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Timeline Of Bridal Dresses In The Twentieth Century


Marriage is one of the main principal occasions of a person’s life. Only marriage however allows great honor for the principals. Throughout the tradition, marriages had been considered as the special day for a lady who is about to pledge her matrimonial vows towards the chosen one. Marriage is Her Big Day more than that of the groom. This is why marriages have always been made special and bridal dresses created as such to fit the festive occasion. This practice of making the bride look magnificent in her bridal dress runs down throughout the history, with widespread influence dating back to medieval times. Bridal dresses were not always white, in opposition for what have been usually perceived by most people. Bridal dresses before the Victorian era would normally adapt the color of what is trendy and what is available. Shades of lively colors were normally used and pastel colors were also popular. But by mid-1800s, white bridal dresses became the norm when Queen Victoria chose a white bridal dress for her wedding day. The same dress was worn over a black silk dress fifty years later. She also was responsible for setting the fashion of having her bridesmaids carry the train. 1920s In his decade, revolutionary changes were done with fashion. Up well to 1920s, bridal dresses were created in accordance with what's the norm. The hemlines rose from shoe to above the knee and became more curtailed. But later, many considered the length of the bridal dress inappropriate for church services, thus the replacement of full-length gowns. In this decade, the dropped waist and shapeless bodice dresses reach their height of popularity. 1930s The depression in thirties followed the roaring of the twenties. Women changed from the boyish look to the more profound expression of a woman's body. Normally, the bridal dresses in this era hugged the body of the bride. To emphasize the shape of the body, bridal dresses were given boat-shaped collars. 1940s Fashion in the 1940s almost died down, and the same was true for the white bridal dresses. Clothes rations started in 1941 and continued up to the end of the World War I. A number of brides struggled for silk dresses but most suited themselves for the uniform. Those who were not commissioned in the army wore the same costumes. 1950s The padded shoulders of the last decade were superseded by the narrow shoulders in the 1950s. However, many brides wanted their dresses adopt the intermediate style. The bridal trains were fashioned after the trains of the Elizabethan era. But another fashion arrived- The New Look outfit. Simply put, the New Look outfit is tailored after the ballerina dresses in terms of length. The dress typically has a jacket bodice with tight sleeves. 1960s There were not so much changes in the bridal fashion in the 1960s. Ladies still preferred wearing the circular dresses, short veils and tight sleeves only differing on the veils with more bouffant approach. Most women wore coronets and a single rose with the veil gathered together from the flower. In contrast with the extravagant and flowing bridal dresses, bouquets in the 1960s were made simpler. More often than not, tiny flowers in tight posies are used. 1970s After two decades of tights sleeves, Tudor sleeves were introduced in the seventies. The high-waisted line of the 1960s gradually moved lower to a princess line. Trains diminished too and the cuts of the dresses were made far simpler. 1980s By this era, the waistlines had returned to their normal position. The dresses were much fuller now and the big bouquets returned back to fashion. This period was marked with more extravagant sleeves, suited after the bridal dress of the Princess of Wales. 1990s Wide skirts remained popular with the start of the 1990s. However, different fashion icons popularized varieties of skirts. But among the most popular are the super low waists with skirts flared down. New Century With the coming of the new century, the norms with wedding have changed too. Themed costumes were much more practiced today and so are the themed bri[...]

