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Garden Furniture Sets Made With Teak Can Bring Lasting Beauty To Any Outdoor Space

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Garden Furniture Sets How to Treat Your Wooden Storage Boxes

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One thing that almost everyone can agree on is that you can never have too much storage. As a homeowner or renter, I'm sure you can testify as to how easily you accumulate possessions, especially in your backyard. Instead of letting unsightly clutter fill your yard, many families choose to use outdoor wooden storage boxes. There are many varieties from which to choose, and you can decide on a box that fits your personal style and the feel of your backyard.There are many different options for how to chemically treat your outdoor wooden storage box. However, there are two basic categories of finishes; external treatments and penetrating treatments. It is important to use some sort of treatment on your storage box so that it can stand up to the elements of nature it is bound to face.Penetrating treatments infiltrate the wood and chemically enhance it. They do not form a filmy covering on the top of the wooden storage box, so they do not protect against ultraviolet rays.The first kind of penetrating treatment is water repellant. This finish is made of wax and/or oil in order to keep water from saturating the wood. It diminishes the possibility of warps and cracks.Water repellant needs to be applied to stripped wood every one to two years, according to William Feist. Discoloring and corrupting organism depend on water to live, so water repellants make it difficult for them to survive and ruin your wooden storage box.Another kind of chemical finish is wood preservative. This treatment annihilates the insects and fungi that will degrade and fade your wooden storage boxes. Wood preservatives are considered a type of pesticide, so you should always follow the directions with care.Some water repellants also include minimal amounts of wood preservatives. These treatments are called water-repellant wood preservatives, and give your wooden storage boxes the best of both kinds of penetrating treatments.External treatments, on the other hand, create a protective film on top of the wood. The most common external treatments are paints and varnishes.Paints offer the most protection from the external elements. They prevent water from warping the wood, and their pigments shield the wooden storage boxes from ultraviolet rays. Paints are available in a rainbow of colors, and create an opaque covering for the wood.Another external treatment option is the varnish. Varnishes are available in both clear and translucent options. Many people choose varnishes because they complement the natural beauty of the wood.However, varnishes need to be reapplied often. They do not provide the same protection against ultraviolet rays that opaque paints do, causing them to break down much more quickly and allowing the wooden storage boxes to deteriorate. For ideal protection, varnishes should be applied at least annually.It is essential to apply some sort of treatment to your wooden storage boxes. However, there are pros and cons to each treatment. It is important to consider what look and level of protection you want for your storage boxes before you choose a chemical treatment.Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Wooden Storage Boxes and log swing furniture sets: wooden garden furnituregarden furniture sets: wooden garden furnitureArticle Source:[...]