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How You Can Become a NASCAR Collector


How You Can Become a NASCAR Collector and Why You Should

Are you looking for a fun hobby that you can enjoy in your spare time? If you are, you will find that you have an unlimited number of options. There are a large number of items that can be considered collectables. With that said, one item that you will want to consider collecting is that of NASCAR collectables.

As nice as it is to hear that you can start a hobby collecting NASCAR merchandise and memorabilia, you may be looking for information on why you should. For starters, it is a fun hobby to enjoy. This is particularly true for those who are fans of the sport. NASCAR fans are more likely to enjoy the time spent researching and shopping for collectable pieces as opposed to those who are not fans. As a reminder, a hobby is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity.

Becoming a NASCAR collector is not only a great hobby, but it can also be profitable. Depending on what you collect or how much you are willing to invest in doing so, becoming a NASCAR collector can turn profitable for you. Generally speaking, older, rare, limited edition, or hard to find NASCAR memorabilia and merchandise pieces are valuable.

Another one of the many reasons why you may want to become a NASCAR collector, especially if you are a fan of the sport, is because it is relatively easy to do so. NASCAR collectables are easy to find, as you have so many options. As a reminder, if you are only interested in collecting for a hobby, you can, literally, collect whatever you want, including hats, shirts, model cars, and so forth, no matter how valuable they are.

As nice as it is to hear that there are a number of reasons why you should consider staring your own NASCAR collection, you may be wondering how you can go about doing so. As previously stated, NASCAR collectors have a number of different buying options. A few of these options are outlined below for your convenience.

As touched on above, if you are looking to make a profit with NASCAR collectables, you may want to focus on limited edition, rare, or older collectables. For that reason, you will want to checkout used merchandise and memorabilia. Used items fall under two different categories, those that have been used or played with and those that are previously owned, but still technically new in the box. For used and potentially valuable NASCAR collectables, online auction websites, thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales should be examined.

Specialty sports stores or those that have a focus on racing are another great way to go about finding items to add to a NASCAR collection. Many collectors will find the best success doing business with an online retailer, but local stores are also common in areas where racing is a popularity pastime and they are often found near NASCAR racetracks. You can use the internet to help you find local sports dealers and specialty stores by performing a standard internet search or by examining online business directories. Your local phone book can also be used.

As for shopping for NASCAR collectables online, if you know what you are looking for, like a limited edition number 3 Dale Earnhardt model car or die cast car, you will want to perform a standard internet search with just that. This approach is likely to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. If you are only interested browsing, your internet search should include phrases such as “NASCAR collectables,” or “NASCAR dealers.”

Of course, the decision as to whether or not you want to collect NASCAR merchandise and memorabilia is your decision to make. With that being said, it is a nice, safe, and fun activity for NASCAR fans to enjoy. In fact, even those who aren’t fans of the sport are enjoy this hobby, as they have the ability to turn a profit.

How to Save Money on NASCAR Tickets


Would you like to attend a live NASCAR race? If you would, you are definitely not alone. A large number of race fans would love to see a race live and in-person, but many are unable to do so. This is mostly due in part to costs. Yes, it can be expensive to attend a NASCAR race, but did you know that there are ways in which you can go about saving money on your tickets?

As nice as it is to hear that there are ways that you and other NASCAR fans can save money on NASCAR tickets, you may be looking for more information, like how you can go about doing so. For starters, you will want to make your ticket purchases as soon as possible. The closer it gets to a popular event, like a NASCAR race, the more scalpers are able to take control. Scalpers are individuals who purchase tickets to sporting events with the sole purpose of reselling them for a much higher price later on.

Another easy way that you can go about attending a NASCAR race, while saving money at the same time, is by examining all seating options. As with many other popular events, such as other sporting events and concerts, you will find that different seats or sections often have different price tags attached to them. Of course, you will want to try and get the best seat in the house, but you may want to shift your focus a little bit. Instead, search for the best seats that are priced within your budget.

Visiting online auction websites is another easy way that you can go about finding affordable NASCAR tickets. Online auction websites are ideal, as they make it easy for you to compare ticket prices, all within a matter of minutes. Although it is more than possible for you to find cheap NASCAR tickets on online auction websites, like eBay, you also need to use caution. Most online auction websites allow sellers to set their own prices. Some individuals may set their ticket prices at a ridiculously high amount, essentially, making them an online scalper.

Another great way to go about finding and buying cheap NASCAR tickets is by asking around. Most diehard NASCAR fans purchase their tickets in advance. Unfortunately, sometimes, plans change or emergencies arise. If you know of any NASCAR fans who have tickets for a race, but cannot attend, be sure to speak with them. They may have wanted to simply give their tickets away to someone that they know, but offer to buy the tickets instead.

Speaking of buying tickets from NASCAR fans who are ticket holders, but who are unable to attend the race in question, be sure to checkout your local newspapers. Those who wish to recoup a portion of their costs often turn to their newspaper classified section. This is where most will advertise any tickets that they have for sale. When using your newspaper classified section, as with online auction websites, you will want to proceed with caution. However, most individuals will ask for a fair amount for their tickets, if not an amount that is less than what they originally paid.

As highlighted above, there are a number of ways that you can go about finding NASCAR tickets for sale that are relatively affordable to purchase. As a reminder, when looking to receive something at a discounted price, including NASCAR tickets, use your best judgment.

How to Meet Other NASCAR Fans


Are you a fan of the sport of racing? If you are, do you have other friends or family members who are also fans of NASCAR? Since NASCAR is a sport has that seen an increase in popularity, there is a good chance that you do. With that being said, you may be looking for more. If so, you may want to continue reading on. A few of the many ways that you can go about meeting other NASCAR fans, just like yourself, are highlighted below.

