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Preview: Headphones Review | Headphones and earphone

Headphones Review | Headphones and earphone

The perfect place to get latest updates on headphones, headsets and earphones. Information on Latest arrived headphones are available here. Comments and queries are welcome for any Headphones or Device.

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Bose ae2 audio headphones test


In the headphone realm, Bose is probably best known for its noise-canceling (NC) line of QuietComfort models. But it's long made some non-NC models, including an around-the-ear design as well as an on-ear design. Bose has shortened those names to AE and OE, respectively, and now the AE model reviewed here is up to version 2. Formerly known as the TriPort, the AE2 still uses the same basic design, but Bose has implemented some significant design improvements. For starters, these headphones, like the noise-canceling models, now fold flat. Also, Bose has moved from a double- (running to each earcup) to a single-cord design--and the headphone cord detaches--which means you can wear these simply to cover your ears and muffle sound. Bose AE2 Audio Headphone is one of the best audio headphone on the market. It's BEST for home entertainment especially watching your favorite movies or playing games on your computer As noted, the Bose AE2s don't offer active noise-cancellation, but they do offer a tight seal and filter out a lot of noise from the outside world. When you put them on, the first thing you notice is that these are very comfortable headphones that have Bose's trademark plush, black leather earpads. They also feel lighter than your average full-size, closed earcup models from the likes of Sennheiser, Koss, and AKG. The headband is fairly thin and covered in a springy neoprene, which also helps increase the comfort level. A simple cloth carrying bag is included for storing the headphones. It's OK, but offers only minimal protection. It's worth mentioning that Bose offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try before you buy. Also, if your headphones break for any reason, Bose tends to be pretty good about replacing them. Compared with our memory of the old TriPorts (the "AE1," if you will), Bose has improved the sound on these new models. Overall, the headphones are very accurate and offer good, well-defined bass. We threw a bunch of tracks at them, including some Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, the Kings of Leon, some classical tracks, and a Brooklyn band called The National. The only small gripe we had was that--because these headphones are as detailed as they are--they tend to come off sounding a tad brash, overemphasizing instruments such as cymbals (it's a matter of taste whether you like that "extra sizzle" or not). They also make poorly recorded music sound worse because they accentuate the flaws in the recordings (the flip side is they make good recordings sound very good). That small knock aside, we thought they were very good. Are they the best-sounding headphones we've tried for $150? Probably not. But the combination of their high-quality sound and excellent comfort level make them easy to recommend, especially to those who don't want to spend $300 for the QuietComfort 15s. Yes, the 15s do a better job at blocking out more airplane engine noise, but the AE2s are arguably more comfortable and cost half the price. So far the pros have been discussed, but now its time to give few cons that actually has not affected the goodwill of the Bose AE2 audio Headphones. Since the material is made up of very light components, customers say that it feels cheap and it could be broken easily. The audio escapes when the volume is up and that the other people can hear.The noise cancelling function doesn’t seemed to be very effective. Despite of these very tiny complaints mentioned, the Bose AE2 audio Headphones seems to be the best in the market as it is very comfortable, light weight, good size, provides balanced audio,continous usage for even hours together, detachable audio cable, rotating ear cups which eases storage, one side cable are the best noticed advantages of these audio Headphones. [...]

Sennheiser HD 25-SP II Headphone Review


(image) The Sennheiser HD 25-SP II are closed dynamic headphones for monitoring, recording and outdoor applications. They are a lower-cost alternative to the HD 25 II, featuring a simpler headband and a slightly different capsule design.

When I first received the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II I was a little disappointed. They were tight on my head, to bright for my liking and bass was a little lacking. Right out of the box I was comparing them with my HD280s and felt that the 280s were better in every aspect except ergonomics. After a couple weeks of use I got used to the fit and started to notice the presentation was improving.

I actually fell in love with these headphones at CanJam 2010. Up till this point I was driving the phones with my ipod. I had read some reviews and an amp was recommended so I was on a mission for an amp. After many amps and comparing these phones with the best of the pack I can honestly say that they hold there own with the bid dogs when they have the right source and amplification. They have nice bass response and the highs were no longer overpowering. Overall I would say the sound spectrum is very well balanced.

There isolation is great when I use the phones at work or play. They stay on your head what ever activity you participate in, and when someone is trying to speak with you, you can easily pull them off to one side and listen. They have a rugged build and I suspect they will last for many years no matter what your activities are. Parts are readily available and the phones have a very simple construction so they are easy to work on and modify if you so desire.

Final thoughts. These Great little phones don't come alive until they have been burned in and are given a good source and amplification. The fit takes a little getting used to so give them some time.


    Very lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods
    High maximum sound pressure level
    65 Ohm nominal impedance for universal compatibility
    Tough, detachable OFC cable
    Neodymium ferrous magnet systems and lightweight aluminium/copper voice

Denon AH-C560R in-ear headphones Review


(image) With their smooth highs and dynamic lows, the Denon AH-C560R in-ear headphones play back your music with startling detail and fullness. The speakers are engineered using Denon's Acoustic Optimizer system, which equalizes air pressure on both sides of the 11.5-millimeter speaker diaphragm to deliver a balanced, natural sound. Denon has also implemented a Radial Cascade Damper system, which keeps cable vibrations to a minimum allowing you to hear every musical detail. Finally, high-grade neodymium magnets are used in the speakers to improve dynamics and efficiency, extending the battery life of your portable music player or computer.

The Denon AH-C560R headphones are a nice looking set of in-ear earphones that are all black and have an attractive and simple design. The rectangular control in the wire allows you to control the volume and it has a multifunction button that can skip tracks and answer or end phone calls. The control works very well and controlled my iPhone without any problems at all.

The Denon AH-C560R headphones are comfortable and the ear tips installed on them were perfect for my ears right out of the box. With any headphones the real news is the sound. The Denon AH-C560R headphones have fantastic bass. The bass is so deep when listening to my test track "How Low" by Ludacris that my ears actually vibrated with the rumble. I am a big fan of bass in my music and these are the best sounding bass headphones I have tried.

The bass is deep, but the highs and mids are not sacrificed. The Denon AH-C560R headphones are geared towards heavy bass, but the overall sound is very good as well. The earphones are light making them very comfortable to wear for extended period and the ear tips come in several sizes so you can get the best fit possible.

These headphones will work with any 3.5mm input device, but the control is specifically designed to work with the iPhone and iPod models. The selling price for the Denon AH-C560R headphones is $99.99, which is on the high-end of earphones but these things sound fantastic. I highly recommend the Denon AH-C560R headphones if you are in the market for a set of headphones for your Apple device and your budget can swing them.

I think just about anyone would enjoy the AH-C560R its audio detail is good without brightness or harshness, and the overall balance is good enough that the slight emphasis on lower frequencies won’t offend most listeners. If you’re in the market for a great headset with a three button remote, but you’re not quite sure what sort of sound you’re looking for, the AH-C560R is a good, safe choice that’s easy to recommend.

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphone Review


(image) Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone System with Automatic Level Control and Adustable Balance Control Reviews...The sound quality is much better than the 120's...The whole unit looks good, but...Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone System with Automatic Level Control and Adustable Balance Control

The good:The Sennheiser RS 180 has a great built quality to it. Made largely from plastic with felt lining to the headband and covers to the ear-pieces have a subtle almost workman-like look and feel to them.

The headphones are fitted with balance and automatic level controls mounted on the right headphone. These allow you to control the volume as well as pitch the balance perfectly between the right and left cans. Sennheiser claim up to 24 hours of music from a full charge, which proved to be similar to our findings.

We found sound quality to be large and booming with plenty of bass that hits like a hammer but without harming the high-end. Roaming around an typical three story house the signal never dropped, even when standing in the garden, so you’ll be able to use them just about

The bad: These are quite a wide and heavy set of headphones. With a battery fitted inside each can and the charging connector sitting at the top of headband, you’ll find the overall weight of 240g can become a little tiresome if you wear them for long periods.

summary:The Sennheiser RS180 delivers a clear, quality sound. We especially loved the charging dock station and the volume adjustment for voice recognition. However, the sound quality does not match that of corded headphones. You have to sacrifice some sound quality to gain portability with these wireless headphones.

Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones Review


(image) At CES 2010 in January, Shure unveiled the new Shure SE535 as an improvement of their glorious Shure SE535. The previous Shure SE530, like I wrote before, were nothing short of magical. Top audiophile quality with no compromise.

The Shure SE535 earphones sit firmly in the second category. Stylish and good-looking they are not, but they do sound utterly fantastic.

At £350 they're certainly not cheap. If you're looking for some iPod-replacement earphones these probably aren't for you. They're bulky and can be a tad fiddly to put in your ears.

But if you're an audiophile or at the very least someone who appreciates well-rounded, natural-sounding high-bitrate music, these earphones are brilliant.

The units themselves are fairly chunky. They need to be – each one contains three separate drivers - two woofers and a tweeter in each one. This makes music played through the SE535's shimmer with crystal clarity.

The highs are crisp and clean, the bass is deep and silky smooth, while the oft-forgotten midrange is full-blooded, meaty and wholesome.

It's only when you treat yourself to a pair of earphones like this that you realise how good music can sound. That said, if you're listening to low-bitrate MP3s, you needn't bother.

These earphones show up the inadequacies of compressed music more than any other earphones out there. Unless you're listening to decent source, the extra money you'd pay for these isn't worth it.

Our test album for these earphones was a FLAC copy of The King of Limbs. It's a well produced album which does a great job of showing off the ninja audio skills of these high-end earphones.

However, as we alluded earlier, they can be a bit of a fiddle to use. It takes a bit of practise to perfect the installation of each unit into your ear. And if you've got long hair, it's even more difficult. Like other Shure earphones, the bud is inserted into your ear drum and the cable is designed to go up and over the back of your ear.

The Shure SE535 are my top recommendation if you are looking for the best sound quality. Their clarity and definition, coupled with great comfort, are unmatched by any pair of universal-fit in ear headphones.

This awesome quality comes at a high price. However, if you are looking for the best sounding in-ear headphones, don't want any compromise, and budget is not your main issue, you really can't go wrong with the Shure SE535. They're worth every penny.

With the new detachable cables, these headphones will last, and keep your ears happy, forever. So, consider them more of a lifetime investment than a temporary gadget.

Sony MDR-NC300D Earphones review


Your audio, uninterrupted. Featuring Sony's groundbreaking digital noise canceling technology, the Sony MDR-NC300D earbud style headphones produce incredible noise reduction and pristine quality audio. Plus, exclusive digital signal processing technology reduces up to 98.4% of ambient noise (at 160Hz) from airplanes, trains, or at the office. Enjoy studio-quality sound from the 16mm driver units, while a convenient monitor switch allows you to minimize your audio and listen to conversation. Depending on your listening needs, you can choose from Movie, Bass or Normal modes. Additional features include a gold-plated, L type stereo mini plug, carrying case, in-flight plug adapter, cord adjuster and seven ear cushion sizes. Design and Accessories The earpieces on the MDR-NC300D look a bit large, but aren't heavy and stay in place just fine. Microphones, pointing outward on each earpiece in order to sample the ambient room noise and feed it to the noise canceling circuitry, are the primary reason for the bulkiness of the black-and-chrome design. The largish 2.9-by-1.3-by-0.7-inch circuitry-and-battery compartment sits about halfway of the way down the 47.2-inch cable. With the required single AA battery installed, the MDR-NC300D weighs 2.2 ounces—it doesn't operate in a passive mode without the battery like the Creative Aurvana X-Fi ($300.00, ), for example, does. Five sizes of rubber ear-tips come with the earphones, as does a velvet pouch, a leather carrying case, an earphone extension cable, an airline adapter, and a shirt clip. Sony estimates battery life at about 15 hours, but, of course, this depends on what brand you use, and the AA battery is not included.     Using the included shirt clip, which attaches to the back of the circuitry/battery compartment is pretty much essential—otherwise, you'll have this heavy, awkward box dangling from the cable—and likely yanking the earpieces from your ears. A Monitor button on the front face of the compartment mutes all music and disengages the noise canceling circuitry—but still utilizes the microphones—so you can hear what's going on in the outside world with a simple push. Beside the button is a tiny battery-life-indicator and mode display. The Sound Mode button is on the top panel, along with the Volume rocker, and the Power/Hold switch. Noise Cancellation Sony is proud of its new technology, claiming it's the only manufacturer to offer true 100 percent digital noise cancellation. And the MDR-NC300D impresses with its array of noise-cancellation modes. Mode A focuses on low-to mid-range frequencies (best for airplanes), Mode B focuses on extremely low frequencies (better for trains and buses), and Mode C minimizes over a wide band of frequencies (ideal for noisy office settings). In addition, you can press the "NC Optimize" button on the back panel of the compartment, which, according to Sony, adjusts the noise canceling signal shape to fit the unique contour of your inner ear. Adjusting this setting, which spans from -10 up to 10, seems to allow more low frequencies through at the lowest setting and higher frequencies at the highest setting. During testing, I kept my NC Optimization set to 0. Given their respective sizes, it's not quite fair to compare the noise cancellation of the MDR-NC300D with headphones trying to accomplish the same task. Bose's $299 QuietComfort 15 ($299.95 ) headphones are the best noise canceling pair available, but Sony's earphones use their in-ear seal to great advantage. Combining passive reduction with the active digital noise-canceling circuitry and the ability to adjust which frequencies get the most attention the MDR-NC300D rivals just about any other model you can buy. Thing is, there aren't many in-ear 'phones with active cancellation on the market. Denon makes an in-ear model, the AH-NC600 ($199.99 ) that sounds fantastic, but its noise cancellation is merely[...]

AKG K318 Ear Bud Headphone


(image) Available in black, the K 318s include a soft carrying pouch.With the K 318s, you enjoy your private listening space anywhere your travels take you.The AKG K 318 semi-open headphones feature 15mm drivers for wide-spectrum, high-output sound from virtually any portable device.

•  15mm Drivers
•  In-Line Microphone & Volume Control
•  Best for portable DVD, CD & MP3 Players
•  iPhone Compatible
•  Soft carrying pouch included
•  Comfortable Fit
•  Lightweight
•  Specifications:
•  Frequency response 16Hz - 21kHz
•  Maximum Input Power 15 mW
•  Input Impedance 32 Ohms
•  Sensitivity 127 DB SPL/V
•  Cable 1m (3.28 ft.)
•  Weight: 5g (0.18 oz.)The AKG K 318 semi-open Headphones feature 15mm Drivers for wide-spectrum, high-output Sound from virtually any portable device. The K 318s include a soft carrying pouch. With the K 318s, you enjoy your private listening space anywhere your travels take you

Heartbeats 2.0 Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones Review


Lady Gaga joined forces with Monster Beats by Dr. Dre again for another pair of headphones, called the Heartbeats 2.0 Lady Gaga. Designed by none other than Lady Gaga herself, they come in black or white/gold equipped with ControlTalk Universal™(works with online voice or video chats on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). The Heartbeats 2.0 by Lady Gaga are available in two colors, black and gold, for $149 (list). They come with a small protective pouch and six sets of eartips, one of which should allow you to get a comfortable fit. Design and features The Heartbeats' new look is more appealing than the original, with a new flat cord that's tangle-resistant and features a flexible, flat L-shaped plug that should hold up well over time. It also hugs the top of your device better and is more discreet, so there's no awkward plug sticking out of the top of your smartphone). The design earns our favor, though just like Lady Gaga, it's obviously not for everyone. It's also worth mentioning that while the studded ends of the buds aren't sharp, they're fairly pointy, which does produce an odd sensation when you go to push on the buds to get a snug fit in your ear. Some might say they bring out your inner masochist. More of today's earphones include an integrated microphone for making cell phone calls, and the Heartbeats 2.0 are no exception. The integrated in-line mic is compatible with Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and allows you to jump tracks forward and back by double- or triple-clicking the call answer/end button. Alas, there's no volume control in the ControlTalk button. That's unfortunate. Performance In our tests, we listened to some Gillian Welch, Adele, The National, Peter Gabriel's "Scratch My Back" album, then moved on to Lady Gaga herself and some hip-hop tracks. Overall, we liked the sound of the Heartbeats 2.0. They're pleasant-sounding earphones with lots of bass. But clarity just isn't their strength. As we said, like seemingly all Monster and Beats by Dre headphones, you'll get plenty of thumping low-end out of these guys (or should we say gals, since these are Lady Gaga earphones). It's just not terribly well-defined bass, and for those who like more natural sound, you'll consider these a little too accentuated. In other words, if superclear sound is your thing, these probably aren't the headphones for you. The Bowers and Wilkins C5 earphones are the next logical step up in quality, and for $179, they offer more detail in terms of sound quality. And if you can do without the flashy design, the Klipsch S4i's at $90 are a better bargain along with Monster's own $99 Turbine earphones. Still, the Heartbeats 2.0 offer decent sound that appeals to the types of folks who would buy them (perhaps we're stereotyping, but we're assuming that if you're interested in Lady Gaga earphones, you listen to music that's oriented more toward pop and hip-hop). [...]