A Videographer fully Equipped


The checklist for planning a wedding may seem endless. Couples do not realize how hard and time consuming planning a wedding can be until they actually go through the process of planning their own wedding. There are the obvious tasks, like deciding on the venue, choosing the perfect wedding stationary and purchasing the wedding gown. And there are the not so obvious tasks, like choosing a wedding theme, agreeing on the perfect centerpiece for the tables and selecting the genre of music. No doubt, wedding services have come a long way. Today, couples have access to wedding vendors that can make wedding planning a much less tedious process. For one, couples may choose to hire a wedding planner, who not only has experience but is very well-equipped to handle the entire process from A to Z. While couples are still the final decision makers, the experience and know-how of a wedding planner significantly helps in reducing the stress associated with planning every task. Most venues also have in-house wedding planners and organizers who are able to assist the couple in selecting the required vendors. But not all couples have the required budgets for hiring a wedding planner. What then? Couples may browse through a UAE wedding vendor directory or sort through magazines to select the appropriate wedding vendors. But on what basis should a decision be made? Take, for example, selecting a videographer for your wedding. White, a UAE wedding information resource , lists a variety of wedding photographers and videographers. Setting aside timing and budget constraints, couples may not do their homework when selecting a videographer. For one, it is very important that a couple views a videographer’s portfolio of work before finalizing a deal. Anyone can shoot a video. It is the final outcome that makes the difference; quality of picture, clarity of sound, experience in capturing the spontaneous moments, and most importantly, communicating the story. You also want to make sure that the videographer has experience in weddings and is able to meet your needs. You do not want your wedding day footage to fall victim to generic and sappy video editing. Providing a unique touch always goes a long way. All in all, there needs to be a compelling enough reason to pay for the services of a videographer versus assigning this task to Uncle Pete. As you can see on White, a wedding website in UAE, videographers vary in style. Professional videographers usually have a website that displays a portfolio of their work. Browse through Rebecca Hobday’s website to get a feel for what’s involved in professional wedding photography and videography and to get you started on your vision of how your wedding day should be portrayed.Image credit: [...]

Are You a Plain Jane or a Glamorous Fashionista?


Like any bride, you are probably nervous about your wedding day. This is because it’s your day and all eyes will naturally be on you. While this is your dream come true, the down-side is that your hair, make-up, jewellery, veil and above all your wedding gown will be under close scrutiny by most of your guests. But don’t panic just yet. Every bride-to-be will likely feel the anxiety you’re feeling right now. Let’s start with the look you are after. The number one piece of advice you will hear from any wedding expert is that the best version of YOU should emerge on your wedding day. So you may want to ask yourself this question: on a regular day, Are you a plain Jane or a glamorous fashionista? The plain Jane type will want to keep her look simple, with her hair styled down or perhaps half raised, with very natural make-up to enhance her beauty. Such brides will only feel comfortable in simple natural styles and a professional stylist will be sure to respect that choice. There are plenty of romantic and natural hairstyles for the simple bride. The glamorous fashionista, on the other hand, will consider her wedding day a big opportunity for her to shine and look ever so glamorous. Such brides are a stylist’s “dream come true”, allowing room for creativity in creating an attention-grabbing hairstyle. Such styles tend to be higher, fuller and curlier and tend to express a bold statement. Whichever way is your way, the professional stylist should guide you in selecting a style that best accentuates your features, taking into account the shape of your face and length of your forehead among other characteristics. If you are confused about which hairstyle to choose or what make-up to wear, you may want to seek the help of wedding planning resources in the UAE . The UAE wedding vendor directory lists a number of stylists and make-up artists that can help bring out the best version of you. For more advice on the perfect hairstyle, contact one of White’s hair and make-up vendors Styling by Susan under wedding vendors in UAE.Image credit: [...]

The Adventurous Side of Mykonos


As mentioned in my earlier post, the activities on Greek Islands never fail to spice up your stay in Greece. Soak up the elating activities on Mykonos in Greece, for an exciting honeymoon… The flourishing marine life, shipwrecks and underwater caves in the clear waters of the Greek Islands, are great attractions for scuba divers. If you have never tried scuba diving before, be sure to try it in Greece as many diving centres have opened up. These centres have highly qualified instructors. There are dozens of other water sports wedding services directory. in Greece like wind surfing, water skiing, jetskiing and parasailing for a fun filled oceanic experience. All these activities are included among the top 10 honeymoon destinations on White.Greece is also enjoyed for its unique Go-Karting experience. People young and old, love trying out the thrill of driving around sharp bends and fast straights… Take a trip to the ancient island of Delos. Nobody except archaeologists live here. Tourists groups are the only outsides allowed on this island. This island is considered sacred as it was the legendary birth place of Apollo (the Greek god). It has been recorded that the Athenians used to kill all the people living in Delos every once in a while, just to maintain the purity of this holy place. Apart from Delos, there are a number of places of worship in Mykonos. There are around 800 distinct Mykonian churches to visit on this island.Mykonos is a fantastic island for shopping and dining. Matogianni Street is the main shopping area of the island. Here you will find several cafés and restaurants too. Tourists come here to shop for local jewellery, souvenirs as well as designer wear and accessories. And last but not the least; the Greek island of Mykonos is famed for its night life. The parties never end. Planning your honeymoon through White’s wedding website for UAE is always easy. Get in touch with us to learn how simple it is.Image credit:[...]