For meeting other NASCAR fans locally and in-person you may want to checkout your local bars or local sports bars. This is due to fact that a large number of NASCAR fans like going out to have a good time to watch a race. Many like to have a nice meal or a few drinks. During football season, you may find some difficulty finding a sports bar that still airs NASCAR races, but it is more than possible to do.

In keeping with meeting other NASCAR fans in-person, you can do so by attending live NASCAR races. Of course, you may be able to socialize with those sitting near you at the track, but you may want to do so beforehand too. Many NASCAR fans love to host and attend tailgating parties. A great way to meet other NASCAR fans is to have a tailgating party yourself and invite others to join you and your family or you and your group of friends.

Although meeting other NASCAR fans locally and in-person is nice, many do not have the time or the extra money needed to attend live NASCAR races or spend each weekend at a sports bar. If you are one of those individuals, you may want to turn to the internet instead. When using the internet to help you meet other NASCAR fans you have a number of different options. Two of those options involve joining online message boards and online groups that focus on NASCAR racing.

Online message boards are a great way to meet and socialize with other NASCAR fans. A racing or a NASCAR themed message board can easily be found with a standard internet search. When performing your standard internet search, search with phrases such as “NASCAR forum,” or “NASCAR message board.” When it comes to online message boards, just about any topics are discussed, including race recaps, race predictions, and much more.

As for online groups that focus on racing or NASCAR racing in particular, they are similar in nature to online message boards; however, a different format is typically used. Many group members discuss upcoming races, their favorite drivers, share personal experiences at the track, as well as share media items, such as videos with each other. Depending on where you look online, you may even be able to find online groups that focus on specific drivers, such as Dale Earnhardt Jr.

As highlighted above, there are a number of different ways that you can go about meeting other NASCAR fans. These are individuals who you may enjoy talking about the great sport of NASCAR racing with. As a reminder, however, it is important that you display caution, especially when looking to meet someone that you know met online. When dealing with people who you are unfamiliar with, even NASCAR fans, it is best to use your best judgment. Always meet in a public place and never divulge too much personal information about yourself, especially at first.

How to Make a NASCAR Race a Fun Adventure at Home


Are you a NASCAR fan? If you are, you may enjoy attending NASCAR races. Unfortunately, most fans are unable to attend each and every race. Even if you are unable to attend a race, it does not mean that you cannot still enjoy one. There are a number of ways that you can make watching a NASCAR race a fun adventure, right from the comfort of your own home!

One of the many ways that you can have a fun adventure at home for a NASCAR race is by having a party. In fact, many race fans have small parties in their homes on race day. One of the best races to have a party for is the Daytona 500, which is commonly referred to as the super bowl of racing. No matter how large or small your race day party is, you will likely have more fun watching the race with others, as opposed to by yourself. For that reason, the next time that you must watch a NASCAR race from home, consider inviting a few friends over.

If you plan a NASCAR party or even if you just choose to watch the race by yourself or with your family, you will want to have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. Most times, NASCAR races last at least two or three hours. Having a few snacks and drinks prepared and on hand will reduce the amount of time that you have to spend away from the television, missing all of the action.

Wearing your NASCAR merchandise or proudly displaying it is another great way to have a fun time watching a race from home. NASCAR makes it relatively easy to purchase team merchandise, including hats, shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, and much more. Wearing a shirt or even just a hat for your favorite driver can help to get you more interested in the race. It is also important to remember that NASCAR merchandise comes in a number of different formats. Aside from traditional clothing pieces, you can find and buy snack bowls, cups, plates, tablecloths, and even furniture that displays the colors, name, and number of your favorite driver!

Making a game out of watching a NASCAR race is another great way to create fun and excitement at home. This is ideal to do with both kids and adults. For example, you can all guess which driver will win or finish a specific lap in first place. Additional games can involve asking questions about the history of racing or a specific driver. If you are hosting a NASCAR race party, you may want to have fun prizes on hand for the winners of NASCAR games.

Buying extra NASCAR features that your television or internet may allow you to do is another great option. For example, DirecTV has a number of features available for NASCAR fans. One of these features includes an option that makes it appear as if you are right in the car with your favorite driver. A number of similar programs can also be found on or by performing a standard internet search.

As highlighted above, there are a number of steps that you can take to make watching a NASCAR race fun and exciting. In fact, with a little bit of preparation, you may have just as much fun at home as you would at the track, but for a fraction of the cost.

How to Learn More About NASCAR Drivers


Are you a NASCAR fan who is relatively new to the sport? If you are, you may be looking for a favorite driver. After all, many racing fans are known for having one driver in particular that they throw their support behind. Whether you are looking for that driver or if you are a longtime fan of the sport who would just like to know more about a NASCAR driver, you be wondering how you can go about doing so.

The internet is a great way to go about learning more about NASCAR drivers. When using the internet, you and other race fans have a number of different options. You may want to first start with the NASCAR driver’s official online website. Most professional racers to have online websites and many have bio sections, which contain a lot of personal information. You can learn about a driver’s favorite racing moments, how they get started in racing, what pets they have and so forth. A standard internet search can help you find the official website of just about any NASCAR driver.

In keeping with the internet and standard internet searches, you may want to look for other websites, like fan websites. Many NASCAR fans build websites to support their favorite drivers. For most diehard NASCAR fans, a lot of time and research goes into creating these websites. While you will see some variations, you may find pictures of NASCAR drivers, interviews, clips of articles, racing stats, and much more listed.

Magazines are another way that you can go about learning more about NASCAR drivers. There are many sports magazines that cover racing, as well as few that have racing themes. These magazines often contain information on new or popular NASCAR drivers, as well as interviews. The internet is a great way to find information on these magazines. If you are a sports fan, you may want to consider buying a magazine subscription.