AKG K 3003 Earphone Review


(image) All of us get bugged up when we are listening to our favorite music piece and the entire world around us is speaking aloud. If you are facing the same problem, new AKG K 3003 3-way hand crafted headphone are the perfect option for you. The headphone is equipped with a stainless steel in-line microphone along with a remote control and a leather carrying case easy storage and is made up of stainless steel.

AKG is one of the most established audio brands and their recently released flagship model is like a jewel in its crown. K3003 is a high performance, handmade 3-way headphones with a timeless design. The most unique aspect of the earphone design is that it is hand crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel. Another element that makes it unique and superior is that the design is based on a new hybrid technology that helps produce unmatched sound. The product is not just unique but great in terms of design, looks, quality and performance.

The headphones also feature a stainless steel in-line mic and remote and a leather carrying case for storage. Apart from the microphone it also features in-line volume control. Passive noise reduction feature has been incorporated in the headphones. It enables the headphones to offer undistracted listening by effectively sealing out most unwanted sound. The silver colored headphone has a brushed stainless steel housing and steel remote face. The Y connector is made of steel but the upper cable is rubberized whereas the lower cable has a cover made from cloth.

The headphones come with 6 pairs of sleeves, two in each size of small, medium and large. At a net weight of just 12 grams you hardly feel it and it does not come between you and your music. The headset comes with a steel 3.5 mm jack plug and steel flight adapter. It has a 1.2 meter cable to allow free movement while listening to music. This is definitely one of the best so far to come out of the AKG stable. It is not cheap at $1,188 plus Vat but you will have to pay a price for its unmatched quality.

The AKG K3003 is the new flagship model from the established audio brand, a high-performance, handmade 3-way headphone crafted from a single piece of stainless steel. The headphones will also feature a stainless steel in-line mic and remote

Able Planet NC1100B Headphone Review


Able Planet makes a number of noise-canceling headphones and Able Planet NC1100B make by high-end headhone company in Colorado with a retail price of $ 299.99. Let's start with what is good about these guys. To begin with, are comfortable and seem to have a robust design and a beautiful black soft-touch finish. While the headphones are not as flexible as the Bose QuietComfort 15s, are a little 'thicker and stronger does not hurt their level of comfort and perhaps more attractive to some. Aside from their black coloring, the NC1100Bs look similar to the QC15s (and QuietComfort 2s), with the same over-the-ear design and earcups that swivel and fold flat to fit in a simple black case. The resulting package is slightly bigger than a CD wallet, which makes it easier to tote, though it's still not terribly compact. As you'd expect from a set of headphones that are designed for frequent travelers, Able Planet throws in a two-prong in-flight adapter. Like with Bose's active noise-canceling, the earcups' cushions effectively sealed off our ears from the noisy environment. Flipping on the noise cancellation dampened the noise even further. While the NC1100Bs aren't as effective at canceling out noise as the QC15s, they did noticeably muffle the sound of a very loud air conditioning that this reviewer has in his office (it isn't quiet as loud as the inside of an airline cabin, but not too far off). With Bose's noise-canceling headphones, you have to engage the noise cancellation to listen to music, so the music dies with the battery life. Fortunately, this isn't the case with Able Planet's headphones; you can still listen without the noise canceling engaged, but you'll notice a distinct improvement in sound quality with it turned on (two AAA batteries that are housed in the left earcup power the noise-cancellation circuitry). It's worth noting that like the Bose headphones, the headphone cord is detachable. Also, with the NC1100Bs, you get an inline volume control, which is nice. On the downside, as we noted in our Bose review, the only problem is that because these are over-the-ear headphones that offer a tight seal, it can get a little steamy inside the cups, especially on hot days, though they "breathe" pretty well for over-the-ear headphones. On long plane rides, your skin will also get a little moist underneath the cushions, so expect to take them off for short periods and give your ears a little air. But the bigger issue we had was with the sound quality. Though it's not bad, we found that the headphones overemphasized the bass--there was just too much of it, and it was far from tight (the words we like to use here are "boomy" and "muddy"). Also, we felt that the treble just wasn't all that detailed and had a tizzy edge to it. If the average listener put these on in a store, he or she would likely feel satisfied with their fidelity, and we agree that they sound better than the smaller headphones that claim to suppress external noise. The problem is that these guys cost $300, and there's tough competition when you get into that price range, so we listen with a more critical ear than we would with a cheaper set. We are always looking for good performance noise-canceling headphones Bose to hit from his throne. The Able Planet NC1100B able to lead a healthy and solid design OK, but not as good as the QuietComfort 15s and retail for the same price, better sound, more comfortable, and offer improved noise cancellation. [...]

AiAiAi TMA-1 headhone Review


With the market saturated with cookie-cutter models of headphones, it is difficult to distinguish a single model, but AiAiAi TMA-1 headhone is the exception to the rule. Inspired by the design of the Sennheiser HD 25, a headphone reduces $ 200 an elegant, physically without weakening their structural strength. Their solid construction is supported by a detailed headstage makes them an excellent candidate for each purchase of a headset elegant neutral tone for the DJ and mix music. DJs demand specific physical attributes out of their headphones, which everyday listeners never think about, and Aiaiai doesn't miss out on any of those details. The detachable rubber cable is 5.5-feet long with an extra 15-inch coiled section toward the top that allows even more free movement. The company also includes a threaded 1/4-inch adapter for plugging into mixers. One interesting section to note is that you can't fold the TMA-1s for travel, nor do they have rotating ear cups for single-sided listening. Instead, the notched headband adjuster allows the user to remove the entire earpad section for storage in the bag included in the package, and the resistant ABS material is malleable enough to allow for plenty of bending and moving without risk of snapping. Design and features The TMA-1 appropriately apes its name from Arthur C. Clark's "2001: A Space Odyssey," referring to a magnetic irregularity found on a crater on the Moon's surface caused by a giant monolith buried below. The monolith's long lifespan and extra-tough density are features that the Scandinavian designers at Aiaiai compare to their omni-colored black headphones. The aesthetic of the TMA-1s appear to be a fading silhouette of other flashier headphones, and the blacked-out finish adds a distinctive touch. The nylon headband is approximately an 1.5-inches wide, with none of the springs and small metal joints that are commonly found in modern headsets. Aiaiai's idea is to minimize the amount of materials that go into the construction to reduce the risk of mechanical failure. The audio cable is hidden underneath the band with a small visible rubber coil section, and there's no visible branding except for a small logo cut out of the underside of the headband. Our only critique here is that there's zero padding between the headband and the top of your head. We had to take frequent breaks to alleviate the pressure, which we can imagine becoming an issue for DJs over a long night. The TMA-1's modular design extends to the ear pads, with two interchangeable cushion sets so you don't have to buy an entirely new pair of headphones when the padding wears out. Four nubs snap firmly behind a cushioned plate that protects the 40mm drivers powering the headphones, and the pads are small enough to fit comfortably on top of your ears. Performance The TMA-1s are closed-back headphones, so they won't leak sound to those around you if you're listening to music in a public place. Closed designs are also well-suited for mixing engineers and DJs who need the sound isolation to concentrate and compete with other loud noises surrounding the booth. The fit of the TMA-1s will vary from user to user, but the flexible headband and lightweight balance gave us very little ear fatigue. If anything, we found ourselves repositioning the headband from time to time, but it wasn't a big deal. As mentioned earlier, the on-ear shape means you won't be as engulfed in sound as much as with circumaural (full-sized) headphones, but you won't likely notice the difference, thanks to the balanced sound signature that approaches audiophile-quality. Unlike many headphones we test, the TMA-1s sounded considerably forward right out of the box, with crisp detail and extra attention paid to bright vocals an[...]