Incredible Maldives


Stretched between Minicoy Island and Chagos Archipelago are the 1192 coral islands of the Maldives. These islands look like tiny emerald green specks from afar, rising from the deep blue Indian Ocean. The tall coconut trees leaning towards the ocean, the romantic sands gracing the islands and the dramatic sunsets make this place a complete delight for honeymooners. Our UAE wedding services directory includes Maldives as one of the best honeymoon destinations.

The Maldives are developing exactly according to the taste of the tourists. Each island mostly houses just one resort. Thus they have also been nick named as ‘the resort islands’. Maldives, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world also encourages eco-tourism in order to preserve its precious greenery and marine life. This approach gave rise to exciting activities like snorkeling, submarine rides, whale and dolphin watching as well as shark feeding. The resorts around Maldives offer first-class facilities with splendid international cuisines and excellent service. They also have luxury spas apart from the beaches and parks to relax. These resorts also allow you to go island hopping in a private yacht. In this way you can explore some of the uninhabited islands of Maldives too!

The Maldivian locals welcome honeymooners traditionally with flowers and fruits. Peek into the lifestyle of the locals by visiting their little villages and markets. These markets include a variety of local handicrafts, electronic gadgets, garments, souvenirs, perfumes and even canned fish. If you’re lucky enough you might also witness the traditional dances they occasionally display.

White’s wedding website for UAE includes many more romantic honeymoon destinations. Read more about them on our wedding planning website.

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Traditional Invitations: More than Keepsakes


(image) Like e-invitations, traditional printed invitations have benefits as well as drawbacks. When it comes to portraying your unique personality and the specialness of your celebration through an invite, traditional wedding invitations always do the needful.

When the environment is taken into consideration, printed invitations are not the best way to go about inviting people. But on the other hand, compared to e-mail, traditional invitations are more expressive as they can be held in the hand and can even be framed. They can be printed on beautiful paper with different textures. Traditional wedding invitations are prepared keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. Thus your guests get a feel for the wedding theme and accordingly the kind of attire (formal/casual) they are supposed to slip into.

Your wedding stationery doesn’t need to be expensive in order to look expensive. If budget is your only constraint, you can always opt for the less expensive ones. Save money on the kind of stationery you are going to use. If getting an RSVP is not important to you, then you might as well cut down on those reply cards too. E-mails, on the other hand, can be discarded very easily and can also be forgotten with the same amount of effort. As stated by most people, e-invites cannot make your wedding invitation special.

White understands how important a perfect wedding card is to you. Thus our UAE wedding services directory also includes wedding stationery by The Paper Room and I.D. Morelos Design Studio. Along with all kinds and styles of invitations, White provides all kinds of stationery that your wedding ceremony may require. Visit our website for further details.

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Pre-Wedding Heath Plans?


No one would like to fall ill on their wedding day. That is why, staying healthy before your big day is essential. You may reduce some of your stress by outsourcing part of the preparation to a trusted wedding planning service in UAE. But what about the stresses of looking slim and trim for your wedding? Many couples go through it. Call it a trend… but couples these days are heavily inclined towards losing weight, just months before their wedding. Any sane advisor will tell you that pre-wedding health is not about weight loss. It is about staying happy, active and fit on your wedding day. There are a number of health and well-being facilities around UAE to help couples look good as well as feel good. Listed below are a few methods you would come across in your pre-wedding health plan. These can help you get a rough idea about an average health plan programme.Make healthier food choices before your big day. For example: Drink water instead of a soda.Always stay hydrated by drinking water.Maintain good posture to avoid back pains.Stay active by taking a walk. A walk is good for several reasons; it circulates the blood and lets the skin breathe.Avoid late nights (especially a few days before your wedding). This could disturb your sleep cycle.Get a head massage to help you relax occasionally. You could also practice yoga.Couples tend to feel anxious and nervous at times, about the upcoming wedding ceremony. In such cases it is best to visit a counselor.White is all things wedding, so much so that we can also make you look and feel good just in time for your wedding day. Our UAE wedding services directory includes Health Factory, which can help you choose a health plan that perfectly suits your need.Image credit:[...]