Printed books are another option, when looking to familiarize yourself with a NASCAR driver. Many NASCAR drivers, especially those that are popular and well known, have autobiographies written. This is a great way to learn more about a NASCAR driver. These books may be found in local libraries, book stores, and online. When using the internet, you may have the best luck performing a standard internet search with the driver’s name. For example, your search phrase may include “Tony Stewart books.”

One of the easiest ways to learn more about popular and well known NASCAR drivers is by watching a race on television. There are many NASCAR drivers who give television interviews before and after each race. These interviews can give you great insight into the personality of the driver in questions. This allows you to know more than just how they race or move on the track. Tune into before and after race coverage, which is often on the same television channel that the race is on.

As outlined below, you have a number of different options when looking to learn more about a NASCAR driver or a number of them. The good news is that all of these options are relatively easy to do. Whether you are a new fan looking for a favorite driver to support or if you are a longtime fan just looking to learn more about up and coming NASCAR drivers, you may enjoy the time spent learning more about NASCAR drivers and what drives their love for the sport.

How to Find and Buy NASCAR Tickets


Are you interested in attending a live NASCAR race? If you are, have you done so before? If you have never attended a NASCAR race before, you may be looking for some guidance, especially when it comes to making your ticket purchases. The good news is that NASCAR tickets can be purchased from a number of different locations. A few of these locations are outlined below for your convenience.

One of the best ways to get NASCAR tickets is by doing so through the track in question. This is actually one of the safest ways to buy NASCAR tickets, as you are buying tickets directly from the source. What you can do is contact the NASCAR track in question, either by phone or email. This will first allow you to determine if tickets can be purchased directly. You can also learn about payment options. For example, can you pay for your tickets online, over the phone, or can you wait until the day of the race?

The internet is also a great way to go about finding and buying NASCAR race tickets. When using the internet, you will find that you have a number of different options. One of those options involves visiting a reputable online ticket website, such as As long as you do business with a reputable website, you can rest assure knowing that you are purchasing genuine NASCAR tickets and for the normal, standard rates.

In keeping with using the internet to find and buy NASCAR tickets, online auction websites should also be examined. With a little bit of research, online auction websites are a great way to find affordable NASCAR tickets. With that said, caution should be used. Online auction websites, like eBay, allow internet users set their own prices. Unfortunately, there are some greedy people out there, who can actually be referred to as amateur scalpers. Before buying NASCAR tickets on an online auction websites, be sure to compare prices first.

Newspaper classified sections should also be examined, when looking to purchase NASCAR tickets. If you live near a NASCAR track, you may be able to find tickets for sale through a third party. Often times, individuals selling tickets had intended on going to the race themselves, but then another event or family emergency came up. As with online auction websites, be sure to use your best judgment. Never send money without first seeing that the tickets do exist, either in person at a safe location or through pictures in an email message.

In keeping with examining your local newspaper, also look for bus rides, also commonly referred to as bus tours. These are events when you are able to buy NASCAR tickets and bus tickets. You are often able to pay one large sum, which may include race tickets as well as bus tickets. This type of arrangement is ideal for NASCAR fans who do not have another method of travel.

As highlighted above, you have a number of different options when looking to buy NASCAR tickets for an upcoming race. To help ensure that you get good seats, as well as fair ticket prices, be sure to start searching for race tickets early on. In fact, the day that you decide to attend a NASCAR race, you should buy your tickets if they are available for sale.

How to Find and Buy NASCAR Merchandise


Are you a NASCAR fan? If you are, are you a new fan? If so, you likely do not own any NASCAR merchandise. NASCAR merchandise is an important component of being a NASCAR fan, as racing fans are known for the amazing support they throw behind their favorite sport and drivers.As previously stated, all NASCAR fans are urged to own NASCAR merchandise. Although standard racing merchandise is okay, you may want to examine hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and other items that display your favorite driver. Doing so not only provides fans with a certain level of pride, but drivers feel the same in knowing that they have fans out there. Those are just two of the many reasons why all racing fans are encouraged to buy NASCAR merchandise if they can afford to do so.As nice as it is to know that you should buy NASCAR merchandise, you may be curious as to how you can go about doing so. The good news is that you have a number of different options. As NASCAR racing continues to increase in popularity, many fans are finding racing merchandise more readily available. A few of the many ways that you can go about buying merchandise, like clothing, that allows you to show your support for your favorite driver and the sport in general, are briefly touched on below.Live NASCAR races are one of the many places in which NASCAR merchandise can be purchased. The good thing about purchasing merchandise from an event is that you are also able to have a souvenir of the race. This is something that many individuals, especially children, enjoy. Perhaps, the only downside to doing so is the cost. It is no secret that fans pay more money for merchandise and memorabilia at events. This is the same with all other sports, as well as concerts, not just for NASCAR is another great place to find NASCAR merchandise available for sale. The official website for NASCAR has an online store. Making your purchases from here allows you to go straight to the source. Although you will find some great sales, many shoppers still say that the prices are relatively high. With that in mind, the selection of products is amazing. In addition to traditional items, such as clothing, racing themed home décor, home furniture, and office supplies can be purchased.In addition to visiting the official website for NASCAR, you are also urged to checkout the rest of the internet. A number of other online retailers specialize in the selling of sports merchandise, including items for race fans. These websites can easily be found with a standard internet search. When performing your standard internet search, it is a good idea to be specific. For example, if you are looking for a ladies Tony Stewart hat, your search phrase should be just that. Online auction websites should also be examined.Shopping locally is another great way to find NASCAR merchandise. There are many local stores, especially sports stores and department stores, that carry racing merchandise. Many are pleased with the affordable prices they are able to find. With that said, the only true downside to shopping locally is a limited product selection. In keeping with the example above, if you are looking for a pink ladies Tony Stewart hat, you may be unsuccessful in your local search. For specialty or unique items, the internet should be used.The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can go about finding new NASCAR merchandise available for sale. As an added tip, be sure to checkout your local thrift stores and yard sales, as well as online auction websites. Although most fans prefer buying new merchandise, used is great for affordability, for kids, as well as for merchandise that highlights retired drivers. For that reason, if you are interested in buying NASCAR merchandise, be sure to keep all of your options opened.[...]