UE700 Earphones Review


The UE700 Earphones.The updated model features a brand new box adorned with Logitech, a more protective cardboard box for storage, and a combination of foam and silicone tips. What has not changed, though, is double the UE700 pilot project led to two speakers in each earpiece - a focal point for high-frequency and intermediate level, and another that offers flying, low natural. The result is a headset that lets you play the bass and sparkling notes of your music with a smooth three-dimensional sound stage that controls nearly listen to your music library, note by note. If it is not already clear, the last ear headphones $ 700 150 worth of listening, if you're a listener of music that requires his brilliant affordable. Design and features The UE700 headphones are smaller than most, purposefully slim for comfort and style at only 11.6 grams per earbud. The wire lacks the heavy remote control that normally adds weight to smartphone-friendly headphones, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time, to the point where they become unnoticeable through a full day of work. The tiny earbud housing also allows you to easily push them farther into your ear canal, which is important for creating a proper noise-isolating seal. The reflective silver earbud housing is complemented by a smoky red hook with a small circular ridge that secures the ear tips into place, and Ultimate Ears offers both silicone and foam ear cushions by Comply, a company highly regarded by the audiophile community for its softly padded material and universal fits. The Ultimate Ears 700 headphones come with five sizes of the silicone cushions and only two variations of the foam version for comparison. Choosing between silicone or foam tips is ultimately a personal decision, but it's usually easier to create a seal with the foam by compressing it prior to insertion. We should also note that foam is more susceptible to dirt and grime, so you may find a more hygienic solution in the silicone. Logitech also includes a protective hard shell case that has ample room for the headphones and all the ear tips to go with you. We feel shortchanged by the lack of a remote control and microphone on the 46-inch long cord, and it's a surprising oversight by Logitech given the number of users who listen to music on Android and iOS smartphones. Since neither of those devices has a tactile button that lets you change tracks manually, the omission of an in-line remote may dissuade potential owners of these earbuds looking for hands-free music navigation. Performance Music lovers shopping for a headphone to highlight the instrumental nuances of their collection will appreciate the Ultimate Ears 700's balanced dual-armature drivers that combine two separate speakers into each earbud. This design effectively creates a wider frequency of sound, giving your ears access to more aural detail and brings out the natural bass and treble characters of your music. The passive crossover network built into the design routes each sound to the driver best fitting of its flavor and is essentially the same technology used for premium in-ear monitors. Audiophiles will prefer the natural element of sound they provide over alternative buds that intentionally overpower the low-end to appease the younger, head-bobbing market, but that doesn't mean the Ultimate Ears 700's can't reproduce the same booming bass notes. You'll still hear the same punchy emphasis, but the 700 headphones allow each instrument and vocal track to shine individually with more distinctive color and clarity, faithful to the original audio mix. You may react critically at first to the smooth sheen of the Ultimate Ears if you're used to the low-end impact of assisted headphones like the Monster [...]

Plattan Plus Headphones by Urbanears Review


The $ 60 headphones Urbanears Plattan Plus  have an Apple Store exclusive and appear almost identical to the original model Plattan, but with more control at a distance on the wire and ZoundPlug Urbanears shop 'that allows a friend to attach another pair of headphones directly to the bottom the right earpiece. The four options are tastefully decorated with a band of textured fabric, carpet ear, and a braided rope, adding the demand for stylish young crowd. Unfortunately, the lack of clarity of sound for headphones and stand in a muddy tracks with deep bass, so we could not recommend them to hard core geeks looking for the best AV on the tin ear. On the other hand, if you're simply looking for a good pair of headphones to match your wardrobe bright and do not necessarily have a high level of sound quality, more Urbanears Plattan are just a pick-up. Design and Features The Apple Store sells Plattan Plus in four colors: purple, swimming pool (mint), cherry (pink), and dark gray. The color does not end with the headband and ear - the band textured fabric, deaf ear, braid, and also the connecting hardware and plastic ropes, just get the monochrome treatment that gives the headphones a unique look. If you're not a fan of Plattan four colors, Plattan regular headphones are available in 14 colors that are sure to satisfy. Most do not show when they are marking Urbanears Plattan headphones on your head - the only visible signs are small businesses small tables just inside the rectangular blocks of tissue that connect the end pavilions. The design of Plattan us back to an era more supra-aural headphones (ear), with a rotating wire cage that allows vertical adjustments to bend the corners of the storage area for the group organized. Ear measuring 2.5 inches in diameter and are covered with a synthetic leather that can be hot for long periods of listening, we recommend a short break every 20 minutes to relieve the fatigue commonly associated with hearing sealed boxes to marry your temples. Perhaps the most typical appearance on Urbanears Plattan ZoundPlug called Plus, which is essentially a stereo audio jack built into the bottom right of the receiver for a friend can listen to your music on a second set of headphones. Although it seems to be a relatively simple, we are sure that students and frequent travelers are most valuable to the outside ZoundPlug Plattan replace Y-splitter plug that is too easy to get lost in the confusion of everyday transportation. The single-sided cloth cable exits from the left earcup and descends about 45 inches, ending in a straight plug with rubber reinforced lining to prevent degradation over time. The braided cloth cord keeps it from tangling up in a bag, but you can also wrap it around the folded headphone in storage, although we're disappointed that Urbanears doesn't include a carrying case. The top of the cord also has a microphone module with a three-button remote control on the other side that's comfortable to use and easy to distinguish thanks to the raised middle button used for navigating tracks. The other two buttons control volume up and down. Performance It's no surprise that brightly colored headphones that cater to a younger audience tend to emphasize the deeper end of the sonic spectrum, and the Urbanears Plattan Plus headphones have no shortage of bass. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of clarity, and you'll notice this deficiency immediately if you're playing a track with a booming drum machine or other synthetic sounds--these tracks are overrun with a muffled quality that you might not enjoy if you're used to the crisp, detailed tones of an audiophile headset like the Grado SR80. Of course, so[...]

