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Day 6 - No Complaining


T. Jason Finch

Alexis Finch w/ Luisa & Laura
(image) You're probably wondering how I am doing with my No complaining challenge...?

Well, if you have to know, I slipped yesterday and todays I slipped a couple of times but by the time I caught myself starting to complain, it as too late because the words
had already slipped out of my mouth.

My wrists were a little bit redder from the snapping I had done, but I am still very happy with the progress that I have

made so far. Tomorrow is the 7th day, and hopefully (cross my fingers) I will be successful all day long without complaining!

I tend to do pretty good at work, except for today... I was on the phone with HP
technical supports and I just lost it. Something about trying to get a guy in India
to understand what you are trying to tell him is a bit annoying; however, with that
being said, I was much calmer, and I didn't get so bent out of shape, like I have in
the past.

So I am already seeing positive results with focusing on being positive. I went to
lunch with some co-workers and I had to bite my tongue a couple of times because
it's so easy to complain when you're with friends.

Anyways, off to the shower then to bed. I just finished working out for 20 minutes.
I committed myself to working out everyday for 30 days. This was the 19 day.
So happy. Researchers are now showing that it takes doing something 30 day in
order for a pattern to be established... Originally I believe it was 21 days...

T. Jason Finch

Day 3 No Complaining Challenge


(image) [Jason Finch]
Just finished taking our Christmas photos. Now that's over.

My update on my progress. I almost made it all the way threw day 2 without complaining then I had a bout with my video camera broke the straw. I did my best to hold in my frustration, but sometimes you got to let it fly...
Anyways, I snapped my rubber band then switched wrists and started all over again.

Day 3
Everything was all good until I slipped and complained around 7pm. I don't recall what
happened exactly ( I am typing this at 12:11am, and I still need to do my jumping for the day),
however I slipped. So once again, I snapped my rubber band then switched wrists.

So again, this is a journey. A step by step process. I am making progress, and I am feeling calmer, and more positive since I have started. Tomorrow (actually today) I will do my best to stay positive and recollected. Ok, now it's time for my to keep my commitment to exercise for 20 minutes a day... I am on day16.

Leave your comments below on how well you are doing with this challenge.. chow!

Thoughts about end of day 1 "No complaining challenge"


T. Jason Finch

I have to admit that it was a lot harder than what I thought it was going to be to not complain for an entire day... I did come very close to complaining, but I held my tongue and then I said "Cancel, cancel, cancel" to the negative thoughts about complaining that immediately arose in my head.

When you get negative thoughts in your head, simply say Cancel three times, or you can say, "Thanks for sharing, pass."

This works great because you are acknowledging the part of your brain that is being negative but then you are training it that you want to look at the positive in all situations.

This is not something that happens over night. Hell, most people don't even know what the Hell they are even thinking. I wasn't aware for the longest time, well, until I read a fantastic book called: "What to Say When You Talk To Yourself".

Anyways, to be short, I am excited that I have made it through the day. I am going to continue this challenge for another day.

One of the things that I said to myself was, "No matter what happens today, I am simply going to let it be ok. I am going to just let it be and not be judgmental about whatever tries my patience."

Simply just pretend that it doesn't matter, that it's not your business to get mad or upset over anything. Because when we complain, we are basically saying that we have no control of what is happening to us. Which is not correct. The moment that you accept 100% responsibiltity for everything in your life, you immediately take back the power and control to make changes in your life.

Otherwise, you play the victim role. And we all know what happens to victim.
Anyways, this post is about doing your best to stay positive and not complain.

Don't get down if you find yourself with sore wrists at the end of the day from snapping your rubber band. It's all good. Just keep trying. Set little goals for yourself... If you can't go an entire day... Don't complain for 1 hour, then work yourself up to a day... and et cetera.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

If you have comments about this post, please post them below... Goooood Day!

If you think you are ready for a challenge and you are brave enough jump on board. It's never too late to change yourself to becoming the "Perfect You."
T. Jason Finch

No complaining for 1 day Challenge...!


"T. Jason Finch"
The NO COMPLAINING 1 DAY CHALLENGE. Think you can do it? Honestly, I don't know if could go a single day without complaining...? Sounds easy until you try. I attempted to do this the other month ago and failed miserably. It was a real shocker when I realized how negative I really am. And I thought I was pretty darn positive. Boy did I have a rude awakening. LOL!

The originator of this concept, Will Bowen, challenges people to go on a 21 day fast from complaining... pretty tough I'd say... so hence the idea of just going 1 day without complaining will be a huge feat for me and I'd imagine it'd be a big achievement for most people also.

Watch Will Bowen's video from Oprah below

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So starting tomorrow, I am going on the short one day fast of no complaining. If you want to join me that'd be super... please leave your comments below and how well you did.

Tip: where a rubber band around your wrist, then when you find yourself complaining... snap the rubber band then switch wrist.. you must also start all over again.. meaning it's a new 24 hours that you have to go without complaining..

Don't get discourage if it takes your many attempts to get passed just one day of no

T. Jason Finch