Nascar How to Find and Buy NASCAR Memorabilia


How to Find and Buy NASCAR Memorabilia

Are you a fan of NASCAR racing? If you are, do you collect NASCAR memorabilia? If you do not, you may want to start, as there are a number of benefits to doing so. Just a few of those benefits include showing support for the sport and you know and love, as well as the potential to make a profit.

Although you will find some variations, there are many individuals who claim that there is a difference between NASCAR merchandise and NASCAR memorabilia. Generally speaking, merchandise is items that we use and wear, such as home décor, home furniture, and clothing. On the other hand, memorabilia is typically used to define objects that have some value. Many professional NASCAR collectors and dealers, consider memorabilia to be limited edition model cars, die cast cars, and so forth

Now that you know just a few of the many reasons why you should collect NASCAR memorabilia, as well as what many consider it to be, you may be curious as to how you can go about doing so. After a close look, you will see that you have a number of different options. If you are looking to shop locally, examine specialty sports or racing stores, especially those that have a collectables theme. For local shops, use the internet, namely online business directories, or a local phone book.

In addition to using the internet to find information on local sport shops or collectors who may sell NASCAR memorabilia, you will want to use the internet to examine your shopping options as well. There are many sports collectors and specialty shops, with racing themes, that operate online. When taking this approach, you can search for generalized merchandise by performing a search with the phrase “NASCAR memorabilia,” or you can search for something in particular, such as a “limited edition die cast Dale Earnhardt car.”

Races are another great way that you can go about finding NASCAR memorabilia for sale. While most of the items that you will find for sale at a racetrack can technically be considered merchandise pieces, you may find memorabilia for sale as well. Many NASCAR tracks have shops onsite and other allows NASCAR dealers to temporarily set up shop. While there aren’t any guarantees, you may find a considerable amount of NASCAR memorabilia for sale at live race events.

Yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and online auction websites are just a few of the other ways that you can go about finding NASCAR memorabilia for sale. Yard sales, flea markets, and thrift sports typically specialize in the selling of used items, but you may be surprised with what you see. You are more likely to find memorabilia for retired drivers, as well as valuable collectables when checking out these locations.

The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can go about finding NASCAR memorabilia available for sale. If you are collecting for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment, you may have more freedom in what you can buy. Those looking to turn a profit should look at the buying of NASCAR memorabilia from the standpoint of a business investment; therefore, purchases should be made wisely. Research can and should be done to determine the estimated value of rare or limited edition memorabilia pieces before making a purchase, to help prevent overpayment.

Nascar-Great Moments in Modern NASCAR Racing


Great Moments in Modern NASCAR RacingAre you a NASCAR fan? If you are, you likely love researching the history of the sport, as well as great moments in modern day racing. If you are a fan that is new to the sport, you may be interested in learning more about great moments in NASCAR racing that have shaped the sport into what it is today. When looking to do so, you have a number of different options.Although it is relatively easy to research great moments in modern day NASCAR races, especially with the use of the internet, you may be looking for readily available information. If so, please continue reading on. A number of moments that are well known and considered by many race fans as great moments in the modern day of the sport are highlighted below.In 2003, at the Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 race, Ricky Craven beat Kurt Bush to win the race; however, the race’s finish was one of the closest races in NASCAR history. In fact, this side by finish, according to NASCAR, is the closest race since electronic scoring was incorporated into the sport. Close finishes are a NASCAR fan’s dream come true, as it provides an amazing level of excitement.In 2002, at the Daytona 500, which is commonly referred to as the super bowl of racing, Sterling Marlin is remembered for a penalty that he received. This penalty was for getting out of his racecar and making repairs under a red flag. This is direct and well known violation of NASCAR rules. Many fans and drivers alike were surprised, in fact shocked, with his actions on this great race day.In 2000, Bobby Labonte was first NASCAR driver to win both the NASCAR Winston Cup Championship and the BUSCH Championship. The BUSCH Championship series has since seen a name change. According to NASCAR, he and his brother, Terry Labonte, made NASCAR history by being the first brothers in the sport of professional racing to both hold a championship.Another great moment in NASCAR history took place in 2004. This is when Nextel became the premier sponsor of NASCAR racing. The NASCAR Winston Cup Series was no more and the Nextel Cup Series was born. This is the same year that the sport saw a controversial change in the points system. In late 2007, it was announced that the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series would now be known as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. This latest name change is due in part the merger of cell phone providers Nextel and Sprint.In keeping with the year 2007, a new car format was unveiled and this car is known as the Car of Tomorrow, also commonly known as COT. The car was raced part time through the 2007 NASCAR race season. In late 2007, NASCAR announced that the Car of Tomorrow (COT) would be run fulltime in the 2008 race season. This move was announced a year ahead of originally planned. Another moment in time that shaped the sport of NASCAR in modern day racing occurred in 2001. February 18th 2001 is a date that every NASCAR fan will remember until the end of time. This is the date that Dale Earnhardt died during the Daytona 500. To many viewers, his death was surprising as the accident in which he was involved in did not appear as horrific in nature as many other crashes seen throughout the sports’ history. Although not considered a “great,” moment in NASCAR racing, it is a moment in time that will forever impact the sport.The above mentioned moments in modern day NASCAR racing are just a few of the many that fans remember the most, as well as commonly refer to as great moments in modern day NASCAR racing. As previously stated, it is relatively easy to research and examine other memorable moments. A standard internet search can return information, as well as videos on the online video sharing website YouTube. Books and documentary style films that highlight great moments in NASCAR racing are also available for sal[...]