Formal Groom Attire


(image) Everyone’s busy with what the bride must wear, but what should the groom wear? Gone are the days when men’s clothing was limited to a single pattern or a single colour. If you’re confused about how the tuxedo needs to be designed, here’s a little tip: Glance through the different tuxedo patterns your UAE wedding services directory has to offer. Try and have a fair idea about ‘what’s in’ before you approach the selected designer.

Each aspect of a tuxedo comes in different styles.

Suit type – The single breasted suit is the most common suit pattern available. They come in one, two, three or four buttoned styles. You also have the double breasted pattern and the famous tail-coat.

The shirt collar- Choose a collar that the groom would be most comfortable in. If he doesn’t like wearing a tie, opt for the banded collar. There is also the wing-up collar and the traditional laydown collar patters that need to be worn along with a tie.

The tie – You have the traditional bow tie, the 4-in-hand tie and the much different euro-tie (in the picture). A euro-tie can be best described as a rectangular tie.

The lapel – Lapels are the folded flaps on the front side of a coat. Notched, peaked and shawl are the three running styles.

Studs- When shirt fronts are too stiff to be fastened with tiny button, studs are used. Shirts can be designed to be worn with or without studs. Now-a-days studs are used as mere fashion, so don’t settle for the usual shiny cufflinks. Try finding something different and unusual like the Beatles record cufflinks, the bulls eye or the guitar cufflinks (according to the groom’s preference).

Visit White’s wedding website for UAE to choose from a range of tuxedo and bridal gown designers. Our designers present ready-to-wear and well as custom made clothing.

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Dressing For Fall


Wearing long sleeves in summer and noodle straps in winter hardly makes any sense. When choosing a pattern for your gown, see that it is in tune with the season. Fall is a great season to get married according to most of the wedding planning services in UAE. As the years pass by, more couples consider getting married during the autumn months in Dubai. Fall is the perfect season to get married also because the bright foliage makes for an interesting background in your wedding photographs. But what kind of bridal gown suits this season?You can make use of several styles and colours this fall. Off-white, ivory, cream or pearl are the best colours for a bridal gown. These colours would stand out pleasantly and add to the bride’s charm. Generally another colour is required to compliment the bride’s gown. This colour becomes the major part of the wedding theme at times. Maroon, burnt orange, light yellow, baby blue, pink or brown can be used as a complimentary colour keeping in mind what best matches the bride’s gown and the season. The bride can also use one of these colours to create a distinct look by adding a bow of the same colour to her dress.The pattern of your wedding dress needs to match your theme. You can pick up various accessories to compliment your dress from a designer boutique like Frost in UAE. They have all the vital details a bride may require including veils, underskirts, lingerie, shoes, hair accessories and custom designed jewelry. White’s online UAE wedding services directory can help you with any vendor you may require, to make yourself look like a queen on your wedding day. Check out our long list of vendors to fulfill all your bridal fancies.Image credit:[...]

E-Invite or Not…


The thought of sending an e-invitation can be alluring, especially when you are looking to cut down on expenses. In the age of Evite and Facebook, many do not feel the need to send printed wedding invitations anymore. If your guests can get accustomed to an online wedding gift registry, then a wedding invitation through e-mail won’t be very difficult to digest either. Are traditional/paper invitations really necessary? Let’s find out by checking the pros and cons of sending your invitation as an e-mail. E-invite pros:E-invitations are definitely a modern way of passing on the announcement of your marriage to family and friends. With the click of a button, your e-mail can reach the whole bunch you are planning on inviting, in a matter of seconds. Like traditional cards, e-invitations can also be personalized to suit your wedding theme. You can also upload photos and include useful information like road maps. These invitations also come with an online RSVP for your guests to respond immediately. By sending an e-card, you can save a lot of money and also save a tree.E-invite cons: Older invitees would not be internet savvy. Apart from reading your card, they would not be able to RSVP either. Another draw back of inviting people through e-mail is that your mail can easily turn into spam. Sending an e-mail doesn’t make the guest feel that the occasion they are invited to is special. (That’s because, an e-invite mostly gives a casual feel.) Above all, e-invitations can’t act as keep sakes.Even if you are trying to reduce costs, I’m sure you still want your wedding to be special and viewed as a special occasion by others. Check out White’s wedding stationary vendors on its wedding website for Dubai to order special, custom made invitations for your wedding. It can help you make knowledgeable decisions and also offer you the best of UAE’s services.Image credit:[...]

