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Stats Junky Identify Keyword Winners And Losers With Pinpoint Accuracy

With Stats Junky you will save time and money because all of your stats are in one place. No more logging into Affiliate Networks.

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Stats Junky Latest News and Updates

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:45:00 +0000

Get A Life Time Membership To Stats Junky For Just $297! For A Limited Time Only!This Update Covers:1. Direct Track Sites2. Elimination of Bugs3. All-New Auto Site Loader4. The Future of StatsJunkyAt Stats Junky, we never sit still. We're always looking for new ways to bring the best tools to our customers. So while you've been tracking your statistics on StatsJunky, we've been making some big changes in the background.Here's the low down.1. Direct Track Sites:First, we've' been working with Direct Track trying to get connected again. Unfortunately our hands are tied with this one. They are deciding how they will handle 3rd party applications connecting to their servers. Until they finalize a policy we are blocked from connecting to their network. Currently there are 50 or so sites that are Direct Track sites. None of these will work until Direct Track allows StatsJunky to connect. Rest assured we are doing everything we can, and understand the importance of this to you! We'll update you as soon as we get some info.2. Elimination of Bugs:We felt that our development team was not able to provide the type of quality that we demanded, so we've replaced our development team with a brand new one that's just incredible. In the last 6 weeks, they've been taken the base code of StatsJunky and made it stronger, faster, and with fewer bugs. By now, you should notice it's running a lot smoother now. If you're having any problems whatsoever, we encourage you to run the StatsJunkyRepair tool by following the directions at your member area.3. Auto Site Loader:The new team has also wrapped up work on our Auto Site Loader, which allows us to add new affiliate programs in just a matter of minutes. That means you get access to the affiliate programs you've requested faster than ever. It also means that if you've got a site that doesn't support PPC tracking yet, or are working with sites that StatsJunky hasn't previously supported, now is the time to submit them! You can submit your sites here. The sooner you submit them, the faster they'll get supported!4. The Future of StatsJunky:Here's another piece of great news! The more we work with this Dev Team, the more we realize just how powerful their capabilities are. Because of their depth of experience (having created desktop apps for Fortune 100 companies), we've been able to discuss the future of StatsJunky from whole new levels. The result? We've developed plans to recreate Stats Junky from the ground up.What does this mean to you?1. StatsJunky will run faster, consume fewer resources, and will be absolutely bug free.2. It will work with just about anything. You'll be able to use it on Windows, OS X, Linux, Blackberry, and the iPhone.3. It will be able to support CPL, PPV, and any other site with stats on it!4. It will track content network conversions5. Allow you to manage your campaigns from inside StatsJunky instead of logging into the PPC's.6. Allow you to maximize revenue with automated tools.PLUS ... And here's the best part...Stats Junky will do whatever you want it to do!We know that you're unique. You have needs that may go beyond what most people use. That's why we're keeping our ears and eyes open to your suggestions while we give StatsJunky a complete overhaul. By taking the lessons we've learned from the current StatsJunky and combining them with the suggestions of customers like you, we'll be able to truly move Stats Junky into the next generation of statistics tracking. We promise you, this will be light-years ahead of anything you have ever used before in this industry. So if there is anything that you want or need to see included, then please email us and let us know.Here's to a new, better, feature-rich way to track your stats and increase your income. Here's to StatsJunky!Get A Life Time Membership To Stats Junky For Just $297! For A Limited Time Only!After combing through all the paid and free/hosted affiliate stats tracking software available today, Stats Junky has become the only indispensable affiliate tool that I have ever needed. Period![...]