Grado GR8 Earphone Review


I like the Grado GR8 earphone, but Grado bGR8 earphone simply not price-competitive at the moment. That may change once the Shure SE420 and SE530 are discontinued to make way for the new Shure SE425 and SE535 earphones  announced at CES. But up until then, the current cheaper or similarly-priced Shures are preferable. The good: The In-Ear Headphones Grado GR8 use a sound signature that combines the genres most versatile, light and architecture improves comfort. The bad: Degree typical fashion, GR8s do not have all the accessories and small-cap issues may be specific to particular users. The bottom line: Grado headphones at GR8 has resonance and sound of audiophile quality, but are currently inaccessible to the average listener. GR8 Grad0 headphones are the answer to the prayers of the audiophile community for the company to add a pair of headphones to its line of popular over-ear headphones. Grado Labs continues its tradition of full-bodied sound and solid build quality with GR8s, but the high price of $ 300 puts them out of reach for all music lovers, but the most devoted, especially when a music lover than Echelon to the highest sound with headphones as the best choice of award-winning editors of $ 80 earphones Klipsch Image S4. Design and Features Although it may be difficult to distinguish from a photo, the slot of the headset is a stylish blue finish with GR8 Glitter silver tips and a connection point of the cable that is reinforced with an angle to complete the shape of your ear. The headphones are also incredibly light, even for headphones - and 9 grams installed with the tips, GR8s are comfortable to wear with the wire wrapped around the ear or hanging down, you prefer the method of packaging as it keeps the bud tight and prevents them from going out. We expect a range of accessories headphones rare degree, on the basis of the ears, we have examined, and GR8s are no different. Aside from the headphones themselves, all you get is different dome sizes to work with - no case of wear or wax removal tool is included. The silver tips are made of soft silicone and GR8 are available in three sizes so you can get a good fit, which is crucial to achieve the sound quality of the highest resolution. Ears of each are different so it is always difficult to find in the end the best solution, but the ones that come with the GR8s are exceptionally small. This editor is normally the average size with most headphones Klipsch as the S4, but only the largest of the things GR8 adjustment and I could not get a good seal. Turbines with gems combination Monster Pro in a sample pack of earphones Supertypes the manufacturer, for example, we expect to offer more flexible if we want to pay $ 300 for Grado GR8s. We are also disappointed that the headphones have a microphone or the remote control for modern smartphones. How iPhone and Android devices will continue to evolve into the de facto standard for music outside the home, we'd like to see future versions of Grado headphones are equipped with accessories that meet this growing market. On the other hand, we were pleased to see that the rubber coating on the 51-inch non-stick makes it almost impervious to the headphone cord tangles. The same material also protects the wire to amplify the sound of rubbing clothes, and a right pin in the end must coincide with a variety of cases. Performance You might be surprised that the function of a unique design GR8s mobile frame, since we are used to seeing double or even triple the drivers pumping through headphones at this price level. A good example is the Westone UM2 Dual Driver Earphones true, that cost the same, but the archi[...]

JVC Xtreme Explosives Earbud Review


The good: The structure of wearing a ring in the ear are M5X JVC HA-full-size headphones have a deep bass at a price much lower than comparable models. The bad: The headphones also the loss of its low volume, the release of their musical tastes, the world around you. Bottom line: You'll get a kick JVC HA-M5X headphones while the music emphasizes the bass booming, how, and its sturdy construction and adequate noise reduction at an affordable price. While stressing the headphones for audiophiles more open, balanced precisely to increase the value artificially low, the popularity of the digital age by Dr. Dre headphones improved study shows that the attraction of the monster low average consumers. JVC hopes to steal back market share with the HA-M5X, $ 50 on a headset with a unique resonance of the aperture ring in each ear, adding bass frequencies without the use of an external equalizer. If you do not mind the bulky design and the tendency to lose the sound, the headphones JVC HA M5X a cheaper alternative to monster hits for listeners to enjoy the low, but can not spend $ 350 for cans parts. Design and functionality JVC HA-M5X headphones are specially designed for abuse, the mobile devices to support the natural experiment. The group, the outer ear, and even 3.5 mm connectors are reinforced with hard plastic and rubber for greater impact protection. However, JVC continues to weight more than half a pound, the same as the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio. Although HA-M5X headphones tend to be plastic, do not suffer from cracks same breath the monsters get a sense cheap. The Monster Beats "plastic construction is subject to large tears around the small screws that hold it together. One of the advantages of Monster Beats headphones were more than the JVC HA-M5X is configured to be bent to support transportation. However, the band connects perfectly with the JVC headphones swivel to allow easy vertical movement and little else. We give Sony the benefit of the doubt and assume that its goal was to return to the joints, but I hope the next generation of highly folded and with a suitcase. Like most headsets, which reduces non-removable faux fur ears, fatigue and keep your ears fresh like the skin of the ear is not done, even after several hours of use. An extra layer of padding on the coast below the top of the range of equipment for additional support. Not everyone likes camouflage M5X is blue, but there is no doubt that it has a single retail drive to increase their attractiveness. The headphones have a dark red cord, 4 meters deep in the ear and ends in a standard 3.5 mm. JVC does not include a full size adapter, you must cancel, if you want to use these headphones with a 0.25 inch stereo jack. The Y-cable and connectors are equipped with soft rubber which allows the cable tangling and adds to the thickness of the isolated structure. Performance JVC HA-M5X headphones are not only in appearance, two 50 mm neodymium magnet to turn the unit and extra bass boost, thanks to the ring structure of ownership of JVC brings in the ears, just below the fine network speakers covering every emotion. The rubber ring is part of a larger unit, the sound pressure at the bottom and to avoid external shocks, the controls of your sound. However, it is convenient to adjust the volume on the music player with headphones M5X-HA in an enclosed space like a subway or bus, because a lot of sound with the outside world that interfere with listeners on the involuntary loss closely as possible. One of the drawbacks of heavy bass headphones is that the rest of the instruments in a song from drowning i[...]

MEElectronics HT 21 Headphone Review


The good: Sound HT 21 MEElectronics gentle on the ears comfort, durability and balance at a special price. The bad: The sound insulation is almost non-existent, despite its large back design. In short: we can be fooled by its lightweight design, but leaves the HT 21 MEElectronics earns our recommendation for exceptional sound stage, aesthetics and comfort subtle phones. MEElectronics go home with the HT-21, the first pair of supra-aural Enterprise (EAR) helmet. Priced at only $ 40, which fall into the same category of the budget laptop and set Koss PortaPro Sennheiser PX-100-III, but to provide a very balanced sound image with a focus on the company unless, of their closed design . You can learn more from other couples, ambient noise and offer extras like a remote control on the cable to pass, but you are not the best combination of price and performance that the helmet MEElectronics HT-21. Design and functionality MEElectronics made some adjustments to the embodiment of the headset on the ear with the HT 21. While some brands are modern and trendy colors, prints to give him the benefit of all black faux black leather and plastic pads, these headphones a timeless look, with no fashion statement. The band of silver is completely wrapped in heavy plastic for durability, and the top is filled with the same skin covering the pavement twice. The proportion that the headset is connected to the buffer zone also offers a wider angle than most competing models, so you can feel the helmet is loose in the temples - not the kind of additional hardware, but some you may prefer, hugs tight band around the head. The pavilions HT 21 double twist in one direction and folds easily for storage in the bow moves in the soft case to carry their equipment and make artificial skin around the cup, as it retains the comfort of reality, without Sweat darkened ears long-term use of the Mayor Marshall. We listened to the HT 21 headphones days 8 hours for a week of tests, and fatigue experienced ear attributed to zero comfort with its balanced sound architecture. Two different functions can be configured to HT 21 competition earphones: MEElectronics, the tendency to connect the cable on one side of the helmet to reduce the size and the rubber cable ends with a 45 degree foot 4, 3, 5 mm Plug hybrid that combines the robustness of the L-connector with universal connector in a straight line. If sound insulation a priority for you, the HT-21 is not the best option, even if technically, bleeding closed, separated from the broadband infrastructure was the front to the outside world, unfortunately, music and not much to do to the background noise in the ears to avoid. It's a simple solution is to prevent the loss of volume and tone just to lift it to cover the background noise, but this method is a simple way to get your hearing loss over time. Performance Note that these headphones for $ 40, so that the HT 21 are not in direct competition with high-end professional DJ or a monitor designed to expose your ears to discover the nuances of the music. However, the overall sound signature is still a big improvement on the actions of the ear well, which are packages are equipped with advanced music player, and no doubt pleased with them, although some tonal characteristics to differentiate its direct competitors Koss and Sennheiser. Compared to the most obvious difference is the attention PortaPros submitted to the bottom. The HT 21, or issuing an incisive shot, but it looks back to the pole to a more balanced and high. Of course, you can boost the bass with the equalizer on your music device[...]