Attending a NASCAR Race: Nascar Sponsors


Attending a NASCAR Race: Tips for Choosing Your Overnight AccommodationsAre you interested in attending a live NASCAR race? If you are, you will want to start examining all of your options as soon as possible. While a great deal of your focus should be placed on the specific NASCAR race that you would like to attend, it is important to also examine your overnight accommodation options.Speaking of examining your overnight accommodation options, this is exactly what you will want to do. All NASCAR fans have a large number of options when looking to attend a long distance NASCAR race or when looking to make a fun filled weekend out of the event. To ensure that you choose the accommodations that are best for you and your needs, you will want to examine all of your options. To help you get stared, a few of those options are highlighted below for your convenience.Hotels are, by far, the most popular overnight accommodation for NASCAR fans who attend races. Hotels are nice in the fact that they are relatively affordable and hassle free. Also, most NASCAR tracks have a large number of hotels located close by. Still, with that said, you will want to make reservations quickly. Hundreds of thousands of fans attend most NASCAR races and, as previously stated, many choose to stay at hotels. If this is your preferred method of stay, be sure you are able to get your reservation in before all nearby hotels are filled to capacity.In addition to hotels, bed and breakfast inns are a great option for NASCAR fans who are looking for a hassle free stay. They are a great option when local hotels fill up, but you will still want to make your reservations well in advance. This is due in part to the fact that most bed and breakfast inns are relatively small in size. Inn are a popular option for many travelers, as they always have a nice, home like look and feel to them.RV parks are another popular overnight accommodation option for NASCAR race fans who own motor homes. RV parks are public campgrounds that cater to motor home owners, often with larger rental spaces. Since a large number of NASCAR fans are also motor home owners, reservations at local RV parks are likely to quickly fill up. For that reason, and as with all other overnight accommodation options, be sure to book your reservations well in advance of your trip.In keeping with staying at a motor home park, many NASCAR fans believe that they cannot do so because they do not own a motor home. Yes, RV parks are designed with motor homes in mind, but did you know that owning isn’t your only option? It isn’t. In the United States, there are a relatively large number of RV rental companies. By planning ahead, you can rent an RV and turn attending a live NASCAR race into so much more, like a long distance road trip or a camping adventure.Although RV rentals make motor homes available to many NASCAR fans, others are still concerned with the cost. If that is the case with you, you may want to examine traditional public campgrounds. These are campgrounds that not only accept campers in motor homes, but those using tents as well. Most NASCAR races take place in warm weather, especially in the south. For that reason, the weather for the NASCAR race that you would like to attend may be perfect for a camping adventure. Generally speaking, camping is typically the most affordable overnight accommodation for NASCAR fans.As highlighted above, you have a number of overnight accommodation options when looking to attend a NASCAR race. As a recap, popular options include hotels, bed and breakfast inns, RV parks, and public campgrounds. Whichever option you choose, be sure to make your reservations well in advance, as they are usually more race fans looking for accommodations than there are rooms or camping sp[...]

Jimmie Johnson Nascar-Attending a Live NASCAR Race: What to Bring


Attending a Live NASCAR Race: What to Bring

Have you recently made arrangements to attend a live NASCAR race? If you have, is this your first time doing so? If it is, you may be unsure as to what you should bring to the track with you. While many items, including clothing and food, are readily available for sale at most NASCAR tracks, there are still a number of benefits to coming fully prepared.

Food, snacks, and drinks are just a few of the many items that you will want to bring with you to your next NASCAR race. As for full meals, you may want to consider grabbing a bite to eat before the race. In fact, you may even want to throw your own small tailgating party at the track before. As for drinks and snacks, you may want to bring a few items in with you to watch the race. Yes, these items can be purchased inside the track, but you may be put off by the costs of doing so. Most tracks allow a limited number of food, snacks, and drinks inside their gates.

Appropriate clothing is also important to bring with you, when attending a live NASCAR race. To ensure that you are properly prepared, in terms of clothing, you will want to check the weather forecast before you leave. If there is even a slight chance of rain, be sure to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you. There is nothing worse than being stuck outdoors in bad weather. If the weather calls for a bright sunny day with warm temperatures, be sure to dress lightly, as well as wear and bring additional sunscreen with you.

Binoculars are another one of the many items that you may want to bring with you to your next NASCAR race. Binoculars are ideal for seeing as much of the race as possible. Even if you have good seats, like ones that are high up and give you a good view of the track, it may still be difficult for you to see all of the action, especially at the opposite end or side of the track. This is where binoculars can come in. Even those that are affordability priced will work.

Although completely optional, you may want to consider brining a NASCAR scanner or radio with you. Many are available for rent online. You may also be able to rent a NASCAR scanner right at the track. When you have the right NASCAR radio frequencies, you can listen to a NASCAR driver and members of their pit crew. This is the ultimate experience for many diehard NASCAR fans.

A camera is another item that you may want to bring with you on your next trip to attend a NASCAR race. If this is your first time attending a race, you will likely want to document the experience. Many times, this is the only way that you can do so. Many tracks and professional sporting events have strict bans that prohibit the use of camcorders. If possible, digital cameras should be used, as they often produce the best quality photographs.

