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Christian Schools in the Pretty Dandenong Ranges

From as early as 1978, parents in the Belgrave district were praying for a local Christian school where they could enrol their children. This led local parents Lynette Thompson and Jenny McCallam appealing to Isabel Bell for help in locating a suitable si

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Christian Schools in the Pretty Dandenong Ranges

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They approached the Presbyterian Christian Education and Nurture Committee who joined with other Presbyterians for discussion and prayer with regard to the possible use of the property at 244 Mt. Morton Road. What followed was the establishment of a steering committee and a series of planning meetings leading to plans and drawings being submitted to the Shire of Sherbrooke. Ready to learn more about Christian Schools? Just visit Christian schools to get started. On Saturday 30th October, 1982, the school steering committee, members of the Presbyterian Christian Education and Nurture Committee, Sherbrooke Shire Councillor Geoff Edwards and a number of friends committed themselves to establishing the school for the following year. Fifteen students attended the school for the first day’s instruction on Tuesday, 1st February, 1983. The District School Inspector wrote a pleasing report on the 7th March, bringing the school to full registration on the 28th March, 1983.After much prayer, planning and consultation, Year 7 classes began in 2002, Year 8 in 2003, Year 9 in 2004 and Year 10 in 2005. A full VCE course for BHCS students began with Year 11 in 2007 and Year 12 in 2008.The school has been supported by re-current State and Commonwealth Government funding since 1983. In 1992, the school built the first stage of its architecturally designed buildings with the help of B.G.A. funding. In 1999 the ‘Isabel Bell Library’ was built and since then the building has continued in stages equipping the School with outstanding classrooms and administration facilities.In 2005 the Secondary Technology building was completed, with state of the art computers, woodwork, graphics and textile facilities. The following year interactive whiteboards were installed for all classrooms from Year 4 upwards.In 2006 The main Secondary Block was completed, which contains science and cuisine facilities, classrooms and toilets. The next stage of the building project, a mu&#[...]