Marshall Major Headphones Review


The good: to remove a receiver easier, more attractive Marshall noise outside and have a great platform that adapts to any style of music. The bad: The vinyl cushions and keep warm on the ear design can be uncomfortable after several hours of continuous use. In short: the helmet a solid legacy of Marshall Major Marshall, with a familiar and a good sound to match its line of A. Presentation Porter closed ear noise canceling feature Marshall Majors to go to work, school and everywhere. Priced at $ 100, offer an excellent and detailed functional design of the main elements as a band and wrapped in a Tolex inch jack cable that is synonymous with the name of Marshall. With a few complaints, and questions of form and ears warm after prolonged listening, earphones offer the clothing style and the ability of its most brilliant and Marshall would be an attractive purchase for your next pair of headphones. Design and functionality It is difficult to compare the main Marshall headphones any listening devices in the market with its line of Marshall Amps sound. All black and wears a similar aesthetic aware of Marshall amplifiers, and businesses take the position of the signal in the white left and right external ears. In fact, the band covered with soft leather and vinyl is a flexible material Tolex Marshall, Fender electric guitar and guitar case Coffin case since 1960 has wrapped. This acts as an extra layer of protection against the elements while they spend. The rest of the structure is the same attention and - hidden in 40 mm headphone Dual Driver behind a nonwoven fabric in a grid, and the external receiver is covered in black leather, which feels good when you use head. In addition, the bread can adjust the height of the metal cage and folds in the end zone for conservation organizations. Marshall curiously omits a plastic bag from the contents of the pack, but we give them the benefit of the doubt and believe it is necessary, taking into account the plastic lines and rubber gaskets and thick headphones headphones. In any case, the new headphones with a big Marshall one-year warranty. The unilateral 6-foot cable connects the left ear and includes part of several inches in a downward spiral, and added that additional clearance is useful if you want to use the music player in a backpack or bag. The 3.5 mm connector is unique and is based on the design of the guitar with extra strong spring strain relief and a son additional quarter-inch adapter included. Although no functional use, headphones, we expect that even small details like gold leaf mark custom connection ear Marshall and drummer Jim Marshall signature on the ribbon that adds a personal element, the printed cans. Performance More technically Marshall helmet-shaped ear, style, closed an excellent choice for those hoping to drown out the noise. Our anecdotal evidence have shown that little world of music out of its loss, so it's good for plane rides on public transport, where privacy is crucial. Musically, the old Marshall in the same level as same price range Sennheiser PX 100-III, with the exception of the majors to play a bigger sound, "more alive" than the PX-100 Open Back III seems low end and focus on the fight with a light jazz and classical harmonies. Marshall tried to keep the race in a week and listen to almost all types of music, and even though we are surprised with their dynamic sound quality of the rooms of the leather feel the heat and can cause fatigue After a couple of hours of operation not a big deal, but you should know if you [...]

Etymotic er-4 pt micropro Headphones Review


The good: The Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro headphones points are accurate and balanced. Clarity and precision of high out detail in the shooting, and have a balance richer and more satisfying than the Etymotic HF5s low-and middle. The ER-4 points are solidly constructed, and include a case and airplane adapter. The bad: The plastic cap thickness around the points of ER-4 "may be able to restrict access to certain smart phones and cases of audio If you really like the weak points of the ER-4. is a short "bit. Full sound insulation and son in connection with the vibrations may interfere with on-the-go listening. Conclusion: Although the Etymotic ER-4 headphones points is less dark low-end as some of its competitors in this price range that offer great sound in highly accurate tonal balance. First, a little light. If you do not realize that you have four versions of earphones Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro series, each of which sells for $ 299. According to the company in order to break the differences: The Etymotic ER-4B MicroPro is "binaural recording and control used in a professional environment." The Etymotic ER-4S MicroPro, the company is "stereo headphone jack and adapted to control the public through a newspaper or power" versus "control panel" of the house. The Etymotic ER-4P MicroPro is the mainstream of the federal government, designed for those with a portable audio device, such as the home key. The Etymotic MicroPro ER-4PT, discussed here, is the latest version of the 4P. Etymotic says the mobile professional who uses his headphones on airplanes and the job is done. To be clear, the ER-4P and ER-4 points essentially the same products, but in a different format. The ER-4PT used various types of adapters for airplanes and is also a table that explains the channel according to its owner who had ER-4PT all accuracy tests, and each channel has voted and approved by certified the 2 dB within a defined range. (If you're still confused, please visit the website for a detailed explanation of the Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro series the way. Here are the model numbers too numerous to four very similar products, seems to suggest the number of Etymotic. SKUs to make things as simple as possible for the buyer.) Well, now under consideration. The first thing you will notice that Etymotic, the handset has also long been a bit "thin cylinder that feels almost like jam sticks in his ears, not a bad thing to do in this case. Etymotic models are made of this way, and there is a point from the aesthetic point of view, these guys stand out from your ears "a little over a pair of headphones. They have two "Accu-fit" design olives insulation (foam and silicone rubber) to seal the ear from the outside world completely. You can also create their own "custom fit" cap to provide $ 100 Etymotic. In general, the earphones ER-4PT well designed with a main metal body of the helmet is divided into two twisted son strengthened for each listener. (ER-4PT is guaranteed for two years.) One complaint: the plastic around the headphone jack of a right angle through the thickness, and when a case is not in the portable audio device or smartphone (like a iPod Touch) you may be able to get the plug into the audio jack (the examiner could not include in your iPhone without removing the case). It is also interesting to note that, because so closely with these headphones, you can really hear much of the outside world, which can be dangerous if you are in the city on foot and must be aware of this sound is happen[...]

Sennheiser HD 201 headphones Review


The good: The Sennheiser HD 201 is very comfortable to use and rugged construction will last a long time. Loss of noise to a minimum, and the overall sound is well balanced. The bad: The HD 201 headphone cable is too long for portable use, and the expression does not come with a protected nature conservation there, and the maximum volume is lower than the market price of the helmet in its class. Conclusion: Despite the ultra-cheap headphones Sennheiser HD 201 provide a natural sound and capable of a performance, you can change the problem of low volume when listening to music in environments with heavy traffic. The $ 30 Sennheiser HD 201 are of great value to the user is simply looking for a quality headset that the few bad storage without spending a ton of updates. The 201S HD is far from audiophile quality, rather than low-end, the determination of the headphones more expensive than the competition, but we have to build a casual listener, the satisfaction of his pleasant, balanced and may recommend a discount market. Design and functionality HD 201 headphones are a pair of size, which is a circumaural design features (the ear) and includes an adapter gold plated 1/4-inch, which seems simple 1/8-inch plug. A limited swivel design is done in the hinge of the plot, and each ear pin slightly to the side and let sit still while the other. Elongated black pads, interchangeable and, especially, a material of synthetic leather and foam padding with a soft inside-inch left and right ear pointing 20 degrees forward and sutured to its original position, in spite of us we expected the advantage that it can work, as well as its ability to develop a variety of head shapes and sizes. The exterior of the helmet are oval is black with silver and black with touches of design, and the rest of the plot. The adjustable headband is padded hard plastic in the crown of light materials and services, such as offering a bit of pressure placed on the head, but at the end of your weight tends to a small patch which affects the skull Discussion . As a result, the headphones tend to return often. The HD 201S feel a little "deceptively easy, but it survived our case, several tests to prove its durability. The traditional two-sided, non-detachable cable 10 feet directly from the two plastic boxes and ends at the 1/8-inch sheet - not exactly ideal for riding trip, however, and it's a big problem. The cables inside the cups are comfortable and safe. Performance We heard the hard drive with a Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880 laptop 201S (with Dolby Home Theater), a receiver Onkyo TX-L5 and the Apple iPod Classic, Creative Zen Vision M and HD Zune MP3 player. With an impedance of 24 ohms, it takes little energy to drive these headphones is that the batteries in portable devices, but require a lot of energy (which is a strong or a headphone amplifier) ​​for the best sound, especially when it comes to up and down. In our test of his, we compared the HD 201 with one of the favorites in the category budget, PortaPros Koss. Instead, the bass is clean and the rest of the soundstage, but do not have the strength and momentum of PortaPros, despite the good armor helps a bit "in this sense. If you have a preference for Sennheiser and I want to continue under a provision of $ 100, a Sennheiser HD 205 II low, but it will cost you three or four times the HD 201S and less than twice the PortaPros. The response of mid-range and avoids all the bass sounds natural, but there is a slight peak in the sound, do little to offend the ears, but the gui[...]

