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Garden Furniture Sets Made With Teak Can Bring Lasting Beauty To Any Outdoor Space

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Garden Furniture Sets Outdoor Designing Save Vs Splurge

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A great-looking patio outdoor setup doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. At the same time, you want high quality wares that look nice and won't fall apart on you. Know where to save and what the save your money on and what to splurge on for the ideal outdoor haven.

Lighting: Save

Ambient lighting is not hard to achieve for much cheaper than you think. Skip installation deck lighting, which can cost $50-$100 per light, not to mention the cost of labor and rewiring. Instead, go with string lights or playful lanterns. They cost a fraction of the price, give off a warm and inviting glow, and you can move them around where you need them to be.

Dining Set: Splurge

The dining table is the centerpiece of your deck, and also something that will get a lot of use. Outdoor dinners, drinks and more all benefit from having a nice, high quality table. With a little regular maintenance, your patio table will last for decades on end, so in the end it really pays for itself. Besides, authentic hardwoods and wrought irons are impossible to duplicate as far as beauty.

Skip the cheap and flimsy woods, metals and plastics. While they may cost less at first, they don't look as nice and will not last as long. In the end, you will probably spend just as much money replacing your table every few years than you would by buying a nice table in the first place and saving yourself a lot of hassle.

Splurge: Deck

If you don't have a deck already in place, like if you are building a new home, or if you need a new deck, go for quality craftsmanship. Building your own deck is huge time commitment and not recommended unless you are a professional. You want something that will hold up without warping and falling apart, and can also hold a substantial amount of weight. The best plan of action is to go around and get some estimates before choosing any one contractor.

Also, look at their customer service ratings. Many companies now have reviews posted online so you can see the quality of their service from real life customers.

Extra Seating: Save

While spending a little more on a sturdy dining table, you can get just as good quality chairs for a low cost. Simply designed, attractive wood furniture is not hard to come by for a good price and looks great in your patio outdoor area. Certain woods tend to be even cheaper because they are grown within the US, so the cost of them is lower than transporting them from abroad.

One chair to look for in particular is the Adirondack. It doesn't have the frills of more ornate designs, but its low seat and angled back is more than comfortable, while its armrests are wide enough to rest a plate upon. Plus, you can score one for under $100. Here, you can even go with plastic. Poly resin chairs are cheap, easy to clean and lightweight.

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Garden Furniture Sets Repairing Patio Swings and Gliders

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:56:00 +0000

All furniture, whether indoor or outdoor, requires a certain level of maintenance if you plan on keeping it around and in good condition for more than a few years. Something like patio swings and gliders call for yet more work because of their moving parts, but the upkeep is still minimal when you think about all of the work you'll be saving in the long haul. Depending on what model of swing you have, there are different tips you can employ that don't take long, but will end up saving you precious time and money. Metal patio swings and glidersThe main concern with anything metal is rust. Most swings are made from lighter metals like aluminum (otherwise they would be too heavy to swing) that don't rust as easily as some other metals, but it's still a concern. Whenever your swings get wet, try to dry them off with a towel when it's possible so that moisture does not stay on the surface long periods of time. You might even want to cover your swing with a tarp overnight to protect against dew and during rainstorms.If you do notice a spot of rust forming, immediately sand away the area using sandpaper or a power sander to prevent the spot from spreading. You will also need to take into account the metal hardware, which comes not just with metal swings, but also wood and sometimes resin models. All parts that are beginning to rust or fall into disrepair need to be replaced at once. The final consideration for metal swings, and all furniture with moving parts, is to oil any hinges or joints regularly to prevent them from squeaking. Wooden patio swings and glidersWood is the classic choice for these pieces of furniture and the most common variety found in stores. To maintain, remember to take into consideration all of the different wooden pieces, including but not limited to the bench itself. There will usually be some sort of wooden base, and patio swings that are not freestanding will have some overhead crossbeam. Many swings also have wooden connectors rather than chains, which allow the bench to move. All of these parts need to be cared for equally. Replace any pieces of wood which have begun to fall apart. Small cracks and splitting in the wood can be sanded out using fine grained sandpaper to prevent spreading. Coating wood is important to protect it from moisture and UV rays, and it better maintains the original color of the wood. Use oil, varnish, sealant, paint or combination thereof, like an oil-based varnish a few times per year. Make sure that the wood is clean, dry and free of any residual varnish before applying a fresh coat. This will make the sealant better adhere and look more even. You can remove leftover varnish and paint also with sandpaper and use a mild cleaner like Murphy's. While some patio swings and glider swings operate on swinging wooden beams, others still use the traditional metal chains. There are two problems associated with chains: rust and wobble. Replace rusty chains with new ones, making sure to buy the same length chain. Tilt can usually be corrected by tightening bolts and other associated parts that may have come loose. Finally, like metal swings, you will need to regular oil all moving parts to keep them from squeaking and moving properly. With gliders, there is the added sliding track upon which the seat moves back and forth. This also needs to be oiled.Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Patio Swings and Gliders and Porch furniture sets: wooden garden furnituregarden furniture sets: metal patio furnitureArticle Source:[...]