Finally, it is important that you bring your excitement along with you. The best way to make sure that you have a fun time attending a NASCAR race is to enjoy yourself. You will want to remember to have fun. The good news is that this is relatively easy to do when you bring some of the previously mentioned items with you to the track.



2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Schedule Date TV Race Feb. 6 Fox Budweiser Shootout Feb. 11 SPEED Gatorade Dual 150s Feb. 14 Fox Daytona 500 Feb. 21 Fox Auto Club 500 Feb. 28 Fox Shelby 427 Mar. 7 Fox Kobalt Tools 500 Mar. 21 Fox Food City 500 Mar. 28 Fox Goody's Fast Relief 500 Apr. 10 Fox Subway Fresh Fit 600 Apr. 18 Fox Samsung 500 Apr. 25 Fox Aaron's 499 May 1 Fox Crown Royal 400 May 8 Fox Southern 500 May 16 Fox Autism Speaks 400 May 22 SPEED NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race May 30 Fox Coca-Cola 600 June 6 TNT Pocono 500 June 13 TNT LifeLock 400 June 20 TNT Toyota / Save Mart 350 June 27 TNT LENOX Industrial Tools 301 July 3 TNT Coke Zero 400 July 10 TNT 400 July 25 ESPN Allstate 400 at The Brickyard Aug 1 ESPN Pennsylvania 500 Aug. 8 ESPN Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen Aug. 15 ESPN CARFAX 400 Aug. 21 ABC Sharpie 500 Sept. 5 ESPN Pep Boys Auto 500 Sept. 11 ABC Chevy Rock and Roll 400 Sept. 19 ESPN Sylvania 300 Sept. 26 ESPN AAA 400 Oct. 3 ESPN LifeLock 400 Oct. 10 ESPN Pepsi Max 400 Oct. 16 ABC Bank of America 500 Oct. 24 ESPN Subway 500 Oct. 31 ESPN UAW-Ford 500 Nov. 7 ESPN Dickies 500 Nov. 14 ESPN Checker Auto Parts 500 Nov. 21 ESPN Ford 400[...]

Nascar Crashes


Crashes are something which can happen at any NASCAR event; or for that matter, in any auto racing event. However, NASCAR is famous for crashes and at least one crash per race is not unheard of. Some tracks are particularly notorious for being the site of serious, even possibly fatal crashes, with such incidents occurring in nearly every event held at the venue. Some people find the high probability of serious crashes to be off-putting, while for others it is one of the biggest draws of NASCAR racing.As has always been the case in auto racing of any sort, there are a significant number of fans who are in it for the crashes. They thrill to the speed and the crashes and near-crashes; it's a drama which keeps them on the edge of their seats. However, crashes aren't actually a good thing for NASCAR's popularity over the long run - crashes can and have lead to the deaths of drivers and even fans.NASCAR has been working to implement safety protocols over the last ten to fifteen years which aim to make the sport safer and reduce the incidence of injuries and deaths. The organization was spurred to put these measures into place due to a tragedy at the Daytona 500; namely, the death of NASCAR's biggest star Dale Earnhardt. Following his untimely death, NASCAR began to add more padding to the walls of racetracks, stipulate certain safety features be added into the design of vehicles used in NASCAR racing and require drivers to use improved head and neck stabilization technologies.Of course, change rarely comes without some unintended consequences and in the case of the required redesign of racing vehicles; this has been a learning curve for drivers. Many of the drivers who compete in NASCAR events have spent their entire careers with one type of car and must now adapt to the new designs. Given the speeds at which NASCAR drivers must negotiate very crowded racetracks, the penalty for a wrong move can be extremely high.This is not to say that the added safety requirements put into place by NASCAR were not necessary; they were and are needed. However, there is still much work to be done to make the sport a safer one for drivers and spectators alike. Some drivers have opined that while improvements have been made, there are still many tragedies waiting to happen at many NASCAR racetracks and that the organization should take a proactive stance rather than waiting for another death before taking action.At one recent event, a car flipped and flew into the fence which separated the spectators from the track itself. Fortunately the car did not breach the fence and there were no fatalities, but flying debris did cause many minor injuries in the stands. It was an incredibly close call; one which came very close to being a catastrophe.Despite deaths, injuries and countless close calls, NASCAR racing is as popular as ever, with races regularly sold out - and many fans crowding to the front so as not to miss any crashes. NASCAR should act now to make their races as safe as humanly possible for both competitors and spectators; before more lives are lost, not after. Even though there are those NASCAR fans that live for the crashes, no one should have to die for the sake of an entertaining spectacle. One disaster could deal a blow to the sport which it could take a long time to recover from; if indeed it could come back from another serious tragedy.Article Source: Sports quotes will motivate you to be your best in any walk of life. For interesting and inspiring sports quotations drop in to Nothing But Sports. Join Our Nascar TeamJoin Our Nascar Team[...]

