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Garden Furniture Sets Made With Teak Can Bring Lasting Beauty To Any Outdoor Space

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Garden Furniture Sets Create Your Own Comfort

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Any piece of outdoor furniture should be comfortable, especially porch swings. Making a porch swing comfortable, especially if you own a wrought iron or a wood swing, is easy with a nice set of cushions. There are many advantages to making your own cushions, especially because they are cheap and easy to make and they give you the freedom to be as creative as you like.The first thing to do before making porch swing cushions is to make correct measurements. You do not want the cushions to be too short so they do not cover the entire seat of the porch swing but you also do not want the cushions to hang over the edges. The length and width of both the seat and back of the porch swing will need to be measured precisely to ensure a long life for the cushions.The next step in making cushions for you porch swing is to go purchase all of the materials. There are a few essential materials that you must have which include fabric, foam, scissors, and sewing equipment like a sewing machine or needle and thread. There is also opportunity for stitching on zippers or other tools so you can open and replace the foam inside.The fabric used to make the porch swing cushions should be heavy-duty and durable so they will last a long time. Because these cushions will be exposed to a lot of sun and potentially rain and wind, you should try and find the heaviest fabric. Be sure to choose fabric that will match the porch swing as well as the rest of your existing outdoor furniture. The fabric is the biggest advantage of making your own cushions because you have the freedom to be as creative as you like in your outdoor area.The foam used to stuff the cushions for your porch swing is also up to you and your preferences. You can decide how soft or hard you want the cushions to be by adding or subtracting the amount of foam you place inside. If used excessively, foam can become worn down in a matter of weeks so you may want to buy a little extra.Zippers or buttons to close the porch swing cushions is entirely up to you. It may take longer to make the cushions, but the ease of replacing the foam will be worth it in the long run if you plan on using the cushions for a long time. Because these cushions are fairly cheap to make, there is also the option of simply making new ones when they wear out.You may or may not prefer to make a pattern before you begin making your porch swing cushions. If you make a pattern, it should just have the specific measurements of your porch swing. The back and seat cushions will need to be made separately.You will begin by cutting two pieces of fabric of the same size according to your measurements. Next, turn them inside-out and put them together, with each edge matching exactly. After that, simply stitch along the edges but be sure to leave one of the shorter sides open. Make sure your stitches are tight and strong. Using a sewing machine may be easier for this but hand-stitching can work as well.If you wish to put a zipper or closing mechanism on one end, you will do this next. Before filling the cushions you will need to turn them so the design on the fabric is facing out and your stitches are inside. Next, place the desired amount of foam inside the porch swing cushion carefully, making sure not to rip any of the stitches. After you have the cushions stuffed close the cushions by either zipping it up or stitching the last side closed.This is a fairly simple task, but it may take a few tries. The comfort and style of your new porch swing cushions will be well worth the effort.Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Porch Swings and Porch Swings garden furniture sets: wooden garden furnituregarden furniture sets: wooden garden furnitureArticle Source:[...]

Garden Furniture Sets Made With Teak Can Bring Lasting Beauty To Any Outdoor Space

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:47:00 +0000

Are you thinking about buying furniture for your outdoor space? Are you looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing and functional too? You may want to consider the durability and beauty of wood patio furniture.

Look at any patio or garden magazine on the newsstands and you will likely see photo spreads of gorgeous patios, decks and outdoor living areas. Often, the focal point of the photo is a set of wood patio furniture, flanked by beautiful scenery and unique accessories. Celebrities, resorts and perhaps even your neighbors are purveyors of wood patio furniture. Anyone looking for a highly functional and durable outdoor set would be smart to look at furniture made with wood.

There are many types of wood that is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. One of the most desirable types of wood is teak. Teak is easy to cut and shape into pleasing forms. Even if left outside, teak will hold its shape, which is why boats have been made from teak for centuries. In India, teak is used extensively to make doors, window frames, columns, beams and cabinets.

For outdoor furniture, this is one of nature's most ideal types of wood. It is a very dense hardwood with a high oil and wax content. The oil helps make it highly water resistant. The oil inside teak also prevents attack by termites and other wood-eating insects. It is also resistant to rot and deterioration. These characteristics help make it a prized wood for both indoor and outdoor use.

Teak trees grow in Indonesia and other parts of the world. The best teak is old teak, meaning that it is up to 40 years of age. Teak is rarely harvested when it is less than ten years of age. The teak tree that is harvested in Southeast Asian can reach a height of up to 150 feet.

Boats are frequently made from teak. The rich, golden color of teak will naturally fade to a gray color as it ages. If you prefer to keep the gold color, there are stains and preservatives available that suit this purpose. Before you buy wood patio furniture made from teak, be sure to learn how to care for the wood itself. While teak usually only needs a mild cleaning to keep it in good shape, you may also want to use a scrub brush to gently remove dirt and grime. Cleaners made specifically for teak are also available at fine furniture stores.

When buying your teak wood patio furniture, be sure that the pieces you select will function well in the setting that is planned. If the wood patio furniture is going to be heavily used by young children, you may want to consider buying smaller scale pieces with durable, washable cushions. If leisure is high on your list, you may want to browse the numerous recliners, deep couches and lounging chairs. The size of the primary users is important to think about as well. A small adult might feel lost in a big piece of furniture, and a tall person might be uncomfortably squeezed. By planning ahead, you will be please with your wood patio furniture for many years to come.

Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Wood Patio Furniture.

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