Tropical Langkawi


The Langkawi islands in Malaysia are perfect for an enchanting honeymoon get away. There is more to Langkawi than just feeling, hearing and seeing nature every step of the way. The Langkawi islands comprise 99 archipelagic islands. Experience the gentle welcome of the breezy emerald sea and the pristine sugary sand beneath your feet the moment you arrive on this tropical island paradise. Most of the Langkawi islands are dotted by prestigious resorts along the beach, while some resorts are neatly tucked between the peaceful limestone hills. Many wedding planning services in Dubai have a list of budget resorts for couples to choose from as far as the Langkawi islands are concerned. Even if you are looking out for a 5 or 6 star experience, you won’t be disappointed. The activities on Langkawi are endless. Trek the green forest and the sturdy mountains or sunbathe on the extensive beaches… You can also enjoy sailing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving or even snorkeling in the islands cool waters. These beautiful islands full of flora and fauna happen to have 3 full fledged golf courses in different locations. The first golf club established in Langkawi is the Langkawi Golf Club near Kuah Town. The other two golf courses are at the Golf Club Datai Bay and the Gunung Raya Golf Resort. Horse riding is also part of the many island activities that couples love to try out during their stay in Langkawi. You may check out any of the wedding planning websites in UAE for more information on accommodation and leisure activities. As far as White Me is concerned, we always provide only the top honeymoon destinations in the world for your pleasurable stay.Image credit:[...]

Running out of theme ideas?


Ideas for a memorable wedding are very easy to come up with. You can come up with an idea for a wedding theme in almost everything you see. Wedding services can help you pull a wedding together, but before that you need to at least provide a clue to what you are looking for. A beach theme: For an intimate wedding A beach wedding theme is interesting because, it takes you away from the traditional ceremonies and also gives your wedding a modern feel. Picture the red rays of the setting sun reflected upon the wine glasses. And as the evening turns to night, the cozy white lights will decorate your venue under the moonlight; thus turning your venue into a romantic fantasy. The relaxing sea-breeze is an added advantage to having a beach wedding. --The bride can wear a white bridal gown, while the brides-maids opt for sea-blue dresses. Use can pearls to accessorize your lovely locks. The groom and best men can opt for a cream tuxedo or suit. --Your wedding cake could be decorated with pretty sugar sea-shells, brightly coloured star fish and so on… --The tables can be arranged with white table cloth and blue overlay, along with white plates and silver cutlery. You could also have a light house as the centre piece on every table. Your wedding planner just needs to know the theme you wish to have. The rest will be taken care of. If you like the theme but don’t want to hold your wedding ceremony on the sand, you can always use the same theme indoors by the pool. All you need to do is decorate the place to give it a sea-side feel. Even a theme such as this one is possible with White’s wedding planning directory. Image credit: and[...]

Decorating your Wedding Cake


The wedding cake stands as the centre of attraction during a wedding reception. That is why it needs to be as beautiful as the bride. Take some time to decide how your wedding cake is supposed to look; like the way you would decide how your wedding gown should be. The cake can’t do much for itself, can it?

When it comes to deciding the design of your wedding cake, turn to the internet and magazines for different styles. Ask your wedding planner for a UAE wedding services directory and scan through what they have to offer. I’m sure you would be surprised to see the varied and (image) exquisite cake designs available. Viewing unique designs and decoration styles always act as an inspiration. As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the shape and design of your wedding cake needs to be meaningful. It must reflect the wedding theme and your personality. Some people make sure their favourite colour or flower is also part of their beautiful wedding cake.

There are two ways to set the cake. You may place one layer over the other making a single huge cake, or you may place each tire on little pillars.