Nascar and Drug Use In The Sport


Drugs In NASCAR RacingWhen examining other major sports, it seems that NASCAR has been spared the worst of the serious drug use controversies. The most notable driver to be suspended due to a failed drug test was 13-time race winner Tim Richmond in 1988.He became a part of Hendrick Motorsports and was well on the way to reaching superstar status, regularly appearing on the nascar schedule. In the aftermath, Richmond denied any drug use and it was later discovered that medications taken for cold symptoms were the cause of the positive testing.Regardless, NASCAR officials no longer wanted Richmond in the sport. He was losing weight due to an illness, but unbeknownst to NASCAR, Richmond was dying of AIDS. From NASCAR's perspective, the weight loss and subsequent health problems must be the result of drugs; rumors in the Cup garage supported this assumption.Richmond passed away in 1989 from AIDS-related complications.Since Tim Richmond's unceremonious removal from the sport two decades ago, very few drivers have faced the wrath of NASCAR because of illegal substances. Shane Hmiel, Kevin Grubb, Tyler Walker, and Aaron Fike have been suspended in recent years. Grubb and Hmiel received lifetime bans after failing drug screenings following reinstatements from a previous suspension due to drugs.Hmiel is the son of Steve Hmiel, a long-time mechanic who has worked for companies such as Roush Racing, Dale Earnhardt Inc., and Chip Ganassi Racing in recent years. Hmiel was a racer with serious talent and many described him as one of the more talented rookie drivers of the last decade, but his substance abuse issues were the undoing of his promising driving career.Grubb was another hot young racer back in the late 1990s. He enjoyed moderate success in the Busch, now Nationwide Series before failing a drug test in 2003. Grubb was reinstated in 2006, and suspended again in 2007. Grubb committed suicide in May 2009, drying of gunshot wound to the head.The driver Tyler Walker, suspended in 2006 for failing his drug test, is also friends with Spring Cup Series driver, Kasey Kahne. Tyler has yet to file for NASCAR reinstatement.For Aaron Fike, NASCAR suspension only came after a theme park arrest for heroin possession. While being interviewed by ESPN 'The Magazine,' he admitted to heroin use on the day of a race. Needless to say, the Fike interview was a shocking blow to NASCAR.Until this latest racing season, NASCAR officials had reserved drug testing for those drivers under suspicion for illicit drug abuse. Now, it is official policy for NASCAR to issue random screenings for both drivers and crewmembers during the course of the season using Aegis Science Corp. Labs, and overseen by Dr. David Black.Several crewmembers were recently suspended for testing positive for illegal drugs.Jeremy Mayfield, another big name in NASCAR has been put on indefinite suspension following a positive testing for drugs back on May 9 at Darlington Raceway.Mayfield's claim is that the positive result is due to a combination of Claritin-D, an allergy medication, and a legally prescribed medication. Nonetheless, NASCAR officials as well as Dr. Black have publically ruled against Mayfield in the matter.Mayfield is standing by his innocence, and has hired a lawyer, Bill Diehl. There appears to be a legal suit in NASCAR's very near future.Although NASCAR has not revealed the supposed substance, and Mayfield was totally ignorant of this illegal substance until recently. He and his lawyer received reports earlier in the week.Essentially, it comes down as Mayfield's word against theirs, and the case will probably be resolved outside of court. This latest event has many turning a critical eye tow[...]

How NASCAR Became a Major American "Sport"


NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is known as the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the United States. The three series under the auspices of NASCAR include the Craftsman Truck Series, the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup. Some local races such as the Whelen Modified Tour and the All-American Series from Whelen are overseen by NASCAR. Overall, 1500 races at 100 tracks are considered NASCAR races.Originally, NASCAR was viewed as a regional sport coming from the Southeastern United States, but today it ranks second only to football in television rating in the U.S. In addition to broadcasts in the United States, races by NASCAR drivers are shown in 150 countries globally. Fans show support of the sport by purchasing licensed products in the amount of $3 billion annually. Fortune 500 companies recognize the power of NASCAR fans and sponsor the sports more than any other sponsorship role.The headquarters of NASCAR is at Daytona Beach, Florida. There are four local offices in North Carolina and regional offices in Arkansas, New York City and Los Angeles. Mexico City and Toronto Canada also have NASCAR offices. Additionally, most NASCAR teams consider North Carolina home.Originally, Daytona Beach was the location where world land speed records were set with eight consecutive records between 1927 and 1935. The Daytona Beach road course was the site of fifteen speed records before 1935. As the location for land speed records moved to Bonneville Salt Flats, Daytona Beach was already synonymous with fast cars both on the beach and on the coastal highway A1A.The years of Prohibition followed by the repeal in 1933 made use of fast cars with modified capacity driven at high speeds either to evade the police or later the revenuers. Much of this activity occurred near Wilkes County region of North Carolina, but also in other parts of the Southeastern United States. Races of the modified cars increased in numbers and popularity during those years.Three people were primary in the creation of the NASCAR governing body in 1948: William France, Sr., Erwin 'Cannonball' Baker, and Bob 'Barky' Barkhimer. William France wanted to protect the drivers from unscrupulous promoters who collected gate receipts and did not award winning to the drivers. The first intent was to race Roadsters, Modified, and Stock cars. Only the Modified division raced during the first year. The first season had 52 Modified dirt track races. By 1949, the Strictly Stock division made its debutOriginally, the cars raced had to be virtually factory models, but beginning in 1950 it was recognized that modifications for safety and performance were desirable and the Division was named 'Grand National’. By the mid 1960s, the races were run with race cars and a stock body.Only one of the original season race tracks is still on the circuit today-Martinsville Speedway. The Darlington Raceway and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are both recognized world wide for their famous events in the world of NASCAR racing. Originally, the race tracks were oval and measured 0.5 to 1 miles per lap. Darlington was 1.366 miles and known as a Superspeedway following its construction in 1950. The track was wider and faster than other locales. In 1959 the Daytona International Speedway at 2.5 miles became the sport icon.During the early 1970's new sponsorship was found for the sport in the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. The name of the series was changed from Grand National to the Winston Cup. The series today is known as the Sprint Cup. Prizes were increased significantly and a new points system was developed. The series dropped from 48 races during the seaso[...]

Stop Guessing-What A NASCAR Fan Really Wants!


