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Make Dhtml Popup Windows

Sat, 25 Jul 2009 07:38:00 +0000

Almost all pop up windows are extremely annoying to see. They crop up when you least expect it and sometimes boot you off the site when you do not click on them. But one really attractive form of pop up window is the DHTML links present on several sites nowadays. If you would like to have DHTML pop ups on your site then here are a few tips on how to make DHTML Popup Windows the right way!

• In order to make DHTML Popup Windows, you have to remember that they work on keywords. If your site has pages on Strep Throat and its treatments, then use software like Wordtracker to find relevant keywords that you can put into your content. Once your content is KW optimized you can use these same keywords as the DHTML links on your webpages.

• Each phrase that you use in your page should be carefully selected and linked to a product page where related products are present. This way the users know that the DHTML links are useful. The links can also be used to link to affiliate programs to ensure that you make money with click through.

• Please remember that the DHTML windows are embedded into the text. So the pop up windows become visible only when the user moves his cursor over the text. A pop up window will become visible and show what has been embedded there. The appearance of the blurb can be changed but essentially they are very small. Advertising content in the blurb must be short and sweet to catch the readers attention

• Most of the time the appearance of the heading and the text are controlled with a CSS file. But you can also detail file size, font appearance and color with CSS.

• You can also control where you want the pop ads to come up. If you tweak the existing code you will get the pop up ads on the same page or subsequent pages anywhere on the site.