If you have decided to approach a wedding planning service in UAE, it is better to also get your cake done by the same wedding planner. This way you can reduce expenses. Check the baker’s style of making cakes and whether he is renowned or not, before signing a contract. White provides its customers with the finest cake vendors in UAE. Take a look at their skill and potential through our online wedding website for UAE.

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A Honeymoon Paradise


Mild winters and dry summers are what you will feel in Greece. Picture yourself standing among white structures, enveloped within the blue sky and the much bluer Aegean Sea. Every inch of Greece is filled with beauty and pure romanticism. Thus it makes for the perfect honeymoon getaway.The Greek Islands are a collection of 6000 islands and islets that form Greece. Crete, the most popular island is also said to be the largest one in Greece. This island is mighty rich in its cultural heritage. The other popular islands in Greece apart from Crete are Rhodes and Mykonos. Rhodes is plain beautiful with cricket sounds and olive groves; while Mykonos keeps bustling with its amazing night life. Much of the restaurants in Greece located in the busy areas, cater only to tourists. Along with custom cuisines, these restaurants offer tourists a taste of their traditional pastas and mastichas. Meat and fish are of course the main focus of their menus. You can shop in Greece for a variety of traditional handicrafts, rugs, pottery, handbags and leather shoes… If you’re lucky enough, you might even get to work on the potter’s wheel. The flea market around there is open seven days a week. Including silver and gold jewellery, everything from furniture to vegetables are sold in these markets. Even if you don’t get the time to enjoy the busy market, you can always pick up the things you missed out on your way to the airport.Stop by the Greek Islands with the one you love on your honeymoon. Along with everything else, the activities on the Greek Islands never fail to spice up your stay in Greece. Contact White, our wedding website in Dubai for more information on the Greek Islands and other top honeymoon destinations.Image credit: and[...]

Need a hand?


Any other party is easily forgotten, but not a wedding party. That’s because a wedding is also an occasion where everyone gets an opportunity to meet distant relatives after a long while. This is why White tries to make your wedding a uniquely pleasant day to remember with the help of its famous flower design and arrangement professionals.

(image) Having a special theme for weddings has always been popular. Although planning a wedding is fun, finding the right kind of flowers, ribbons, candles, lights and other decorations for the ceremony is not easy. Keeping up with their own expectations as well as those of the guests, many couples consider outsourcing their big day to expert wedding planners in the city. Outsourcing your wedding is a much lenient option to choose, rather than being stressed out by the time your wedding day arrives.
One of the best decorators I’ve come across in Dubai are Space And Flower. Their design team mainly consists of French florists. They have a huge stock of decorating accessories that can suit any wedding theme, while their works as perceived by many seem to be more artistic than just a show of elegant flowers, patterns and colours.
White is an online wedding planning service that has everything you require to make your wedding day beautiful. If you haven’t started on planning your wedding event yet, get in touch with the professional co-ordinators at White. They are experts at putting together any kind of wedding service you are looking for.
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Entertainment At Weddings In Vogue


Entertainment at weddings has always been perceived as delightful. While your guests enjoy the spread, incorporating some form of entertainment programme at your wedding reception can add a lot of razzel to your dazzeling party. You might wonder which form of entertainment suits a wedding party.
Well, here are some
entertainment options you could use to keep the air merry.

What could be better than a sizzling salsa performance by professional dancers? Such a performance would not only entertain your guests but will also probe them to get on to the dance floor and try a few Latino moves themselves. The chemistry of this form of dance illuminates with passion.
James and Alex are professional dancers from the UK whose love for salsa moved them to the Middle East. This duo has performed a number of events in UAE, Europe and Asia. They also teach salsa. Their services are in conjunction with White our online wedding planning service.

You could also hire a group of belly dancers to capture the distinct Middle East flavor, especially for your non-Arab guests for an exciting and colourful wedding. All cultures can enjoy the grace of belly dancing. So this form of entertainment can suit just about anyone.

Belly dance performances are categorized into wedding special, educational, workshop and even charity performances. So before hiring a group, make sure that the sound system is adequate for some traditional Arabic music.

Be sure to check all the
entertainment options available at White. Just take your pick and let us know what is it that you would like us to provide.

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Pick Your Wedding Dress Wisely



Over the years, brides have always managed to look like princesses on their wedding day; wearing a beautiful dress displaying different patterns and even different colours (like blue, off white, beige) to look even more beautiful. While planning your wedding, one of the biggest most exciting decisions a bride would have to make is planning on how her wedding gown is going to be.