Sennheiser PX 100 headphones review


The good: The Sennheiser PX100-III slight improvement on a previous project, the hinges are reinforced for durability, a line distance and cable clutter transport and storage in one-sided event, including transportation. The bad: A few clouds bump woofer common low-end of the spectrum, and adds weight supported by the homophonic music with melodies, like classical and jazz. Conclusion: Despite its lightweight construction are Sennheiser PX100-III with astonishing strength, and we recommend it for travelers, students and all other purchases for the new open back headphones. Presentation The Sennheiser PX 100 headphones are a III-modern version of the PX 100 in the conventional circumaural (covering the ear) header with a more robust online three-button remote control to increase the digital music player that the cable headset connected to the left. The $ 89 PX 100-III remains the top-shelf sound quality for the price range, and most listeners will appreciate the low energy range, even if the woofers are harmonies of jazz classics and heavy very heavy. These headphones are the ideal combination of comfort, travel light, and sound design of two-year warranty backed Sennheiser they can, so we have little reason not to give PX-100-III of our recommendation its entirety. think Design and functionality The PX 100-III helmet to keep the same form as the previous version, but with a profile of black to look more conservative than the original palette of black and silver. It supports rather than a star-shaped design on the outside of the helmet twice, the PX-100 IIIS seems a simple horizontal bar across the strip of plastic reinforced with steel. Soft foam pads hearing set for each, and have not noticed any real movement, even during active use. Our only criticism of the project is that the PX 100-III 4-meter cable to a vertical grip ends - we prefer L cap that will last longer because they are constantly pulling the point of connection cables stores. The joints in the halls are also available with the band through a thin plastic edge, the most likely location of future fractures, even if the Sennheiser supported by a two-year warranty that covers the lack of compatible hardware. In any case, we are the physical improvements in the design to ensure a long life impressed if you keep your bending, cutting and contain all the protection the bag soft vinyl. To make things even easier for the listener, Sennheiser PX100 series connected to a single 4-foot cable of this generation to keep organized and easy to wrap around the band, while docking. The single-sided cable reduces cable bulk and also includes a button to three inches from the left atrium control of several remote, you can browse your music on an IOS device. The headphone remote control acts as a microphone for hands-free calling via a compatible smartphone, like most remote controls for headphones, you can double-click on the middle of a song in your music player - should also be noted that two volume buttons on any iPhone 3G came out before the job is a symptom of non-Apple hardware, Sennheiser. We have also had success with it occasionally with an Android phone, so your mileage may vary with non-IOS devices. If you own an iPhone, but you can save $ 20 by purchasing the remoteless version called PX-100 II. Performance After tests and properties of PX-100 headphones, Sennheiser, we are grateful, not far from the original sound quality. The sub-$ 100 price seems to be the limit of what most consumers are willing to spend on replaceme[...]

AKG K 830 BT Wireless Headphones Review


The good: Simple, headphones AKG K 830 BT with any Bluetooth device and the battery can last several days of normal use before the last. The bad: The sound of expensive headphones can not exceed the limits of Bluetooth technology in its current form. Conclusion: The AKG K 830 headphones offer a simple solution, BT Wireless music fans tired of tangled headphone son, but the disappointing Bluetooth audio fidelity is not worth the price ambitious. Despite its ease of use and convenience, we hesitate, the AKG K 830 Wireless Headset BT $ 250, without recommending a sharp drop in prices. How many Bluetooth devices such doses do not lose a significant amount of sound quality due to compression of the file, and connectivity with little to offer, and wireless, are difficult to maintain. If you're in the market for a pair of wireless headphones, WR700s TDK is an effective alternative for less than half the price of the AKG K 830 BT headset. Design The AKG K 830 BT's ear so the ear soft vinyl and sit on top of the ears, instead of "his" in-ear cans like Sennheiser HD 201S, the temple. AKG has a strip of thin plastic layer of vinyl quilted understood that the voltage decreases with a helmet as part of a day. The adjustable headband and swivel 180 degrees rooms can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes head, and I personally had no problems with the ease of use for a period of two weeks, sometimes more than 4 hours. AKG reduced to cover the weight of these headphones with a glossy black plastic on the controls on board, but makes the material is cheap and offers a noise reduction unit, which is not to inspire confidence in the long term. They are too thin to throw in a bag is probably why AKG includes a protective case to keep your driving time. In any case, would not be comfortable that you are free unprotected, beaten around in a backpack, and we will notify you of small sections of plaster that emerges from the ear. Half of the receivers on the left are all the buttons you need to call and music playback functions, including pause / play button at the top, back on the right and left remote, and two Address button at the bottom of the circle to adjust the volume. There is also a large multifunction button in the middle of a phone you choose to accept and end calls and redial the last number with the number of clicks you have selected. If you remember all the controls, you can also use the microphone and disable the control panel complete with a different set of models of push buttons. We tested all the controls in a couple of weeks, and our only complaint about the keyboard layout is that the change in the amount invested, while the "Volume" is sitting in front of and behind the "volume". It ignores the problem, you can expect an adjustment period (which lasted about a week) to get used to the return key. With the headphones, the AKG K 830 BT package also includes a small USB connector to charge the bottom of the cup in his left ear, and said the stock market. Characteristic AKG provides detailed instructions on how the AKG K 830 BT is compatible with any A2DP device and torque clutch is very simple: just hold down the multifunction button flashes quickly to the bottom of the green LED and blue to show pairing mode unit. This should find the headset to be visible in a single device for the music player, and the two must match the phone to call when a listening device. After establishing a connection, the headset will re[...]

Sennheiser HD205 II Headphones Review


The good: The Sennheiser HD 205 II DJ headphones are comfortable to wear even for long-term commitment and exceptional low-budget headphones. Scattering noise is minimal, and protect the sound environment is very effective. The price is affordable and a protective case included. The bad: The mid-range response is low. The design of hard plastic cracks after moderate use and the headset folds for storage. The side that comes with the cable is too long for portable use, and no way to replace the cable. Conclusion: Although Sennheiser HD 205 II headphones DJ in good, natural sound and able to deliver the performance, listeners critical lack of charm. Sennheiser is usually with words like "elite" and "face", but now you can "price conscious" in this list. The Sennheiser HD 205 II DJ (list price $ 80 $ 49 to $ 59 online) are part of the company's online budget HD 200 Series, and for use by DJs and musicians. The HD 205 II headphones is a medium-sized circumaural design includes a semi-closed and Sennheiser is a two-year warranty. Including a major case of transport of vinyl is thick and 1/4-inch adapter gold plated 1/8-inch screws. The building is beautiful, but it bends a little. "Longevity may be a problem, but the amount of wear is added, ultimately, to the user. After moderate use, but we have a clear indication of breaking the sound from the left edge of the helmet when adjusting the volume. The company logo is small sample of the money on the wing, as its emblem embossed in silver and high on the hinges of the left and right. The pads are removable and round, and especially black vinyl fabric sewn inside the right earpiece turns slightly upward at 40 degrees in either direction, to supervise an ear and help from the headphones. The exterior of the cup with a circular design with silver accents, while the rest of the chassis is black. Hard plastic, adjustable headband has a framework that is sufficiently damped inside the ring and offers exceptional comfort in the long run, reducing ear fatigue. (Note that comfort may vary depending on the size of the head, because the legacy of a problem for some and not others.) The non-detachable face, 10 feet long, straight cable outlet in the left ear and ends in the 1/8-inch sheet - roll is not exactly ideal for travel, however, and it's a big problem. The swivel cord on the inside of the glass raises questions about how to protect the cable is connected and how long the device over time. Semi-closed design guards against HD 205 II environmental noise - be it underground in the street or in the office - so beautiful that I could not hear a conversation between two colleagues who are 8 feet away from the area test. Therefore, there was minimal loss of sound through the headphones, even at high volume, the only way people heard music headphones when he was under the foot were removed. We took advantage of HD 205 II headphones combined with a Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880 laptop (with Dolby Home Theater), an Onkyo TX-L5 receiver and the iPod Classic, Creative Zen Vision M MP3 and Zune HD. With an impedance of 32 ohms, it takes very little energy to drive these headphones, so that the batteries in portable devices with ease. As far as sound goes, the lower is less pronounced than seven years detailed HD 212 Pro, but the HD 205 II, and is much better than the Shure SRH440 professional studio that was not low enough. High frequencies are[...]

