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Nokia N85 Mobile Phone Review


Read more Nokia N85 Review here.Take a brief Outlook at the Nokia N85 N-Series PhoneIf you have already used some outstanding N-series phones like N95 and if you are looking to upgrade it still then have a look at the new luxurious N85. Are you interested in learning more about this phone? With its high pricing, any photographer would love to handle this N85 camera. It also provides you different options of viewing and listening in your favorite media that you wish to. It also got you some little features which grabs your attention. There is a probability of even grabbing the attention of N95 users as this would look like the upgraded version of itA neat comparison between Nokia N85 and various N-series productsIf you compare this model to N95, you will observe that the dual slider hasn’t been changed. If you start sliding up then you can use the keypad and if you slide it downwards then you will notice the music controllers. These improvements have been attracted by the users of N-series. This will be bending in the task that you would wish to as you can use it as a normal phone or listen to some music or can watch videos. This overall design of this phone has almost copied from N81. But still even the design has also been improved regarding the ergonomics of its D-pad feature and a navi-wheel feature.Nokia N85’s Outstanding Feature-Photographer’s Favorite CameraCertainly there are more features on N85 and it would be tough to decide the best feature among all the high-end quality features. But yet, if you would love to take pictures came then certainly you will wish to have a deep look at the camera features. So are you excited on knowing the features of it? First of all, it got the 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. This characteristic is beyond the lens cover and is situated at the back of this mobile phone. If you thrust down that cover then your camera will get started automatically. As soon as you take those pictures you can have an easy access to those images in the album software. But still there is a small fault in this phone as it got a dual LED flash that replaces the xenon. However, you will be able to see the lowlight pictures that come out.Nokia N85 Screen DisplayOLED ScreenThis OLED screen might be the future for all the manufacturers who are looking for flat screen designs. This feature enables contrast. It also enhances color black and other colors without consuming more of it. One of the unbelievable facts about this mobile phone is that OLED screens are already installed on the magnificent Arte range products by Nokia. The phone’s display is of 2.6 inches and can auto rotate if you twist the phone to the side. The phone runs on the basis of Symbian S60 version 3.2 operating system. You can notice this software in most of the N-series mobile phones.Nokia N85’s Additional FeaturesAs the camera and screen are provided with some outstanding and mind-blowing features then you should feel even excited as there are many more features that you need to know. 3G mobile phones offering certain features that includes the Assisted GPS with Nokia Maps, Bluetooth, 3.5-millimeter jackplug for you to plug in headphones, A2DP, Wi-Fi, FM transmitter that will broadcast music through a close FM radio station.N85 PriceYou can notice a substantial price difference between the Nokia models N85 and N96. Hence there is no doubt that N85 will become a well-accepted phone in the market. Simultaneously, there is another phone which is getting in an equal competition with this N 85 is Samsung i7110.[...]

LG Renoir KC910 Mobile Phone Review


Read more LG Renoir KC910 Review here.LG mobile phone manufacturer had undergone through some benefits and defects. But still people are excited to look at the Viewty phone as this is the first multi-feature phone released from LG. This is a touchscreen phone offering you with a high megapixel in the camera. Though it didn’t come out as expected but still it was able to come into the mobile phone waters effortlessly. Yet the LG manufacturers knew that they are not up to the mark as they could find the same problems in Viewty when compared to their follow up mobile phones.This time LG returned with a bit different design compared to Viewty. Even this phone is also a touchscreen but need not to control it with completed hand. Just use your pinky to operate it. But this is not the exact reason for users to buy this phone. It’s because that this latest LG phone named Renoir KC910 has eight-mega pixel camera.You have to check out this ultimate mobile before you are going too excited for buying. The ultimate option in this mobile is its camera with 8 mega pixel even though it is just a single part of the mobile.For beginners, have a look at the renoir’s casing. LG phones always promises to the users that they will come back with even better and quality made phones including the inbuilt features. This mobile weighs only 114 grams lighter than iphone as it weighs 126 grams and 14 millimeters thickness with unbelievable features.The screen resolution of LG Renoir is 240 by 400 which looks fantastic. The buttons are situated underneath the screen and are mainly helpful for the new users. But once if you switch the phone to the other side you just feel like holding a camera in your hand. If you are ready to start with the camera then you will notice a cover which protects the lens.Do you really wish to know even more about this eight mega-pixel camera? If you’re interested in purchasing a mobile with camera on it then why can’t you select the best model over there? Certainly you are going to notice the difference in the quality of the camera if you start comparing this phone with other mobile phones like Pixon, Samsung INNOV8 and the Sony Ericsson C905. One of the main benefits on using this phone is having auto focus availability which remains to be a high end one and is the best compared to other competitors. In addition to the auto focus feature certainly there are other features which you would love to see. They are listed below:Xenon flashFace and smile recognitionAdjustments in white balanceCan shoot 30-fpi videoAdjustments in ISOThis phone provides you the virtual keyboard which one would wish to. Some people divert their way from iPhone’s as well. However, you can notice some problems with it. So this is not the best phone and is just for LG standard operating system. Yet you can find the widgets that are provided in Samsung phones. This touchscreen feature is exceptional and is going to be the build or smash feature for the Renoir. The phone provides you 3 buttons. They are used to lift or end the call with one centralized button.They also included other developments in this Renoir. Connectivity features like:BluetoothA2DPWi-FiGPS3G with HSDPAVideo Player like DivX/XivD with Dolby MobileObviously observing the phone directly would be a better option rather than watching as pictures as there will be some partiality in this aspect. If you are in a search of high end camera with terrific sound clarity then hope you don’t misjudge for an eight mega-pixel camera phone like the LG Renoir KC 910.[...]

