as you can. Most of these people are potential clients and you only need to become virtual friends before you can introduce the website to them. You can post free adverts on most social networks such as Facebook. Social bookmarking works well with social networks since you can bookmark your website to your profile which will be visible to all who visit your page. List building is all about making a list of all potential clients together with their email addresses. Once the people on your list accept to be part of it, you will be sending email messages to them from time to time about your website content which could be in form of a newsletter. Join forum groups that talk about things related to your website and be an active member. Here, you can leave the details of your website after every posting you make and once people recognize you as a professional dedicated to his/her field, they’d want to know more about you and your website. There are free article directories where you write and submit your quality articles. Find higher ranking article directories to submit articles to because this increases your ranking too in the search engines. Quality free web directories could also benefit your website when you submit your links there. As long as you put your website under the right category and have the right content, traffic is assured. Taking your business online is beneficial because of the free resources you have at your disposal to make it prosper. It only requires you to use the resources well to your own advantage. Each of these resources has its own potential and the best thing is that you can use all of them to increase chances of traffic to your website. To achieve more from these resources, keep your website content as relevant and up to date as much as possible. Article Courtsey: Article DashBoard.Com Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa. [...]

Optimize your search engine…


The internet is the best way to find out information on anything — you want to play poker online, you can do it. You want to check stocks, go online. With this awesome marketing tool accessible to everyone, how can you stand out? You need to have the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company on your side so that you appear right up front and reach the most number of people. After all, when you’re finished playing Tetris, you do want to get down to business, right?

To do this, you need the Top SEO company, one that puts the advantage in your corner. You need professionals that are looking out for you, and that’s where a company that specializes in SEO like can become the best. You want something like the yellow pages were in the 20th Century only in the 21st. For an SEO company to be the best, they have to know how to put your business first, and most people will not look past the first page of search results when they enter a search code, and three out of four Americans use search engines like google or yahoo to find the products and services they have need to — The phrase “Google It” has become as common a form of slang as phrases like “Cool” and “grand”, and why? Because much like a great mini-mall, google has it all. Where else can you play strip poker and check your stocks at the same time? And they said you couldn’t multi-task!

When push comes to shove, you want the Top SEO Company out there — and the best of the companies are run by the proverbial chess players of the world. Chess players do not just jump into something, they plan several moves ahead. The right people know not only what is best for your team now, but also a month, six months or even three years from now. The internet is not going away any time soon, and in this economy, you’d like to make sure that you’re not going anywhere either. The move is yours. You can force this recession into checkmate by having the right people in your corner.

In conclusion, when it comes to the Top SEO company, the right tools make all the difference, and with a site like, you can be sure that you will not end up in a statlemate.

Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa.

Hire the Best SEO Company for the Best Results


If today’s e-commerce website is the equivalent of a street storefront, search engine ranking is the equivalent of location. Location is everything! To get the best possible ranking, you need the Top SEO Company.

Bergstrom at is the best SEO company to increase your crucial Internet traffic and that translates into increased sales. The Top SEO Company understands all of the elements that make up a comprehensive Internet campaign. Bergstrom at goes way beyond creating keyword-rich content. We will help you identify a strategy to create:

  • keyword-rich content search engines love
  • meaningful keyword-rich content that will educate, entertain and enlighten your readers to build consumer confidence
  • permanent and temporary external links that tell search engines you’re out there and on the ball
  • a comprehensive campaign to keep your business and website URL at the top of major search engine rankings (not buried beneath endless unrelated pages)
The Best SEO Company is one that takes time to understand your customers’ needs and desires. We understand how your consumer thinks and have performed research to help you find the right keywords and keyword combinations based on demand, search history and keyword competition.

Long-tail phrases that help search engines hone in on your areas of expertise are crucial tools. The Best SEO Company for you is one that knows how to use those tools to create an attractive – even magnetic – picture of your products and services for search engines and humans. We understand you need the undivided attention of both.

If you’re looking for the Best SEO Company on the Internet, look for the one that listens to you. Bergstrom is here to promote your business, organization or association and we know (without a doubt) we’re the Best SEO Company to polish your virtual store-front windows and make you shine from the outside in.

Build your business right on the Information Superhighway, not in an alley on some virtual backstreet.

Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa.

Bergstrom-SEO Takes Online Marketing Methods to the Next Level

2009-07-09T04:53:59.239-07:00, has launched their much anticipated Search Engine Optimization website. This particular SEO Company brings experience, dedication, and cutting -edge strategy to the field. will be is led by its founder Chris Bergstrom who brings over 7 years of experience to the table. One focus of the website to talk about the current seo technology environment.

With a well renowned history in SEO and a degree in computer engineering Chris decided it was time to turn his passion for SEO into a business. Earlier this year, his SEO company was born.
Chris has worked on several SEO projects in the past that vary from small personal sites, to larger sized campaigns involving countless hours of work. People that have worked along side Chris have noted his work ethic: "Chris is a great guy to work with, he's passionate about the business and is thorough in his work, it is always a pleasure to work with him, with all the confidence in the world, I can definitely say that he is among the top in his field. - Nicholas Manno, associate.

Bergstrom Marketing Inc, is a quality SEO company that understands the current seo technology environment. They offer a seldom found attribute when it comes to SEO world; experience. As was mentioned earlier, the site has undergone a lengthy and thorough development which has it packed full of useful information. The developers wanted to ensure that everything was there, that all of the information you as a prospective client would need to decide if Bergstrom Solutions was right for you. Bergstrom didn't disappoint, the site is beautifully crafted and now fully functional and flowing smoothly.