c-Jays Headphones Review


The good: The Jays c-Jays earphones with an open architecture design and includes three interchangeable ear cleaning solution and the best sound quality to your liking. The bad: the most is the smallest platform to its appeal, but also produced the least comfortable of the three options. In short: Jay is a good sound in the headset that allows you to customize your listening experience three ears. Although not cheap, the c-Jays are worth the investment, if you mount a pair of post-sale lifestyle purchases mobile headset. Almost all helmets many tips for choosing the best solution for your ears. Blue Jays C-Jays on the ear that includes three sizes of pavilions, each offers a different experience in terms of comfort and sound quality. We tested all three break-in period of one week, and c-Jays continue their sharp, clear sound and it mixes with an Apple iPhone to impress. $ 120 headphones are not cheap, and we expect the C-Jays is considered the most difficult market for its portable cans, but we recommend them to their frequencies balanced and comfort options. Design and functionality C-Jays The Blue Jays gave us memories of the simple black plastic cover that comes with the Walkman in the last decades. If you want to make a fashion statement has to do with the headphones, the d-Jays are probably bored with its simplicity, but in reality to find the option attractive black and white for the same reasons. Also appears to function-oriented design, the aesthetic credo of the Blue Jays, who are also tiles tiles utility to four handsets. If you are really looking for a couple with a call back, check PortaPros Koss, one of our favorites, which sells for $ 50 with a lifetime warranty. The group and the two speakers are 1.75 inches in nylon with a hinge at the base dimensions of adjustment, the two trophies that folds into the handle for storage in your case can be made. The material makes the headphones very easily, is available at only 2.6 ounces - certainly can not be said in reverse. Tiles ensures that the nylon fiber strong enough to handle all day immersed in a bag or briefcase, but we are more comfortable with the slide in a padded package. The bow must be flexible to accommodate a wide range of head sizes and in all directions, and we can imagine how adequate a couple of semi-active earphones to the gym. C-The Blue Jays no shortage of accessories and soft drawstring bag for transport. It is also a double column, 3.5 mm adapter for air, listening to a stereo splitter for the group and listen to a 6.4 mm stereo adapter for the home. Jay also has an additional wire which extends the original Y cable is 23.5 inches 27.5 inches additional one. If you want your music player in your pocket, then you are definitely connected permanently to maintain the extension cable. The cable has a thermoplastic rubber that holds its shape and does not seem prone to wound complications. Performance The three interchangeable ear c-Jays make it unique from other headphones. In addition to small, medium and large buds of the three different foam densities, which were more frequent for any format. The smallest amount of diluent upholstery, most sounds can penetrate through the membrane can do to make this pair is ideal if you are looking for bass and treble. At the same time, thin pads allow direct contact with material management, you may have to suspend or modify the helmet every half hour. H[...]

A-Jays Four earphones Review


The good: The Blue Jays have four A-Jays a helmet, the final design and robust feature a tangle-free cord and a discreet apartment, three-button remote iPhone. The bad: The ear of large homes can be inconvenient for some, the sound is not present, and rap and dynamic. Conclusion: A-Jays Jays headphones offer a sound design of four balanced and elegant and functional, the headset is an excellent replacement for the IOS device. Design and functionality Four O Jays Jays earphones are almost exactly the same design as Jay-September 3, we gave a positive assessment of last year, but $ 70 with four pairs of wires adds a remote control that lets you change the power to stop jump and play songs in the IOS. They are $ 10 cheaper than the Apple In-Ears fragile and it is recommended that the tiles every purchase a supplier for replacement. A four-Jays earphones are the ideal combination of design and adaptation of executive powers, so it does not scream attention that the atomic radius small colored gems. Instead, the equivalent of the silver and black of the iPhone and 4 "fettuccine" style ribbon cable is covered with rubber to get tangled in your bag or avoid. The headphone cable is more than average and measures 45 inches or a little over three inches longer than the headphone cord from Apple. The additional material means less resistance when you decide to leave the player in your pocket, purse or backpack. Finally, the A-Fours Jays cap a new silver L-shaped reinforced rubber that less strain on the spine and prevents bending. Remote control on the line is about 6 inches below the right atrium, and appreciate its discreet design and lightweight, often complain of bulky remotes, and drag to create tension in the egg. One side of the remote has three buttons that can be used for a variety of functions - it takes most of its lights, or press twice to play, pause, fast forward, rewind and volume levels, but you can also quickly lead and control of incoming calls. The full set of commands works perfectly with the iPhone 4, but 3G users can play, pause, rewind and volume, without manipulation. The iPhone 4 you can also call the A-Jays on all fours to make contacts and access to your music with voice commands, click on the remote instructions for more detailed inspections of tiles. The back of the remote has a small hole in the silicon microphone, your voice when you say that you use the headset for calls or the houses of controls, but the pickup 360 degrees, it is necessary to give the his mouth piece to isolate his voice. Call quality is the norm for a pair of stereo headphones, and our test of the called party reported no problems in maintaining a conversation, even on a busy street in New York. The four-tile A helmet with a hard case that slides open to reveal a detailed instruction manual and four sets of silicone sleeves, so a total of five ear-covers also the partner that is already installed. A four-Jays earphones are only those that come with the IOS device, the cases are silicone rubber to hold on to your ear. If you listen and want more privacy with rubber inserts at home in the channel, see the Etymotic HF5 series, but remember, you must pay twice the price. Performance This means we still have the same problems with the clumsy adaptation covers the circular shape of the headset A-Jays who have experience with the headset A-Three Jays. We continuous[...]

Klipsch Image S5i Review


The good: The rugged earphones Klipsch Image S5i have a waterproof resistant, and in line with the remote control buttons are large enough to be used with gloves. The helmet has a bass line and overall sound is solid. Includes a hard case with a built-in flashlight. The bad: The headphones Klipsch Image S5i does not offer a better grip, it adds weight to the distance and no ear. Conclusion: "skaters, snowboarders and skiers who are not integrated into headphones, earphones Klipsch Image S5i better robustness. Fans of fitness around the world understand the importance of music for motivation when it comes to traffic. Fortunately, if the phone manufacturer, has broken rugged sports models have been for years. The key is the amount that is right for your business, and when that happens, you are skiing or snowboarding, the Klipsch Image S5i difficult for you. These headphones are $ 130 compact, robust and designed with the outdoor sports in mind. In fact, the design of the helmet is not part of a helmet strong start S4i S5i popular. The headphones are super compact and always slightly tilted, but the ears S5i a textured rubber coating, instead of the shiny plastic. The cables are thin, but the S5i is reinforced and waterproof. In fact, everything was out of the headphone plug for the remote control module designed to withstand a reasonable amount of moisture, an explanation that we encountered when testing the helmet in the snow. The design chosen other features of the headset is in line micro S5i robust control module and remote. While the microphone is standard hole diversity, the remote is very different from those found in other models. In addition to sealing, a large rubber buttons that can be used with gloves. The module has a volume control and a Play / Pause button (which is also used to switch between tracks, if you use an IOS). The only drawback is that the way to add a little weight, and then there is a removable shirt clip on the package, removable ear hook would be a welcome addition. Another unique feature of the image presented is the case S5i. There is also a removable clip and ultra-hard sport to ensure unity in his person. More importantly, it offers an integrated LED flash, which may be continuous or flashing mode can be used. This could be useful when you are very special off-road. Above all, the image S5i Live headset sound quality we expect from Klipsch. In other words, the tone of this jewel "is not as clear and balanced, and audio-S4i, the call will not be so universal. S5i contrary, the huge number of victims. The lower end is so far ahead, if I really want our ears vibrate sometimes. The good news is that is not distorted and the centers are still very rich. If something is suffering, is the high-end retail is not enough for some bubbles. What is said, these headphones are clearly extreme sports enthusiasts tend to listen to loud music during the activity. To this end, the headphones are practically perfect image S5i. [...]