LG Cookie KP500 Mobile Phone Review


Read more LG Cookie KP500 Review here.A touch screen mobile was designed by LG Company where the users would love to handle it. These models are released into the market with affordable prices. In addition to that it got some special features which rival the other expensive touchscreen phones.Initially, if you start comparing other mobiles with LG Cookie KP500 then obviously this will be excellent to have with what you will acquire. For the beginners, you are going to feel a real touchscreen mobile phone, not just a touch sensitive phone. The virtual buttons as well as icons are provided in this mobile which can be operated by fingers.Thanks to iphone’s repute as it created a real sensation in year 2008 regarding the touchscreen aspect. Touchscreen phone can be a pleasure to use, especially for the people who have to stay in their homes. Do you still keep in mind of the premature touchscreen phones? Yet there are people who didn’t have a great time with touchscreen phones. If they start to spend some more time on handling it then they will feel it very easy to use and will have a great time. Though this Cookie KP500 annoys you a bit regarding the stylish aspect but still it’s a trouble-free phone.The display of this KP500 can be adjusted according to its way and this is possible with the help of the inbuilt accelerometer feature. If you turn this touch screen to the landscape mode then it can be used as key board and easy to write. While playing games, you can use accelerometer which helps to manage the play with phone. One more fantastic feature on this touch screen mobile is that some of the options on the screen can be changed with a shake as well as flip. So if users want to choose a better mobile then definitely they will choose the phone with many features that is KP500.The LG Cookie looks pretty comparing with other touch screen mobiles. When the KP500 is compared with iphone3G or LG Renoir it is 20 percent thinner and smaller. The KP500 touch screen mobile weighs only 89 grams. It means it is so light weight to handle as well as cute looking. As the mobile is made very thin and light weight the LG Engineers didn’t reduce the size of the screen. This can say as a greatest thing about the company and size of the screen is three inches diagonally, it means not so small but good for looking. As the big screen will definitely makes the user comfortable and satisfaction, there will be no stress or strain to look forward your screen.Let us see the other factors which made the touch screen mobile so worth. This mobile provides you a media player where any media files can be played using the software installed in the mobile. It also offers you a FM radio as well. The web browser gives you an easy access to view documents, check emails etc. The phone can be used worldwide as it contains quadband GSM. The USB and Bluetooth facilities are also provide in this mobile to transfer any data files or media files.The KP500 mobile has some downfalls which may keep the coming users or future users away from using this touch screen mobile. This mobile has a picture clarity of only 3.2 mega pixel where as other mobiles have 5 mega pixel and 8 mega pixel. This mobile doesn’t have the function of auto focus where as the other phones do and this is limited to only small space where it has only 48 MB. If you want to increase your space you can increase up to 8 gigabyte and it can be done with microSD memory cards which will be available in market. The mobile is not provided with Wi-Fi and doesn’t have 3G. The web browsing is not up to the mark and so the big screen provided on this mobile will be useless.[...]