This SEO Company is up to date with Google's current searching algorithms, turning over better results for its clients; fast. Many SEO Companies today may be shocked to learn that Google's search algorithms are regularly updated meaning that their methods may be out of date and completely inefficient in terms of SEO. The current seo technology environment is changing. Bergstrom Solutions has beaten this problem and has proven that they are an innovative and leading force in the industry.

If you're in the market and looking for an SEO company, check out Bergstrom Solutions, their website has enough information to help you get started so that when you make a decision, it's an educated one.

Bergstrom-SEO is a leading Best Seo Company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa.

How To Keywords – A Short Guide To Keyword Selection For Online Business Success


After long hours of work or some out of pocket investment, you have created a professional looking web site. You have studies al about search engine optimization and gone to great lengths to make sure it is Search Engine Friendly. You have great content and you are sure that you have done everything to reap the benefits of organic search engine traffic. Your big launch date comes and goes, and nothing. But it takes time to show up on the generic search engine results, you might say. So you try an aggressive marketing campaign, and still, your sales are almost non-existent.What is happening? Your keywords are the fundamental building blocks of your online success. Because the competition is so great, choosing general or broad keywords is almost a guarantee that either you will not show up on the search engine results, or if you do, your target audience will not be looking for what you have to offer. Your keywords need to be as specific as possible to get you the results you are looking for. In other words, shoppers ready to buy your product or services are your target and the ones who will immediately find you. Not only that, but the greater the specificity of your keyword, the less competition you will face. Choosing the right keywords when your Website is new can be tricky as well as time consuming. There are a few ways to go about it:You might not think objectively. Ask your clients, family members, or friends what they would look for if searching for your product. You might be surprised at what insights they can give you.Get personal with your keywords. Take the obvious general keywords that come to mind, for this example we will use "toys", and try narrowing it down. Try "toy trucks" or "infant toys" or "water toys". Now go even deeper in your category and try "infant rattle toys" or "baby teething toys". You see how you are now targeting exactly what someone might be searching for?Do a manual search for the keywords you choose, and see who your competition is. Is that your target? Also look on the upper right hand corner of your search results. Typically, Search Engines will display the number of found results. The more specific the keyword, the less results displayed, the better your chances of obtaining results for that keyword.So now you have all these great keywords, what do you do with them? Knowing what your keywords are is not enough; you need to keep a few critical points in mind:Continually evaluate your keywords, keeping in mind that trends come and go, and what is "HOT" today may not be what people are looking for tomorrow.Keep track of where your visitors found you. If you are doing a paid campaign, this is easy to do, but if you are looking at generic results, you can use a tracking software to show you what your best resulting keyword searches are. Google Analytics is an example of a free service, and one of the best to track your traffic, visitors' keywords and behavior.Your visitors should never have to find what they are looking for on your Website. This applies mainly to your PPC programs. Point them directly to where they need to be. Whether it is the page where they can purchase your product, fill out a form or subscribe to a service, land them directly to that page. If you simply send them to your home page, you will lose that visitor because they did not immediately find what they were looking for.Lastly, optimize your pages to your keywords. Take time to carefully write your meta-tags. Properly written Titles can make the difference if your generic result is clicked on or not. Edit the individual pages to have a keyword rich description. This does not mean stuff your keywords anywhere you ca[...]

Expert Seo Services To Get The Real Online Traffic


The best marketing platform for online business today is no doubt the SEO services. By driving online traffic, one can earn money from their business website. The only requirement is the perfect blend of marketing strategies with your specific market and specific products online. And they should be well adapted to web standards in order to yield optimum sales. Since, every product caters to specific customer needs, it is important to apply SEO services to those product specific websites for maximum profits and results.It has been observed that many online businesses fail due to lack of information and content for their products. This is where SEO service comes in. Make sure that you opt for the right SEO company which can help you to achieve the desired results and can bring in the required online traffic for your products and services. Through these expert SEO services, you can make your business website appear more attractive and professional for the search engines via the search engine marketing services.Being optimized for the web, you can get a place for your site in top search engines and hence attract high rankings, customers and sales. Optimizing your website helps you to be known to the world through the medium of internet which is gaining a large percentage of marketing products worldwide. Hiring of expert SEO services frees you of any kind of online marketing hassles and leads to satisfactory results as a whole. These SEO experts are well aware of the tactics to be used for your specific product market and can get them molded into your website for desired end results.Relying upon the services of the best SEO company, you are assured of result-oriented, ethical and best online solutions for search engine optimization. Although there are paid methods to attract traffic online, but SEO is one such method which is not only affordable, but also guarantees long term relationships with your esteemed online customers. Hence, SEO services are long lasting and do not cost much to your pockets. Moreover, the credibility and goodwill of an optimized website is much more than a non-optimized website. A well optimized website enhances your probability to beat your competitors without incurring much costs and efforts. It is just to click the right SEO expert.Search engine optimizers or SEO experts may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing promotion. It may include promotional services like link building, social marketing, content management, article syndication which helps to boost your business to great heights. Using these smart and expert SEO services, you need not have to struggle to make a mark on the internet. These experts are there for you to take away your stress and make your business profitable online. They will help you to get an edge over other business websites.Bergstrom-SEO is a leading seo company that offers seo services that guarantees top search engine result page positioning along with higher organic traffic inflow from all major search engines. We provide expert seo services worldwide. For more details, click seo usa.Article Coutsey: Article DashBoard.Com[...]