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Making Joomla Templates

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:47:02 GMT

While virtually everyone has heard of minisites by now if you know anything about internet marketing, very few people have considered using an open source and free CMS or content managment system, like Mambo or Joomla, which relies on Mambo code, to provide minisites.

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What are the advantages of employing a CMS like Joomla to quickly make and employ minisites on the internet?

One. Joomla is straightforward to use and you may use thousands of free CSS based templates that support the most recent standards and have a site up in hours, not days.

two. Joomla support easy wysiwyg or what you see is what you get visual editors that allow you to set up and add content to a site as simply as using a word processor on your desktop computer. What this means is that your internet site supports the latest web 2.0 standards and can grow in content easily and quickly without redeveloping your site from the start.

three. Joomla has thousands of extensions and you can easily produce websites that rival sites costing thousands of greenbacks for nothing. You can simply add membership sites, photograph studios, streaming video, audio, discuss, and forums as well as rich blogs. In short , everything to make your site "sticky" and keep bringing back those visitors again and again again.

four. Joomla makes changing the look of your website a snap, since you can change your template and quickly change the look and feel of your website in just mins, allowing you to freshen up your internet site every once in a while.

5. Joomla is steadily updated and is now releasing a pre-release version called 1.5. The majority are still working on 1.03 or so, but it is nice to know that future upgrades are available.

six. Joomla is well supported by many Hosting services now, and is able to be installed by Fantastico scripts with only 1 click. There's a user manual and several video packages that show you the easiest way to make templates and set up membership sites to earn profits.

seven. Joomla and almost all of it's extensions or add ons are free and open source so it is inexpensive to get a particularly pro web presence online.

For all the benefits, it will take a few weeks to become used to the new methodology of using a CMS to control and employ your websites unless you are used to making websites from your browser. When you get the knack of it however, you never want to go back to the slow laborious system of desktop site creation and uploading.

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Best Joomla Site

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:27:59 GMT

With the widespread availability of extensions for Joomla, one can get confused on which ones are the best. From parts, modules, enhancements and templates, extensions for everything and anything that you would like or need have been developed. This makes the capabilities of the primary Joomla core software program totally unending.

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Which extensions are the best? Well, with so many available, it is hard to try each one ; however, here's a list of the hottest based on the amount of downloads and their abilities.

One. JomSocial. This is a group of parts that will extend your Joomla software and allow you to build your own personal social networking website. With features such as, private messaging and the friend / pal system, you can see why this is at the apex of the list for the best Joomla extensions available on the web today.

2. Slide Show Pro Module. Are you attempting to find that perfect extension that will permit you to develop a slide show on your website? Well, here it is. Local to v. 1.5 this program supports three different languages.

3. Jom Tube Video gallery. This extension will let you change your website into the video gallery of your dreams. Like Youtube? Well, Jom Tube will allow you to make an analogous internet site. What could be more fun?

four. Nice talk. This extension will allow you to keep connected with your visitors by offering a chat system. You don't have to worry about those tricky forums that may get off subject. Nice talk will permit you to have a pleasant, simple discuss with your visitors.

5. WordPress Integration for Joomla 1.5. Yes, that's's right. Now you may have the best blogging software and the best material management system available on the web, together. Nothing might be better.

6. IJoomla Search and archive. This program will enable you to give your visitors a search and retrieval system, which can prove to be very beneficial for them.

seven. Tweet this autofooter plugin. This permits visitors to send this thru their twitter account to their friends, and with the success of the Twitter site, it could prove to drive high traffic to your site.

eight. Acujoom Pro. Are you looking for a solution for newsletters? Well, this is the perfect software for you. Create and manage customer lists, develop pro newsletters and instantly send them 1

nine. VirtueMart. This program will allow you to turn your standard Joomla internet site into an eCommerce site that is definitely there to reign.

This is just a small list of the finest Joomla extensions that are available. Inside this list, look how much you could extend your core Joomla software. Just remember, that if you install too many extensions without developing the core elements first, that you could slow your website down. Make sure to extend the core program before adding modules, extensions and more. In the end, you'll be thankful that you did. There's nothing worse than visiting a slow internet site. Extend your websites capabilities and have fun!