Here are some tips that can help while screening through wedding dresses:

-Being the bride/princess for a day doesn’t mean you would not be moving around. That is why your wedding dress needs to be comfortable. If you’re able to dance with it, you ought to be able to move freely in it. Even your wedding shoes must pass the same test.

-Many brides prefer tailor made dresses as you can select the right pattern that suits your body type. If you are planning to buy your dress from a shop, be sure to ask the sales person for their recommendation.

-As brides in the past expressed themselves with light colours other than white, don’t be afraid to add a dash of blue, pink or even yellow to your white gown in order to give it that distinguished look.

A UAE wedding service website famed as White offers bridal gowns made by Ayesha Depala that are elegant yet glamorous and are known for their designs as well as finishing. Her clients range from young ladies to mature woman.

Whatever you choose, it is advisable to make sure that you love what you’re wearing on your big day. Incase your other requirements like hair styling, makeup or photography have not yet been fulfilled, you can check what White has to offer at our Dubai wedding website.

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Preserving Your First Moments Together: Wedding Photography


If it wasn’t for photography, we would never be able to capture those pleasant moments we want to remember. Nobody needs to explain why we need a photographer at our weddings. But the only concern of the bride and groom is that the photographer should be able to capture exactly how they felt on their wedding day. All we want is to remember is the excitement, the nervousness, the beauty, the shies and the happiness that was scattered around in the atmosphere during our marriage ceremony.Many couples seldom realize that their photographer is too busy clicking formal photographs and in the process the real charm of the wedding is lost. Some photographers even go to the extent of make the wedding album look like an attendance book! Wouldn’t pictures like the tears of happiness in your mother’s eyes, or your little niece playing with confetti add more value to your wedding album? Your wedding has got everything to do with emotion and nothing to do with formality. Therefore, finding the right photographer who would be able to capture every valuable moment of your big day is very difficult.If you happen to look for genius photography that can tell you entire wedding ceremony in the form of a tale, then you’re in luck! White wedding planners have the perfect photographer in store for you. Blue Eye Picture is one of the best out of what White offers in photography and videography. They shoot combining a traditional as well as a modern approach in an unusual photojournalistic style. Image [...]

Feng Shui For A Happy Married Life


You might have heard of Feng Shui being considered before the making of a building. As most people still haven’t understood what Feng Shui actually means and the importance of it, here goes… Feng Shui is a science that evolved in China many years ago and is now practiced in abundance by Westerners. The words ‘Feng Shui’ directly translate as ‘wind water’ in English. It is basically used to tell you which area to build your house in, where should the door be facing, etc. in order to balance the energies of your office, your home or any other space. Feng Shui has many ways to improve the positive energies of your living space. But only a professional Feng Shui consultant will be able to guide you appropriately.From the point of view of Feng Shui, even the plants in your home need to be placed in the right place or it can cause an imbalance. Wooden plants are considered auspicious. Instead of placing flowering plants in bedrooms, married couples wanting children should place fruits like pomegranates as a symbol of fertility according to Feng Shui.Unlike what most people think, Feng Shui is not something superstitious. Donald Trump uses it; why shouldn’t we? White recently featured a certified Feng Shui consultant called Proshat Sarabloo who is one of the recent renowned pioneers in the Middle East. She specializes in using Feng Shui in order to bring opportunities, success and harmony in the couples’s life. Our wedding planning directory also lists heath facilities to couples interested in achieving a healthy lifestyle, before and after marriage. Image [...]

The Wedding Cake: Much More Than A Tasty Dessert


Everyone today agrees that the cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. Initially, the idea of piling up several cakes one above the other came from the Romans. They would pile up many cakes (each of different sizes) as high as they could, while the bride and groom would try kissing over the cake without toppling it over. If they succeeded at that, it meant that the newly wed couple would share a life of peace and prosperity together.Couples today may not be keeping such traditions in mind for sure, while selecting a wedding cake. All they want is a unique wedding, which brings it down to having a unique cake and cake topper. Many wedding planners in UAE might show you a range of elegantly designed cakes through photographs before you finally select one. But remember that the wedding cake is a reflection of your personality and it’s important to choose one according to the theme of the wedding. Therefore, ordering the right cake, by the right person, at least 3-6 months in advance makes perfect sense.We at White understand that the wedding cake is so important that it can make or even break the whole wedding theme. Uniqueness is another main factor. That is why we customize wedding cakes so that no two cakes can be similar. Our renowned cake vendors like ChoCo’a and Galler Chocolate have been creating the most exquisite wedding cakes by expert chefs and designers. Feel free to check our wedding website in UAE for further details. Image [...]