Gift Ideas For That Special NASCAR FanAre you looking for a gift for a NASCAR fan? Whether thatgift is intended to be a Christmas present, a birthdaypresent, or a just because gift, you may want to thinkoutside of the box. If you stop and think about it, how manyNASCAR ball caps or t-shirts does that person really need?If you are looking to purchase unique NASCAR gifts for afriend or family member, checkout some of the great itemsoutlined below.An outdoor patio set with a NASCAR theme is a great, yetunique gift idea. With regards to its cost, this would be agreat gift for immediate family members like a husband,wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or children that enjoy thesport. Outdoor patio sets consist of table, chairs andumbrella in the colors of the driver's car, the driver'sname and the sponsor's name. This type of NASCAR gift isgreat for fans who like to host backyard barbecues oroutdoor race parties.For the NASCAR fan that is unique and not afraid to show it,NASCAR themed canopy sets make a great gift. Most NASCARthemed canopy sets will have lawn chairs included with thepackage, but be sure to check what is included. The set isusually in the car's colors, with the sponsor's logo, thedriver's name and the car number.NASCAR themed bar-b-que tool sets are another great, yetunique gift idea for NASCAR fans. Most have a driver’snumber printed on the set somewhere, like on the handle.Many specialty NASCAR themed bar-b-que tool sets often comewith matching storage cases or bags. A NASCAR themedbar-b-que tool set is a great, yet affordable, gift idea forthose who love hosting outdoor barbecues or outdoor gettogethers on race day. If you are on a budget this is agreat idea for that backyard cook.Returning back to large and expensive NASCAR gifts that areideal for close relatives, compact fridges should beexamined. Most are outfitted with a driver theme, which mayinclude a picture of a NASCAR driver, like Jimmy Johnson orTony Stewart, the car number, as well as the car colors.These compact fridges are perfect for family rooms orentertainment rooms. They are also perfect for NASCARparties, as you never have to leave the room to get a colddrink or snack.NASCAR themed keys are a unique gift for NASCAR fans thatare relatively affordable in price. The uniqueness comesfrom not being the everyday keychain. While the{selection|variety you will find available will vary, mostretailers have keys that are designed to fit most standardhouse locks available for sale. The lucky person receivingthis gift will need to take the blank to the local hardwarestore or home improvement center, wher they will cut theblank to fit the door lock.NASCAR themed home appliances and kitchen furnishings alsomake great gift ideas, but they are still unique at the sametime. The most popular item is that of a NASCAR themedcrock-pot. Tony Stewart crock-pots are highly sought after.The snack helmet is also a great seller. Basically, thesnack bowl is an overturned helmet shaped bowl where snacksare placed and is a perfect touch for parties on the road,in your living room or the backyard.As for children, a great gift idea for toddlers,preschoolers, and elementary school aged children are driverteddy bears, infant socks, Tees, bucket hats kids car shadesor neck rolls. There are also, 2 piece sweat sets, PJ sets,board games, race sets and radio contol cars.In addition to unique NASCAR gifts for people, did you knowthat you can also purchase NASCAR gifts for your pet? Manyspecialty stores and catalogs carry pet toys, leashes,collars, and pet beds that have a NASCAR theme. Can you say,I love to spoil my pet!As highlighted above, you have a num[...]

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2008 Nascar Schedule


2/9/2008Daytona International Speedway (Budwesier Shootout)
2/17/2008Daytona International Speedway
2/24/2008California Speedway
3/2/2008Las Vegas Motor Speedway
3/9/2008Atlanta Motor Speedway
3/16/2008Bristol Motor Speedway
3/30/2008Martinsville Speedway
4/6/2008Texas Motor Speedway
4/12/2008Phoenix International Raceway
4/27/2008Talladega Superspeedway
5/3/2008Richmond International Raceway
5/10/2008Darlington Raceway
5/17/2008Lowe’s Motor Speedway (All-Star Challenge)
5/25/2008Lowe’s Motor Speedway
6/1/2008Dover International Speedway
6/8/2008Pocono Raceway
6/15/2008Michigan International Speedway
6/22/2008Infineon Raceway
6/29/2008New Hampshire International Speedway
7/5/2008Daytona International Speedway
7/12/2008Chicagoland Speedway
7/27/2008Indianapolis Motor Speedway
8/3/2008Pocono Raceway
8/10/2008Watkins Glen International
8/17/2008Michigan International Speedway
8/23/2008Bristol Motor Speedway
8/31/2008California Speedway
9/6/2008Richmond International Raceway
9/14/2008New Hampshire International Speedway
9/21/2008Dover International Speedway
9/28/2008Kansas Speedway
10/5/2008Talladega Superspeedway
10/11/2008Lowe’s Motor Speedway
10/19/2008Martinsville Speedway
10/26/2008Atlanta Motor Speedway
11/2/2008Texas Motor Speedway
11/9/2008Phoenix International Raceway
11/16/2008Homestead-Miami Speedway

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Is A Nascar Team A Good Investment?


Is there money to be made by investing in a Nascar Team?
Read the following article.

Forbes ranks NASCAR teams’ value
June 21st, 2007
Forbes has released its annual ranking of NASCAR Nextel Cup teams based on value, and once more Roush Fenway Racing tops the list.

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Love Him Or Hate Him- Kurt Busch


I have admired the racing abilities of Kurt Busch since he came up into Nascar Nextel
Cup Series. His Series Championship proves he is a great driver.

Not to be overlooked is his personality and what he has done and how he comes across to the public. Young, aggressive and driven besides trying to please sponsors, the media and fans can explain some of the antics.

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Kurt Busch nearly perfect - at visiting souvenir trailer

Does Kurt Busch enjoy his fans? The numbers say he does.

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Teammates Johnson, Gordon switch places at top


May 7th, 2007

That's Racin' ranks the top 40 teams in the NASCAR Nextel Cup series following the Jim Stewart 400 at Richmond (Va.) International Raceway. (Rankings based on team performance and potential. Each team's previous ranking is in parentheses:)