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Joomla Website Template

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:07:45 GMT

Creating a domain that's not accessible to search engines, is like creating a book with no titles, punctuations, or paragraphs. Although the information is there, it is not really possible to visualize. This is a difficulty that has presented itself to the Joomla community since the days of it's ancestor Mambo. Web Developers were continually made to weigh the ease and organization of a Content Management System with the priority of search engine presence.

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With the arrival of Joomla 1.5 and a bit of work, even a novice web developer or business owner can optimize Joomla 1.5 with the SEF Patch. This Patch was released to enlarge and "hack" the SEO ( SEO ) files that already exist in Joomla 1.5's core, and upgrade them to finish more functions such as applying Meta tags to Sections and classes, removing the Joomla Generated metatags, place html titles on pages, insert robot commands, and institute bot precise commands.

Understanding Some Search Engine Basics

One of the strategy's a search engine uses to ascertain where a site ranks for a certain keyword is by determining its relevancy to that keyword. Meta Tags, are Tags that the search engine reads to determine what content that a page should be applicable to. It also reads the site title, and URL to see where they fit in to the outline.

For instance if XYZ service is the service that a John Doe's website provided and a potential surfer were to search for XYZ Service, John Doe would be most sure to come up high in the rankings if the following were true : his site is, or as a back up if its taken www.???????com / xyzservice. It's critical that John Doe's internet site contain the name XYZ service somewhere in the URL. His site title contains pages named after keywords associated with xyz service. ( I.E. If xyz service is a restaurant than he would need pages with the title tag of xyz menu, about our xyz service, our xyz locations. ) One of the keywords in the Meta Tag should be XYZ service, as well as other topical tags that are probably going to appear in the content of the site. ( i.e. The if local the placement of the service, style of xyz service offered, other adaptations of names for xyz service. ) The search engine will then look to match the keywords with the content of John Doe's associated page. For the index page it is important that the article content contain many if not all the keywords. Each page should have the keywords and content that make it relevant to a search. ( I.E. Th cafe menu page should have content and keywords that are relevant to the search XYZ service menu, XYZ service food, etc )

These simple-yet necessary- website functions are an integral part of the average SEF page. Joomla uses databases and something by the name of dynamic content to generate pages. It uses long url's that have no reasonable meaning ( ie. / index?232+.php?dd%? ) A search engine doesn't associate this with anything important to a site, and can actually have a hard time indexing and crawling the site.

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Dark Joomla Template

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 08:51:46 GMT

It's tough to work out what the best Joomla templates are without knowing what kind of website you are running. There's a large database of templates available on the market today and narrowing it down to some would be very difficult to do.

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Depending upon your needs, templates come in all styles, varieties, colors, and themes. Templates are available in both the back end and the front end sides to your websites. The back end templates are what will establish the layout and style of what you, the administrator or editor will see whenever you log into your internet site. They will help you to remain more arranged so that you can get your business done without trouble. Front end templates are what will establish the layout and style of the internet site that your visitor will see whenever they stop by your page. This will be the most critical because this template will represent you or your company and if your page is boring, the total number of hits could fall.

You would like a template that may permit your page to have that "COOL" factor whenever your visitors stop by. You need to keep it organized, fun, inviting and helpful for your visitors. You can see now why it is tough to establish the best Joomla templates that are available.

to help shave it down, though, here's a few good concepts that you may use when making an attempt to find that template that works best for you.

1. Flash templates. Yes, they have a tendency to be a little dearer, but they definitely give that crowd pleasing appeal that you could be trying to find. They can be designed to fit your individual needs and can represent your company in the best of light ; however, just make sure that your flash template doesn't overwhelm the visitor with too many things going on, it can become distracting.

two. Business templates. Regardless of what sort of business you are in, there are templates that have already been developed and can suit your needs. Whether you are in the estate business to the car Dealership business, templates are available.

3. Theme templates. Yes, there are them templates. If you are into world of warcraft of some of the other games that are available now or baseball and so on, templates are available.

when you have searched templates and have seen the differences between them, you may start to develop that eye that will let you spot a great template. You will begin to discover what designers you'll be able to rely on that may deliver that high quality, pro template that you are looking for. You may also find your favourite sites that you're going to start to rely upon whenever you are hunting for a new template. You may know that what they have to supply is the best for you or maybe doubtless, the best in the business.

You can now see why determining the best templates are almost most unlikely to do. There are thousands of templates available on the web today. So what may be best for someone else may not be best for you.

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