Make Way For The Perfect Wedding Day


Planning a wedding has never been a hassle free task. Instead of becoming more and more energetic as your wedding day approaches, couples have often been enveloped by the stress that comes with all the planning; regarding the most important day of their lives.You need to speak to a number of vendors in order to make an informed decision on the venue, music band, flowers, photographers, invitations and many other things. Keeping track of everything that needs to be done also starts getting difficult, as nobody would want even a single arrangement to fall out of place on their wedding day. This is why many couples register themselves with wedding planners to simply avoid the tension involved in finding the best services around.When you think of hiring wedding planners, you might start to worry about the expenses knotted with it and whether the money being spent will be worth it. But on the bright side, services like these can help you with everything you need, in order to turn your dream wedding ceremony into a reality. They are familiar with the best places in the vicinity to get your bridal gown / tuxedo ready, to find reliable florists or to take care of things like sound, lighting, catering, etc. at the reception that we might not have the time to handle.White is an online wedding planning service that can fulfill your every wedding wimp and fancy. White provides you with an easily understandable wedding service directory that contains all the information you might possibly need to have a well-planned, successful wedding. Just register yourself online to enjoy a smooth ride to your perfect wedding day. Image credit: [...]

A Mini Guide To Invitation Planning


A wedding invitation card is an official announcement of your marriage to your near and dear ones. It is the first impression of your marriage. Although it often seems like a tiny part of the celebration, it always turns out to be a cumbersome task to manage.As you know, the chances of errors occurring in invitation cards are high; especially if done last minute. So the key to avoid such slips is planning and preparing in advance. Each task involved in planning your wedding is subject to a deadline and so is the task of taking care of the invitations.Your invitation planning comprises making the guest list, which is your number one task. There are so many people we want to invite, but budget and location constraints may pull us down. Thus we need to carefully consider whom to invite and whom to leave out, along with the use of invitation etiquettes. In order to make an informed decision, you will need to start scanning several invitation cards for understanding the kinds of paper quality and texture available in the market.Select which invitation design and verses would suit the theme of your ceremony better and gather all information needed to be printed in the card; like dates, timings, full names and addresses. Make sure you have the recent addresses of everyone to be invited too. You also need to co-ordinate with the location of your reception before you decide on your RSVP date to be printed. Our online bridal registry called White possesses a list of top class wedding vendors in Dubai who provide beautiful custom made stationery like personalized ribbons, invitations, menus, place cards and lots more. Contact White for more details. Image [...]

Wedding Planners in Dubai


It takes a while to find that special someone; and when you decide to spend the rest of your life with the one you love, the real journey of your life begins. Simultaneously, the planning and preparation of your wedding ceremony also takes place. Every couple who has spent some time together before getting married may have dreamt about the perfect wedding. Thus, settling upon the date and place to get married is not the end of your responsibility.Planning a wedding can take a lot of time. It also turns out to be very stressful, even with the help of your friends and siblings. So here’s a way to make the preparations run a lot smoother. If you lack time and are unable to make plans on your own, take the help of a reliable wedding planner. While you are forced to be an all rounder managing your work- life as well as the wedding tasks involved, event services like these are masters at planning such programmes. They professionally dedicate all their time on planning your wedding day. Wedding planning services in UAE like White, have been proved advantageous when it comes to taking care of the uniqueness, the organization and the co-ordination of such events. Such services can help you with the arrangement of everything related to your wedding- right from your wedding invitations and your bridal gown / tuxedo, to the cake that matches your bouquet. White also provides musicians and other entertainers if you wish to further enhance the quality of your wedding ceremony to a whole new level.For all things wedding, visit our website: Image credit: Darrin James Photography [...]